11 DIY Design Hacks For A Geometric Condo Kitchen

Condo Design.

The condo kitchen is revolutionizing cooking and dining everywhere. The formerly neglected space, considered as exclusively for moms, is turning into a busy family area. A popular condo kitchen design involves space-saving counters that can be used for cooking, dining and working. To maximize every square footage, designers and homeowners are opting for multi-functional furniture pieces and wall-mounted storage. Design tips on how to create illusions of space, such as mounting large mirrors, are also widely shared in online forums and social media networks.

To welcome 2017, revamp your kitchen with different geometric designs. The 70s retro will be a hot trend next year. Incorporate various shapes, patterns and colors into your interior design and relive the funky 70s. Here are 11 DIY kitchen design hacks you should know.


Get creative with your wall design

When designing small spaces, you must be cautious with the colors and shapes you use. A dark-painted wall can exude the feeling of tightness. One of the most practical tips for small kitchen design is the use of light and pastel colors. Try shades of light blue, yellow, and green. You can also explore nature-inspired palettes. For a geometric style, you can paint your kitchen wall with vertical lines in alternating colors or install geometric tiles on your wall.


Funky floor tiles

Do you remember the typical linoleum flooring in kitchen during your childhood days? Linoleum, in various prints, were trendy then. However, the conventional plastic linoleum can trap water and dust, damaging your floor. You can opt for cork or composite board materials. You can also do away with the linoleum and paint your floor with funky designs instead.


Go crazy with pastel-colored shapes

The walls and floors are not the only areas that you can design with geometric patterns. You can paint your cabinets, drawers, and counter with a rich combination of pastel colors. For your condo kitchen design in the Philippines, get inspiration from Brazilian designers. The more hues, the better.


Colorful table runners

Giving your kitchen a new look doesn’t require a total renovation. Kitchen renovation cost in the Philippines can be prohibitive, thus the necessity for you to know a thing or two about carpentry and handicraft work. Table runners are affordable yet stylish accent for your tabletop. Buy fabrics of your choice, like linen or cotton, and design it with sewn geometric shapes. You can also knit colorful table runners with fun patterns.


Geometric knife block

You can devise cheap kitchen design ideas just by looking around your home. Do you have furniture pieces that can be refurbished? Which among your kitchen items can be improved? With creativity and some paint, you can recreate items in your house. Perhaps your wooden knife block can have a facelift? You can paint the block with geometric shapes in vibrant colors.


Geometric hanging planters

One of the benefits of condo living is access to green spaces. Studies show that exposure to nature is good to our physical and mental health. DMCI properties put emphasis on healthful living through packets of nature, natural flow of air and sunlight, and lifestyle amenities. You can bring elements of nature inside your condo space by displaying houseplants in all parts of your house. For your kitchen, you can hang crystal-shaped holders for herbs and houseplants. This is an easier alternative to a vertical garden.


Stunning geometric lamps

Are you on the hunt for the best kitchen design? Condo spaces are typically tight, and finding the right furniture pieces can be a challenge. A large table occupies too much space, but a tiny alternative dwarfs the entire room. The solution? Combine large/medium-sized furniture with small pieces. A medium-sized geometric lamp gives a feeling of largeness without taking up square footage in your kitchen.


Innovative metal chairs

Designing tips for kitchen spaces don’t need to be costly. You may not get a 100% free makeover, but the expenses should not mess up your budget. You can have a set of funky geometric stools for your kitchen/dining area by recycling metal. You can bring the metal scraps to a welding shop and pay a minimal amount to weld the materials according to your design.


Elegant mountain-inspired lamps

Lighting can make a lot of difference to any space. With the right illumination, you can highlight design elements or create a cozy atmosphere. Ambient lighting is the design trend for 2017. Light up your minimalist kitchen with a set of pendant lamps inspired by Japanese mountains.


Crafted geometric trays

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and make your own kitchen items! You can sew or knit table runners, make new condiment containers from recycled glass canisters, and create patterned ceramic trays. You can print the pattern on a glossy paper or paint it on the tray using acrylic paint. A thin, undiluted gloss acrylic medium will make the acrylic paint appear like enamel.


Patterned window treatments

When designing a tight kitchen, take caution in choosing your window treatment. Thick and dark curtains will enclose the space and block off natural light and air. You can use sheer curtains or thin blinds. Geometric patterns on your curtains will add a touch of elegance in your black-and-white cooking area.

Living in a condo is convenient and cost-efficient. Thanks to energy-saving facilities, you can save on association dues that cover maintenance costs in common areas. These also allow the natural circulation of light and air into your residence. Moreover, the small condo space prevents you from accumulating things you don’t need. You learn organizing hacks that make life clutter-free and easier.



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