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Condo living with your family or loved ones can be an enjoyable experience when you’re all comfy in your condo home. But if you forget to keep your unit tidy, things can get uncomfortable pretty quickly— which is why regular condo cleaning is so important to the quality of your home life this year.

You can improve the quality of your small condo lifestyle by regularly tidying up your condominium. Declutter often, divide house cleaning responsibilities and incorporate better life habits into your routine – you can even hire professionals to do more tedious tasks, like cleaning condo windows and more.

Looking for ways to make the cost of condo living worth it right now? Here’s your ultimate guide to planning the best-ever strategy for tidying up your small home today.

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1. Assess your condo cleaning checklist

To get yourself organized for the tasks ahead, you need to assess your living situation first. Here are a few easy ways you can put your condo checklist together in an orderly and effective fashion:

2. Identify the areas that require regular cleaning in your condo

What parts of the condo do you need to tidy up the most often? These might include the areas with the most foot traffic, guest presence, or dirt accumulation. Depending on how messy these spots get, you’ll want to note them down for regular decluttering in your condo cleaning checklist.

3. Determine the frequency of cleaning up each area

Once you list priority spots for your checklist, list the frequency for cleaning up each area next. For example, your kitchen might need frequent tidying if you cook a lot at home. If you have guests over often, you’ll want to spruce up your living room on a daily basis. By determining the frequency of use, you can determine how often to clean each area too.

4. List down the cleaning products and tools needed

As you formulate a list of strategies for clearing out your clutter, the next thing you should do is list down the products and tools you need for disinfection. If you disinfect your bathroom often, for example, you should buy lots of cleaning products for it. If you sweep your floors a lot, invest in a good broom or vacuum to make things easier for you.

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5. Create a house cleaning schedule

Once you have an idea of what needs to be tidied up and when you can then put together a strategic schedule for regularly sprucing up your living space. Here are some of the best cleanup tips to schedule these tidying tasks:

6. Divide tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly schedules

This might seem like too much effort, but by dividing tasks by date you’ll be able to stick to a regular schedule for your unit. Start with daily tasks, like making the bed or washing the dishes. Then, list down weekly chores, like doing the laundry or sanitizing the toilet.

Lastly, list monthly or quarterly tasks for bigger chores, like cleaning condo windows, to ensure your living space stays in tip-top shape.

7. Create a checklist for each task and schedule

Once you’ve broken down the task list for your schedule, you can then break the list down further by creating mini-checklists for each scheduled chore. If you wash the dishes daily, for example, try sorting them out by dish or utensil type first. This makes the overall task easier and helps you finish the scheduled chore more efficiently too.

8. Determine the best time of the day to perform each task

What times of the day are you most likely to get each task done? You can fix your bed once you wake up in the morning, for example, but you can’t expect yourself to take out the trash that early in the day. Determine the best time of day to perform each chore based on your routine so that you can get them done without any fuss.

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9. Establish good cleaning habits

The best way to keep your living space spotless for longer is to maintain consistent organizational habits. These skills will take some time to master, but it’ll be worth the wait when you discover how great it is to have a neat home at all times. To establish these good habits, try these next few tips:

10. Incorporate cleaner habits into your daily routine

These might include practicing CLAYGO in the kitchen, putting dirty clothes directly into the washing machine, or wiping down the dinner table after use. By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you’ll have way less to take care of when you get to your regularly scheduled chore list.

11. Encourage family or roommates to contribute to the effort

You shouldn’t be the only one tidying up at home if you live with other people. If you live with adults or older teens, you can divide the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape. If you live with kids, teach them how to tidy up after themselves so that they build their own healthy habits as they grow up.

12. Follow the house cleaning schedule to avoid missed tasks

The last condo house cleaning hack in this section is to always follow your pre-established schedule. Chores pile up if you avoid doing them regularly, and your home will only get messier and messier if you don’t follow your schedule. Stick to your schedule and accomplish your chores to build that better habit of tidying your house today.

