Home Greens Balcony Contest Winners 2023

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Here are the winners of the Home Greens Balcony Contest, announced during the Acacia Fiesta event held on June 25, 2023, at The Tent in Acacia Estates.



Jillia Rebong from The Birchwood



Jeremaine Sze from Zinnia Towers



Amor Villaflor of Sheridan Towers


Most Innovative Award  

This award is presented to the resident who have showcased their creativity not only through the design and placement of plants but also through their innovative approaches and processes in gardening.

Cromwell Dela Rosa of Mayfield Residences


Most Number of Social Media Engagement 

This award recognizes the resident who has the most active social media engagement, including reactions, shares, comments and views. Our awardee got a total engagement of 488 reactions, 30 comments, 111 shares, and 6,300 views! 

Karla Borromeo of Sheridan Towers


The Most Sustainable Garden Award 

This award focuses on the concept of sustainable gardening, by utilizing natural resources while minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers and pest control methods. Our winner’s dedication to reducing waste and adopting environmentally friendly practices sets her apart. 

Ms. Sze grows her plant organically using seeds and odorless compost made from kitchen scraps. She uses liquid fertilizer such as Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ) for fruit bearing plants, Fish Amino Acid (FAA) from fish innard, and Water Soluble Calcium made from fermented egg shells soaked in vinegar. She also employs vermicomposting by using African Night crawlers to convert organic waste into compost that makes her plants healthier and lush. 

Jeremaine Sze of Zinnia Towers


Trendsetter Plantita/Plantito Award

This award is presented to the resident who has inspired and influenced his or her neighbors to engage in gardening practices. The impactful efforts have encouraged a community-wide embrace of gardening as a rewarding and beneficial activity.

Charito Sasot of Asteria Residences


Best Home Greens Story Award

This award is for the most inspiring gardening story that has ignited their passion and motivation for this pursuit. His or her narrative serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of gardening and its profound impact to their life.

Nanay Cecilia’s gardening journey began two years ago, following the heartbreaking loss of her husband to COVID-19. As she devoted herself to her garden, she found healing and strength in witnessing the tangible growth and progress of her plants. Her story exemplifies the transformative power of gardening in overcoming adversity and finding inner resilience. 

Cecilia Marinay of The Birchwood


Transformative Space Award

This award recognizes the resident’s ability to think outside the box and utilize the limited space of their balcony to create a unique and visually captivating space. With their visionary approach and resourcefulness, they have successfully transformed a simple outdoor area into a remarkable haven, showcasing their artistic flair and personal style.

Renan Santos of The Birchwood

Most Functional Balcony Award

This award is presented to the resident who has designed their balcony by blending functionality and aesthetics. Her balcony serves as a multifaceted space, not only dedicated to hosting an array of plants, but also thoughtfully transformed into an inviting area for relaxation and enjoyment. 

Julia’s balcony becomes her retreat for mental well-being. She transforms her space into a yoga sanctuary. Versatility unfolds throughout the day, with foldable furniture maximizing the space. From morning coffee rituals to a flexible workspace, the balcony effortlessly adapts to her needs. 

Julia Macaranas of Maple Place



Sheridan Towers residents and Property Manager Ms. Beryl A. Ato & Wilrine I. Delos Santos



This award goes to the community that spearheaded activities promoting a greener community. Through the establishment of their youth scouts, children are groomed to be eco warriors by developing habits such as proper waste segregation, recycling, and landscape appreciation. 

The community awardee also established a makeshift community garden for the seedlings and buds planted by the scouts. By starting them young, the responsibility of taking care of their community’s greenscape is passed on to future generations.

Cedar Crest Property Manager Kathleen Javiniar



The Birchwood residents and Property Manager Czyra Lastierre




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