If you’ve got kids who are about to embark on their journey through college, you’re probably nervous but excited. This is different from the first-day jitters you felt dropping them off in grade school; they’re older and more independent. Regardless, you’ll still want to set them up with the best opportunities. As your kids enter a new stage in life, they may need an edge that they can’t get at home. Letting them stay in student-friendly condos can help with that. Letting your children experience student life in a condo may be intimidating, but if you put them in the right location, it will definitely be helpful.


Flair Towers (Mandaluyong)

Flair Towers Mandaluyong

Photo courtesy of Lia Leslie via Pexels

One of the most overlooked needs for effective study habits is comfort. You’re trying to concentrate but your study space is as humid and sweat-inducing as a tropical jungle, then you’re not going to get much done. You need to have a space that has good natural lighting too. Exposure to natural light has numerous health benefits, which include improving your mood and strengthening memory. Clearly, having a comfortable and sunlit environment can give college students a valuable boost for their challenging school days. The Flair Towers in Mandaluyong, as well as other DMCI properties, is built with Lumiventt Technology, an architectural design that lets natural light and air flow into the condominium complex. This produces superior green comfort that promotes a healthy learning environment.


Sorrel Residences (Manila)

Sorrel Residences Manila

Photo courtesy of GYMer_Jason via Pixabay

People also forget how fitness is connected to learning and intelligence. Aside from the obvious health and social benefits, being physically fit can also enhance the brain’s memory and thinking skills. Exercise improves sleep and mood, and it can help reduce stress and anxiety. Getting into an exercise routine can help people adopt other positive habits because this habit develops discipline and mental strength. Giving your child access to an exercise facility can give him or her a serious mental edge. Sorrel Residences, located in Sampaloc, Manila, has a fitness gym and a lap pool, giving your college kid a chance to unwind, decompress, and develop a healthy habit.


Magnolia Place (Quezon City)

Magnolia Place Quezon City

Photo courtesy of Picography via Pixabay

One of the biggest condo living advantages is having a space to let your thoughts wander. It’s amazing how taking a stroll can make you more productive. If your teen is the type who needs to go on leisurely strolls to let ideas percolate, then Magnolia Place is the ideal condo residence. This development, situated along Tandang Sora Avenue in Quezon City, has a curvilinear tree-lined drive and various pocket gardens. Traversing through this slice of nature can get the creative juices flowing, potentially unlocking solutions to problems that previously seemed unsolvable. Brainstorming for group projects may also be more productive if the members of the group bounce ideas off each other in this stimulating but serene environment.


La Verti Residences (Pasay)

La Verti Residences Pasay

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

The best condos for students usually offer close proximity to schools. Most people think that a condo has to be close to the school. La Verti Residences is the perfect example to show that it doesn’t have to be. This development, which efficiently merges nature and contemporary living, is walking distance from the LRT-1. This makes it an ideal location to access many schools in the University Belt, including Philippine General Hospital, San Beda College, and De La Salle University. If one of your major considerations is to minimize the stress during traffic jams for your college student, this is a great residence to consider.


One Castilla Place (Quezon City)

One Castilla Place Quezon City

Photo courtesy of Wokandapix via Pixabay

Another important feature that condos for students must have is support for electronics. Nowadays, it’s impractical to go through school with just writing implements and notebooks. Nearly every student needs a laptop or a tablet to accomplish their assignments. That means they need stable electricity and Wi-Fi access. One Castilla Place, located on N. Domingo Street in  New Manila area has a standby power generator, meaning students don’t have to worry about power outages that may delay their work. The Wi-Fi-ready indoor amenity area also can allow them to do valuable research (hopefully without getting sidetracked to check their social media accounts!). This property is also walking distance from the LRT-2, and it’s just a short drive away from St. Paul University.


Illumina Residences (Manila)

Illumina Residences Manila

Photo courtesy of YeriLee via Pixabay

Students know the struggle of trying to stay focused. Leave them alone, especially with Internet access, and they tend to go on hours-long sprees of watching YouTube videos, checking their social media accounts, and reading sports or entertainment news. Awareness of the problem isn’t enough to help them stop procrastinating; they need a way to totally focus and commit themselves to their assignments. That’s the benefit that Illumina Residences offers. One of its most important condo features for students is a dedicated study hall. Residents can use this space to review their handouts, thoroughly go over their textbooks, and try to figure out the random phrases and symbols they hurriedly scrawled on their notebooks during class (what the heck is the chain rule for derivatives, again?).


Dansalan Gardens (Mandaluyong)

Dansalan Gardens Mandaluyong

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

One of the most important lessons in living away from home assuming responsibility. Millennials are notoriously bad at living independently,—or “adulting” as it has come to be called, and they’re typically thrown off-balance when they start living away from their family. By setting them up in their own space a little early, you can give them a valuable head start. Dansalan Gardens, which offers a spectacular glimpse of the city, is a condominium community that includes amenities such as a laundry pickup station, a water station, and a convenience store. While this is nowhere near as tough as what they’d have to do in the real world, having your college kid do basic chores can be valuable practice.

School is a chance for students to develop and reach their full potential. While a lot of that development happens in the company of their teachers and classmates, some of these benefits bring them a sense of independence. As students go through college, they will experience less hand-holding and spoon-feeding, forcing them to perform well on their own. There are a lot of reasons for students to stay in condos, but the opportunity to have a taste of life away from the family may be the most beneficial one. Letting your child live on their own in a condo near their school can be the best way to let them learn.


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