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13. Declutter your space

Looking for creative ways to declutter your living space? Here are a few stellar organizational tips to do just that.

14. Regularly remove unnecessary items from your condo

As Marie Kondo always does, ask yourself: “Does this spark joy?”

If you want to keep your space free from clutter, make sure to remove unnecessary items from your unit regularly. Make it a habit to go through your collections of clothes, knick-knacks, and other items to see if you still need them in your life. If you don’t, then do the right thing by donating, gifting, or throwing them out instead.

15. Sort and categorize items for easier organization

Condominium units tend to be small in size and structure. So if you want to keep your home tidy, try sorting and categorizing your items for a more organized space. You can store smaller items in containers or boxes, to keep them from cluttering your home. This’ll make it seem like you have more space to live in your smaller unit.

16. Consider donating or selling items that are no longer needed

As mentioned earlier, you can donate or sell your old items when you no longer need them. It’s a great way to remove junk from your home while paying it forward to other people. Plus, if you can sell your unneeded items, you get to earn from your decluttering efforts too. It’s a win-win situation for you and your loved ones in the long run.

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17. Deep-cleaning your condo

Now that you’ve built a good habit of regularly tidying up your home, you can level up to this next organizational step: deep-cleaning your more difficult living spaces.

18. Schedule deep-cleaning tasks

Deep cleaning usually involves tasks that take more time and effort to do at home. These can include things like carpet washing, bathroom sanitizing, or furniture cleaning. Given how these chores take more time to do, schedule them on specific days (like every third Saturday of the month, for example) so that you can prepare for them the way in advance.

19. Determine the best time to perform each task

Even if you set a regular date for these larger tasks, make sure to determine the best time to execute them too. You wouldn’t want to sanitize your bathroom before everyone in the house takes a shower, after all. Plan out your special chore day by picking the best time to do your scheduled chores beforehand.

20. Consider hiring a professional cleaner for difficult tasks

It’s okay to admit that you need help with some of the more difficult tasks at hand. You’re hiring pros for a reason; they can easily degunk your dishwasher or vacuum your curtains because they have the special training and equipment to do so. Plan your chore day ahead of time so that you can hire the right professionals to do the job right.

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21. Make house cleaning fun and efficient

Of course, with all these tips to keeping your home in tip-top shape, you’ll want to make your efforts fun and efficient going forward. Here are some final tips to spice up your tidying habits for a better, more organized home.

22. Play music or podcasts to make it more enjoyable

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make tidying up more enjoyable is to play music or podcasts out loud. You can curate your own tidy-up playlist or listen to your favorite podcast episode while doing the dishes. This makes it more fun to do anything on your tidying-up to-do list.

23. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products to help the environment

Whether you’re allergic to certain chemicals or just want to keep things green at home, make sure to use eco-friendly cleaning products in your living space. That way, you can help the environment in your small own way and keep the home spick and span at the same time.

24. Use smart tools and appliances to save time and effort

If you need assistance in accomplishing your tidy-up to-do list, but don’t want to hire professional help, then you should invest in smart appliances instead. Tools like dishwashers, washer/dryer combos, and robot vacuums will help you save time on chores, giving you more energy to put effort into other tidying-up tasks in the future.

Set your condo cleaning up for success

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Improve the quality of your home life today when you organize your own condo cleaning strategy. Here are a few final tips to take with you as you get started on these neater living habits this year:

  • Prepare your strategy in advance. By assessing your space, listing down your needs, and parsing out your tasks, you can make the overall responsibility of maintaining your home a lot less overwhelming overall.
  • Don’t be afraid to get help. Whether from family members, a professional cleaner, or your smart appliances, don’t be afraid to get help in doing your decluttering tasks at home.
  • Make it fun. This is how you’ll build better habits and become a regular cleaner. Have fun with the home organization process so that you can look forward to accomplishing your tidy-up to-do list today.

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