5 Reasons Why Verdon Parc is the Most Value-for-Money Condo in Davao City

Verdon Parc.

You remember the distinct feeling that engulfed you while you were checking out a condo unit you had been eyeing for days. Finally, you are all in. You are ready to make the downpayment and call the property your own. 

Halt! Here is the truth – so much more goes into the process of purchasing property than just our gut feel. Quite understandable why you often find yourself on the fence just before you make a big buy. 

If you are currently planning to buy a Verdon Parc unit, and are weighing the pros and cons, we are here to help. We are sharing why owning a property in the best condominium in Davao that promotes resort-style living is an investment worth ticking off your bucket list. 

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes’ Verdon Parc.

The Verdon Parc Difference

Verdon Parc is a testimony of DMCI Homes’ goal of promoting healthy condo living. This top condo for rent in Davao sits in a 3-hectare property. On the outside, it’s a stunning landscape marked by towering buildings. Inside, it’s a condo that brought the outside in.  

Verdon Parc eschews the traditional condominium design to make way for better condo life. In this property, residents who decided to seal the deal on unit ownership experience the best of everything – a lux place, a residence that features all the perks of urban living, and a community where one can experience wellness in mind and body. 

Reasons to Invest in Verdon Parc by DMCI Homes

Browse this simple guide and discover everything you need to know to invest in Verdon Parc by DMCI Homes right now.

                                                                                     Photo courtesy of Teona Swift via Pexels

It Can Be Your Sanctuary Within the City

One of the advantages of Verdon Parc living in Davao: it’s the definition of home. Within its one-hectare stretch, you will find a world-class landscape, stunning sceneries, and amenities that support rest and recreation. 

As the only development in Davao that provides an elevated vantage point, condo-owners get top-notch vistas of Davao Gulf, Mount Apo, and the cityscape whenever you start or conclude the day. It also has less than an hour travel to local port heading to Samal Island. But condo-dwellers need not look far to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Lush greenery and calming landscapes pervade the vast property. One can simply walk the open spaces to feel worlds away from the bustling streets. 

Verdon Parc beautifully weaves condo-living with the resort life. Within are a complete array of features that set the property apart – its jogging trails, pools, playgrounds, biking paths, and landscaped gardens. Residents yearning for tranquility can find it in the stunning Sky Garden and Sky Deck which are great places for retreat and meditation. 

Worthy of raves and reviews, this DMCI Homes masterpiece truly redefines condo living down South.

                                                                                            Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Accessibility is at the Heart of Verdon Parc’s Location

DMCI Homes prioritizes the holistic approach to condo ownership. The leading developer considers accessibility as an integral part of the condo experience. The same reason why the location of Verdon Parc in Davao City makes it a wise buy.

The prime location of Verdon Parc provides property owners with quick and easy access to prominent landmarks including Ateneo De Davao, NCCC Mall, SM City Davao, the Indonesian Embassy, and Davao City Bus Port. 

Owning a Verdon Parc property places you in the center point of Davao City. You won’t have to spend hours just going to places you frequent. Imagine the hours and gasoline you could be wasting if the spot isn’t as accessible. 

Another perk: if you’re planning to drive passive income from your unit, being close to important establishments and locations positions your business to drive more bucks! 

                                                                                                Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

For Its Price, You Can Experience a Newer, Better Way of Condo Living

If traditional condominium offerings are already checked out of your list, it’s time to shift your focus to a Verdon Parc property. 

DMCI Homes is a solid advocate of healthy condo living – an idea that combines stellar properties with the right features and amenities that enable residents to live better. 

In every Verdon Parc condo unit you invest in, this is what you get – the benefits of condo living redefined. 

Condo living where safety is goal number 1. 

Whether you live alone or with your loved ones, you can be at peace knowing that you and your community are secured 24/7. The property comes with round-the-clock security, perimeter fence, CCTV systems, and strict regulation on all entry points. Standby generators, fire alarms, fire cabinets, and fire exits cover you from the unpredictable. 

Condo living where your health and wellness are taken care of. 

This Davao City development isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a place to thrive. Bringing jogging trails, gyms, and recreational spots within allow residents to become their best versions ever!

Fresh air and natural light are part of the norm in Verdon Parc. Just like other DMCI buildings, Verdon Parc features Lumiventt Technology, a smart engineering feature that helps residents experience better air quality and a great dose of sunlight every day. 

Condo living where everything you will be needing is in one place. 

Verdon Parc Davao condominium has its function hall, covered multi-purpose court, parking space, laundry facilities, convenience shops, co-working spaces, and more. Verdon Parc on Ecoland Drive truly is a convenient all-encompassing and accessible place to invest in and live in today.

Condo living where the community spirit is fostered. 

At Verdon Parc, getting a condo is synonymous with meeting new people, and building your network. With a community built on better condo living, your stay in this Davao development can help you make important connections. 

Davao Development Continues to Surge – A Perfect Time to Invest in This Booming City of the South

Davao’s real estate industry continues to recover, and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Despite the pandemic and market challenges, the economic development in Davao is bullish. The vigorous progress sends a message – if there’s the best place to invest right now, it would be in Davao. 

Davao is a flourishing city. You will own properties that will continue to increase in value. Time is on your side – all the more reason to make that value-for-money investment now.

Filipino and foreign investing giants continue to increase investments in Davao making the ROI potential of the property you invested more promising. If you’re planning to avail of a Verdon Parc unit as an investment, getting one now positions you to reap more returns in the future. 

Property Acquisition is Tailor-Made for You

DMCI Homes makes owning property even more possible for everyone by offering payment schemes and discounts for units that are guaranteed to appreciate in years to come. 

You don’t have to go broke or bang the doors of banks to experience living in Verdon Parc condominiums. Now that Davao boasts of a promising real-estate forecast for the coming years, it’s high time to grab the opportunity to invest in Verdon Parc if you have the chance. 

Right now, DMCI Homes grants Php600k discounts for one-bedroom and a 2% discount for all two-bedroom units at Verdon Parc. You can also benefit from special payment terms. These special offers are available until March 31, 2022 only.

DMCI Homes also offer rent-to-own schemes for investors like you who are still in the process of committing 100%.

You can also have your purchased property leased out through DMCI Homes Leasing Services.

Promo is limited – don’t pass up on this high-value opportunity to live at the top condo property in Davao City today.

Saying “Yes!” to Verdon Parc Davao condominium is saying “Yes!” to better condo living – the one that invigorates your mind and body, one that keeps you safe,   one that makes every cent invested worth it. 


Rediscover refined living by checking out everything Verdon Parc by DMCI Homes has to offer you today.


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