Join: Once Upon a Christmas – A Community Christmas Decor Contest

Events and Culture.

Share your community’s Christmas story through festive decorations. Let the vibrant colors and enchanting ornaments tell your story– may it be about unity, joy, or resilience.

  • This contest is open to all DMCI Homes communities.
  • Participants must decorate their communities based on the theme and must complement the architectural theme.
  • All decorations and lighting in the common areas must be present day and night to create a festive atmosphere for everyone.

Registration and Submission of Entries

  • The PMO of the participating community should send their entry to, which will also serve as automatic registration.
  • Send an online link that contains high-quality photos along with one full video showcasing the community’s decorations and behind-the-scenes efforts.
  • Do not add designs or effects to the media files as it won’t incur any additional point.

Judging Process

PRELIMINARY JUDGING: A panel of judges, in the presence of DPMC Area Managers, will select the top fifteen (15) finalists during an online session.

FINAL JUDGING: There will be a scheduled on-site visit. Judging will be done on weekdays only.

Décor assessment and any group presentation is limited up to one hour only. For each additional 5-minute extension, there will be a deduction of 5 points from the final score.

Photos and videos from the preliminary judging will not affect the final score.

Criteria for Judging

Theme Adherence (Consistency with Chosen Theme):Alignment and consistency to follow the theme 25%
Overall Aesthetics (Decoration Display and Placement):Examines the visual appeal, arrangement, and presentation of the decorations within the community. 20%
Overall Impact (Distinguishing Presence):Assesses the ability of the decorations to stand out and make a memorable impression among other projects. 15%
Resourcefulness (Creative Use of Materials):
Recognizes the ingenuity in utilizing unconventional materials in the decorations.
Teamwork (PMO and Residents):Evaluates the collaborative efforts of the PMO and residents in executing the decoration project. 15%
Immersive Experience:Considers how well the decorations create an engaging and immersive ambiance for viewers. 10%
TOTAL: 100%

Contest Schedule

Announcement Submission Deadline Top 15 Announcement Final Judging Awarding 
Sept. 28, 2023 Nov. 19, 2023 Nov. 22, 2023 Nov. 28 – Dec. 1, 2023 Dec. 8, 2023*

*Schedule of DMCI Homes Year-end Awarding Ceremony is subject to change. 

Awards & Prizes

Champion ₱50,000 

1st Runner-up ₱30,000 

2nd Runner-up ₱20,000 

Top 10 finalists ₱5,000

Special Awards* ₱3,000

*Number of awards to be determined

Use of Entries

Participants grant DMCI Homes the right to use and publish the entries for purposes in any medium it may serve.

For inquiries, send an email to


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