Overcoming the Shadows: Jinggay Sancianco’s Mental Health Journey at DMCI Homes’ Siena Park Residences

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The welcoming environment of Siena Park Residences and the supportive community within played a pivotal role in this resident’s struggle against depression, emphasizing the profound link between mental well-being and one’s living space.

For Jinggay Sancianco, a pioneer resident of DMCI Homes’ Siena Park Residences, choosing her home wasn’t just about location and amenities; it was a decision deeply rooted in her pursuit of happiness and well-being.

Amidst the bustling cityscape of Metro Manila, Siena Park Residences stood out with its promise of a brighter and more positive living environment. Jinggay shared, “It has a positive aura, and although it is very convenient and accessible to major establishments, the main property is hidden from the thoroughfare and traffic, so we are somehow protected from pollution.”

But her journey to Siena Park Residences wasn’t merely a physical relocation; it was a significant step in her mental health journey. In 2013, Jinggay found herself trapped in the grips of depression, a condition she initially didn’t recognize. “I didn’t know that I was suffering already from depression, but the physical manifestations were there” she explained. “I cannot function; the career that I loved was no longer important to me. It was like I lost hope in living.”


Addressing Mental Health Struggles

Her struggle with depression was rooted in a traumatic relationship. The depths of her despair led her to contemplate suicide, but a glimmer of hope and her unwavering faith in God kept her from taking that tragic step. “I credit and thank God for my healing,” Jinggay emphasized.

Jinggay with her children at Siena Park Residences. In her darkest moments, her kids became her pillars of strength.


Jinggay’s story reflects the universal nature of mental health struggles. “It knows no gender, age, or status in life. It can hit you at any given time,” she said. “Sometimes we are depressed but do not recognize it or refuse to acknowledge it and choose to ignore and put on a happy face.” She highlights the fear of stigma and the reluctance to seek professional help as common challenges individuals facing mental health issues encounter.

Jinggay’s siblings played an equally crucial role in her recovery journey.

For Jinggay, the love and support of her children and sisters, combined with a multitude of prayers, led her out of the darkness of depression. However, she acknowledges that while science plays a vital role in understanding and addressing mental disorders, spiritual well-being is equally essential. She turned to her faith, seeking solace and healing from the very source she believed in.


A Supportive Community

Siena Park Residences not only provided Jinggay with a positive physical environment but also an emotionally nurturing community. The wide range of physical activities, including biking, walking, jogging, and swimming, promoted exercise and the release of endorphins that are vital for mental wellness. The various community groups, such as dog lovers and seniors, offered companionship, reducing the risk of loneliness and social isolation.

Jinggay with some members of Seniors of Siena Park group.

The Property Management Office (PMO) was actively involved in supporting community groups and enhancing amenities like the gym and pool, contributing to the well-being of the residents. Jinggay herself played a role in community development, working with the Seniors of Siena Park, Sunday Mass Group, and lending support to the Dog Community and Cat Community. As part of Siena Park Residences’ Community Development Council (CDC), she helped organize activities and events that fostered trust and goodwill among neighbors.

Jinggay, along with Amelia Pagdanganan, an author and advocate for Mental Wellness, plays an essential role as one of the organizers of the ‘Seniors’ Fair.’


The Healing Power of the Right Environment

In her journey, Jinggay learned a valuable lesson: the place you live significantly affects your mental health. Occupying a positive, pleasant, and comfortable home, surrounded by social support in a safe environment, is vital for well-being. Siena Park Residences provided her with all these essential elements.

Jinggay has also been a consistent and dedicated member of the Sunday Mass Group.

As Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated, Jinggay’s story serves as a reminder that mental health is a universal concern. Her experience demonstrates that the right environment, support, and faith can lead to healing and well-being, ultimately transforming the shadows of despair into the brightness of hope.


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