9 Green and Brown Mixes To Let Nature Into Your Condo Space


When it comes to great condo interior design, there’s something about the combination of green and brown that makes the space appealing and relaxing. Green and brown make a wonderful pair because together, they evoke the arresting beauty of nature. Tress, grass, branches, leaves—these are just some of the soothing elements that can be found and seen in natural settings.

A lot of small condo design ideas ideas can definitely benefit from touches of green and brown. The color combination is calming, even as it opens up the space, much like the feeling you get in a country home. However, if the color combination is poorly executed, the effect can be chaotic and muddy. Make your space serenely beautiful with these 10 modern condo interior design ideas using green and brown tones.


1. Highlight mint-colored walls with dark wood

Photo courtesy of keresi72 via Pixabay

Photo courtesy of keresi72 via Pixabay

Designing the condo with green and brown allows for a variety of combinations. One fantastic synthesis is painting the walls mint green to contrast with wooden floors. This is great for the kitchen and the living room. However, if you using the right fabric and materials, it can also work wonderfully in the bedroom and other areas of your condo. This kind of green and wood combination looks modern yet reminiscent of a summer cabin. Add bursts of other colors through other decorative elements like artwork and furniture.


2. Combine mocha and green shades for your sheets and curtains

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

The versatility of brown and green is evident in this restful yet noteworthy bedroom. Play up the color combination with different materials and shades. For example, taffeta curtains look regal in deep green, while your duvet can look inviting in brown tones. Similarly, green and brown accents can work wonders for your pillows and warmer. Depending on the materials and shades, the combination can be gender neutral. It can also work perfectly for design ideas suited for those in their 30’s and even for your kid’s room.


3. Paint distressed wooden furniture with emerald green

Photo courtesy of BarefootBabiesBoutique via Pixabay

Photo courtesy of BarefootBabiesBoutique via Pixabay

Create an eye-catching focal point in your condo by painting a distressed wood furniture in emerald green. The principle is to combine texture and color, so feel free to mix and match different pieces with the same color theory for a dynamic effect. The result can be delightfully shabby chic, playful yet polished. Even if you’re not confident to go the artistic route with the theme, the color palette may still inspire you with your other furniture. It’s a color combination  that can make your space unique and interesting.


4.  Place rustic plants into a wooden rack

As colors of nature, green and brown can quickly introduce life into any condo and design palette. Brown is an earthy color that marries well with the freshness and vibrancy of green. That being said, you can never go wrong by including natural plants into your condo. Adding rustic plants to your space and placing them in a wooden rack can create a lively yet relaxing ambiance. Nature and all its beauty can be captured in this design idea. You can also use plants that can be used for cooking, such as rosemary, thyme and mint. The key is to use plants arranged in such a way that exudes a rustic appeal. Doing so can make your modern condo feel organic and serene.


5. Play up tan bathroom tiles with light green

Photo courtesy of midascope via Pixabay

Photo courtesy of midascope via Pixabay

One of the best ways to use green and brown in the condo bathroom is to keep it light. Tan and light green work well because they are easy on the eyes. They can make your bathroom feel clean and not overworked with colors. Of course, it all depends on the general look you want to achieve. Add interest in the room with other design elements like curtains and even cushions. The colored cushions, for example, can complement the featured green and brown colors of the bathroom. Feel free to experiment with these color when selecting floor tiles, glass tiles, undermount sink  and flat-panel cabinets.


6. Accentuate beige and brown with green elements

Photo courtesy of J4U via Pixabay

Photo courtesy of J4U via Pixabay

Accentuating beige and brown with green tones can look fun and inviting. White is often used for the bedroom, but testing the waters with green and brown can be rewarding. It’s a combination that’s currently on trend with exciting decorating ideas. Consider using a neutral wallpaper  design with flower and plants for a luxurious feel. Wallpaper can amp up your bedroom in a way that paint cannot. You can also enliven your headboard using bright green. This can look magnificent with the right lighting and against the neutral walls.  


7. Create a pop of earthy color with tribal tableware

Photo courtesy of AlexRabbit via Pixabay

Photo courtesy of AlexRabbit via Pixabay

Don’t forget about tableware when incorporating green and brown into your space. Tribal-themed decorative elements can make meal times inviting and appetizing. Perhaps because they feel raw and natural, the earthy tones in a tribal designs can strike the right chord in your dining area. Utilize the color scheme for placemats, mugs, or even napkins. For your table linens, experiment with different textures like vinyl, cloth or woven.


8. Realign the feng shui in your living room with seafoam green and beige sofas

Take a page from the principles of feng shui and use the combination of light green and beige  for your sofa. The result is a condo seating area that looks sleek, contemporary and comfortable. The soft browns and taupe tones show off the green accent. You can also try out different tones. Just bear in mind that your endgoal is to create an effect that is balanced and complementary.


9. Revel in elegance with two-toned cabinets and wood countertops

The ‘70s is known for bold designs. Relive that era while looking elegant and modern by mixing different hues of green and brown for your kitchen cabinetry. The avocado green combined with very light (almost white) green looks delicious when combined with brown countertops. It’s a flexible color scheme that can play well with your hi-tech appliances.

The splash of green and brown offers many design possibilities for your condo. These colors are easy to work with and can amazingly elevate the design of your space. Just remember to choose the tones that resonate with your own natural instincts. So, which green and brown combo has inspired you to try in your condo space?


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