DMCI Homes’ Tivoli Garden Residences Unites Community and Charity in First-Ever Color Run Event

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The event focused on giving back to residents of Mandaluyong City through two meaningful causes—supporting education and empowering individuals with disabilities.


MANDALUYONG CITY Tivoli Garden Residences (TGR), a DMCI Homes community, celebrated its inaugural Color Run on October 15, 2023, uniting residents and neighbors in a colorful display of community spirit. This event marked a significant milestone for TGR, aiming not only to give importance to healthy living but also to underscore their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by actively contributing to the betterment of the broader Mandaluyong community.


Running Towards Education and Empowerment

One of the primary beneficiaries of the Color Run is the Hulo Integrated School, a pivotal educational institution in the community. Rafael Zurbito, TGR’s Property Manager, expressed the importance of supporting education, stating, “We aim to provide assistance to the Hulo Integrated School, enhancing the learning environment and experiences of the students. The funds raised will be used for essential upgrades, such as new whiteboards and projector screens.”

In addition to supporting education, the Color Run aimed to empower individuals with disabilities through the PWD Hulo Mandaluyong Association. Paolo Bunzalan, TGR’s Admin Officer, highlighted the significance of this cause, stating, “The proceeds from the event will fund programs that benefit the PWD community, including the purchase of hearing aids, aluminum crutches, wheelchairs, and prosthetics.”


A Collaborative Effort for Community Well-being

From left: Victor Victoria, Public Order and Safety Officer for City Civilian Affairs and Security Department; Ernesto Victorino, City Administrator for City Administrator Department; Ramon Alamares Jr., TGR Property Manager; Rafael Zurbito, TGR Property Manager; Barich Abad, TGR Community Development Council Chairman; Benjamin Abalos Sr., Mandaluyong City Mayor; Charisse Abalos-Vargas, Councilor; JC Abalos, Councilor; Flor De Leon-Bonador, Human Resource Management Officer for City Human Resource Management Department; Alex Santos, Chief of Mandaluyong Traffic and Parking Management Department


To ensure the success of the event and the safety of participants, TGR undertook meticulous planning and coordination. TGR’s Property Management Office (PMO) highlighted the extensive efforts put into securing the necessary approvals and safety measures. “We conducted series of meetings with the City’s Traffic and Parking Management Department to ensure the safety of our residents while running. We coordinated with three barangay captains and arranged for ambulance services for any medical assistance needed during the event. Additionally, we sought and gained the approval of Mandaluyong City Mayor Hon. Benjamin S. Abalos,” Zurbito stated.


TGR’s Zumba group leads the pre-run routine, contributing significantly to both the warm-up and cool-down phases of the participants.


The running tracks covered busy roads in Mandaluyong, providing participants with a fun and invigorating experience. The distances varied to accommodate different fitness levels—3KM, 5KM, and 10KM—while TGR’s Zumba group played a vital role in warming up the participants before the run and ensuring a proper cool down afterward.


Community with a Big Heart

“The Color Run contributes to the broader goals and vision of Tivoli Garden Residences because it proved to the community of Mandaluyong that TGR is indeed a DMCI Homes community with a big heart. We believe we can produce more unique events that help those in need, especially within Mandaluyong,” Bunzalan said.

Meanwhile, Zurbito expressed gratitude to TGR’s Community Development Council Chairman, Barich Abad, stating, “This event would not be successful without their help. We believe this Color Run is just the beginning of more unique events that will benefit our community within Mandaluyong.”

The Tivoli Garden Residences Color Run 2023 not only brought colors to the streets of Mandaluyong but also united the community in a collective effort to support education and empower individuals with disabilities. The event showcased TGR’s commitment to being a community with a big heart, setting an example for future impactful and CSR-driven initiatives.


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