Art Arrangement Schemes That Will Enliven Your Condo Space


Pablo Picasso once said that “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Art comes in various forms such as a piece of wooden sculpture, verses of a poetry or an artwork. After a long day in the office, nothing can melt your tension away than good music in the comforts of your condo space. Know 11 smart ways to incorporate art into your condo interior design.


The wall gallery

When we talk about infusing art into a condo design, the first thing that comes to our mind is a wall gallery. It’s common, easy, and affordable. However, installing a wall gallery is not simply mounting photographs, posters or paintings. There’s always the risk of creating a chaos of colors and designs. The living room is your home’s social area. It’s just fitting that it hosts your wall gallery, though you’re not precluded from using your bedroom or kitchen walls as well.

Before boring holes on your wall, plan your art arrangement well.


Prepare your canvas

prepare your canvas

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels

Most homes go for the safe white or pastel wall paint. This will go well with different colored frames and paintings you plan to mount on your wall gallery. You can also explore a black background that can smoothly unify various elements.

Once you’ve decided on your canvas, plan on how you’re putting up the artworks. Make an outline of each frame/art piece on paper (based on their actual sizes), tape the patterns on the wall, and feel free to move the pieces as you see fit.


Alignments you can explore

alignments you can explore

Photo Courtesy of via Pexels

The alignment of artworks on your wall gallery can do wonders. For a formal look, the frames should stay in line. You can also place them inside a square, uniformly aligned either at the center, top or bottom. Want an edgier vibe? You can hang the artworks on an uneven pattern with varying spaces between each piece.

Interior design magazine Better Homes and Gardens offers another idea: mixing sizes, styles and art mediums. It notes “centering artwork horizontally and vertically over a prominent architectural element while maintaining even spacing.”


Frame the art pieces

There are many reasons why you should put photographs and paintings in frames. Frames protect your photo from damage such as molds; these make it easier to mount artworks on walls. Frames are design elements by themselves and they exude a sense of permanence. You can opt to use similarly colored frames to pull your artworks together. Black or white frames can be an extension of the texture of your canvass (your wall). However, you’re encouraged to try colored pieces, whichever will suit your interior design theme.


Your gallery theme: go vintage

The next question you should be asking yourself is, “What type of art pieces shall I put on my wall gallery?” One design company recommends using similar themes. You can have a wall full of vintage photos of streets, the countryside or people. Some homeowners print portraits of former artists, leaders and other figures they consider as their influencers. Using a common theme, despite the presence of numerous colors and textures, is also your answer on how to bring a room together.


Your gallery theme: the minimalist

The minimalist living room design doesn’t equate to limited elements that barely catch a person’s attention. It’s quality over quantity, and puts the highest priority on the essential. How do you design a minimalist wall gallery? Go for nearly identical frames and analogous color schemes for the artwork. Your palette options are not limited to black and white. You can explore pastel tones, coastal hues, and other warm colors.


Your gallery theme: the naturalist

The best thing about building a wall gallery in your home is the flexibility of choosing the pieces. Paintings, sketches, and posters are not your only options. You can dry flowers and leaves, and place them inside beautiful matted frames. You may repurpose drawers into wall shelves where you can put indoor plants.


Your gallery theme: the historian

Visit a secondhand shop or a flea market for cheap finds that can be awesome additions to your gallery. Again, you’re not limited to paintings and posters. You can use book plates, old photos, old money bills and coins, and vintage clocks. Get creative!


Managing the chaos

If you’re using art in the condo to attain the best design effect, you should be cautious about the possibilities of placing too much stuff and creating a riot of colors and textures. This is especially true when you have a bookshelf attached to your wall. Make sure your gallery stands out and that you manage the chaos by arranging the books with their spines facing the wall. Instead of random colors, you’ll have shades of whites and creams.

Place a one-tone sofa below your gallery. Black will accentuate the art pieces mounted on the back. You can also add a coffee table to anchor the artworks.


Art in your dining room

Paintings and photographs are not the only art mediums you can design on your wall. You can use exquisite plates, antique lamps, and even fabric cuttings. Small condo design ideas usually include mirrors that can create illusions of space and brightness. A mirror also has the power to accentuate pieces such as a chandelier and a painting. For your dining room wall, the use of creative mirrors can go beyond interior design.

A study by researchers at the University of Central Florida said that installing a mirror in the dining area can prevent overeating. Lead researcher Dr. Ata Jami said that glancing in the mirror enables people to view themselves and helps them to judge themselves and their behaviors in a same way that they judge others.


When in doubt, go with the classic arrangement

go with the classic arrangement

Photo Courtesy of Pottery Barn via Pinterest

There are a lot of modern condo interior design ideas you can dig into. Some you may find new, others too whimsical for your taste. A black wall gallery may sound appealing to younger homeowners, but too edgy for the older crowd. When it comes to art arrangement, you can stay in line or explore uneven patterns. You may also go for the classic arrangement: place the largest piece at the center then surround it with the rest of your design collection.

The power of art cannot be underestimated. It has an immense impact on how we think, feel, and act. Whether it’s a painting or a woven fabric, it can do wonders to your well-being. Maximize condo living by turning your home into a genuine refuge—infuse an art theme of your choice into your condo interior design.



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