7 Ways On How to Manage Condo Safety for Elders

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You always want what’s best for your elderly family members. They’re hitting retirement in the Philippines after many years of working hard to provide for your needs and now you want them to enjoy life.

If you have elderly relatives who want to live independently, owning a condo may be the best option for them. They could flourish and enjoy themselves if they live in a condo instead of a senior citizen’s home.

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Condos are great for senior citizens because there are so many great facilities they can use. They’re taken care of by the property management office and they can live independently. However, safety for the elderly members of your family may end up being a big concern of yours. You want what’s best for them and you certainly don’t want them to get hurt. There are lots of pros and cons to condo retirement and the idea of them living independently may be scary.

You should make sure your relatives are in good hands even without you looking after them 24/7. What can you do to ensure their security when they live independently? What are some common health and safety hazards at home? Check out this list of condo safety and security tips that you and your family members can use to secure safety for elderly relatives living in condos.

1. Do Regular Appliance Checks

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There are lots of ways to elder-proof your condo and to ensure safety for elderly apartment-dwellers. One of the first things you need to do is security checks on appliances. Senior citizens who live independently are prone to appliance-related accidents, especially when there are broken or faulty appliances. Conduct regular checks with a technician to ensure your older relative’s safety. Go through every appliance in the unit and ensure they’re okay to reduce health and safety risks at home.

2. Install Fire Safety Technology

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Conduct a home safety assessment in the apartment with regard to fires. If there aren’t any basic fire prevention technologies in the unit, set them up before letting your relative move in. Put fire extinguishers in every major room like the living room, bedroom, and cooking area. Have a smoke detector installed in the kitchen that uses an alarm and strobe lights, especially for senior citizens who are hard of hearing. Prevent any untoward fire-related events from happening.

3. Something to Grab on to

Interior design in a condo for senior citizens is important for their enjoyment and safety. As they are often prone to stumbling or falling, adding assistive rails is another priority when it comes to safety for elderly condominium dwellers. In bathrooms, where a lot of bending over, sitting down on a toilet, and wet floors can cause slipping, it is important that they have something nearby on which they can catch their balance. Apart from adequate space, safety rails can also help prevent your loved ones from bumping into things and falling onto hard surfaces.

4. Light the Way for the Elderly

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Install lighting that can be turned on and off remotely, whether with an actual remote or by clapping. More than being a cool feature of the house, it’s a huge help for people with limited mobility, like the elderly. Check if areas like stairways, porches, and hallways are well-lit too so that no accidents happen. This is especially important at night when they’re alone. Reduce health and safety risks at home with good lighting.

5. Make the Condo Slip-Free

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Senior citizens that live alone may be prone to falling and other related issues. Prevent accidents in common rooms like the living room or the dining area by using non-skid wax on the floors. Put non-slip mats in the showers and bathrooms, too. Avoid using throw rugs for decoration because your loved ones can slip on them and fall. Place rubber tips on crutches, walkers or canes too, if they own any, to reduce fall risks. Keep the condo slip-free to ensure general home safety.

6. Keep Their Medicines Organized

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Don’t let your relatives take the wrong medicines when they’re living independently. Keep their senior health plan in check by keeping their medicines organized. Do it in a way they’ll understand, like by name, type, or date of consumption. Label their containers clearly and store them in a well-lit area. If you can, go through their medication at least once a year to throw out any expired supplies. You can never be too careful when it comes to safety for the elderly family members.

7. List Down Emergency Numbers

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Lastly, but most importantly, list down and display emergency numbers so that your elderly relatives know who to call in case of an emergency. List, label, and post them somewhere they can clearly see. Put up several copies of the list all over the house, if needed. Some examples of emergency numbers include your contact numbers, the number of their doctor, the number of the staff, and some generic hotlines like 911 or the local fire department.


Condo Lifestyle for Senior Citizens

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The condo lifestyle may not be the first option you think of for your elderly relatives. It seems like a lifestyle better suited for a younger generation. But it’s actually a wonderful way for them to live happily and independently. They could flourish in a condo community and enjoy retirement to the fullest with a fun condo lifestyle.

You just have to make sure they have the best and safest experience. As senior citizens, they’re prone to accidents and other health problems. You simply want to ensure safety for elderly family members who live in condos.

Their health and safety at home will always be assured when you work with companies like DMCI Homes. With your safety precautions and their great communities, your loved ones will be surrounded by kind and responsible people who care about their well-being. Take the necessary steps to ensure security for these senior citizens. Communities like DMCI Homes can easily meet you halfway.


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