3 Ways to Experience the Best Condo Living in Verdon Parc

Verdon Parc.

Imagine this: finding your oasis of rest and rejuvenation in the middle of your busy, bustling city. A lush location that welcomes you to relaxing greenery and a clutter-free landscape that can ease your daily worries and stresses. A personal space that truly makes you say, “Ahh,this is the home I deserve.”


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It’s All in Verdon Parc Condo Living

Situated along Ecoland Drive, Verdon Parc is a top-rated Davao condominium with a stunning sight marked with skyscrapers that sprawl the neighborhood. Beyond its cosmopolitan appeal is a goal: to give its residents a place to reinvigorate themselves from day-to-day troubles. 

Stepping into the property gives you visuals that feature a stark difference to the streets outside – landscapes filled with greens, wide concrete trails, and a tranquil sky garden with a pool. At one glance, you can tell that the place embodies what resort-style condo living is like. 

Live the Verdant Life: How You Can Make Verdon Parc Living Yours

This unique Davao condominium living can be your lifestyle. You can get the benefits of living in Verdon Parc in Davao City – peace, calm, rest in its truest sense. Here are the three ways to experience the best condo living in Verdon Parc.

  Photo Courtesy of Maria Ziegler via Unsplash

Purchase Your Own Verdon Parc Unit

If you’re ready to make healthy condo living in the south a part of your everyday life, you can inquire about unsold, ready-for-occupancy (RFO) units through our website and social media pages. You can also contact us through our phone and mobile numbers. 

For unit availability, room details, and concerns related to your purchase, you can coordinate with any of our accredited DMCI Homes Property Advisors and they will gladly assist you. 

All unsold condo for rent units are on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the case of Verdon Parc condominiums, units are selling fast. It is better to make that purchase while your preferred unit is still available.

Photo Courtesy of Cytonn Photography via Unsplash

You can also start enjoying resort-style living by securing a condo for rent in Verdon Parc, under the DMCI Homes Leasing Services (DHLS).

To start leasing in this premier DMCI Homes property in Ecoland, Davao City, here are the key requirements that you need to submit:

  • Filled-out Tenant Information Sheet
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Billing
  • Valid IDs (e.g. government-issued IDs, employment ID)
  • 1-month advance fee for reservation
  • Chosen payment method of the lease, which could either be PDCs (should be issued during contract signing) or Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA)
  • 2 months deposit, which could either be cash or check

After submitting the requirements, signing the contract, and providing the required advance and deposit payments, our turnover group will schedule your move in soonest. 

Make sure to secure the move-in clearance from the Property Management office through email, and the DMCI Homes Application portal

    Photo Courtesy of Corinne Kutz via Unsplash

Own One with the Rent-to-Own Scheme

Elevating the renting experience by granting you your property in the process, the rent-to-own scheme is considered one of the best ways to own a Verdo Parc condo unit. 

Through this RTO option, you can have one of the many advantages to renting at Verdon Parc including instant access to the premier property’s relaxing amenities and convenient lifestyle. 

To use this payment scheme, submit the same leasing requirements mentioned above, with the signed lease with option-to-purchase contract.

Once you have finally decided to purchase the property, just submit a letter expressing your intent to buy the unit. Ensure that you submit the letter to DHLS, six months before the end of your lease. 

Remember: This six-month period is crucial for the DMCI Homes team because this period would be used to finalize any documentation requirements, bank approvals, and other necessary processes or documents for your purchase.

Give yourself the gift of better living! Experience the Verdon Parc difference. Acquire your new Verdon Parc unit now and avail yourself of our new and exciting promos and discounts!

Verdon Parc Properties Limited Promo

We offer exclusive payment term promos and special discounts that you should not miss!

Payment Term Promos:

Verdon Parc offers 2% less in all 2BR units, while up to Php600,000 discount is available for 1BR units.

Discount on Units:

Verdon Parc offers 2% less in all 2BR units, while up to Php600,000 discount is available for 1BR units.

Your own quiet, relaxing, luxurious sanctuary in the heart of busy Davao City – that is the promise you will get with every Verdon Parc condominium unit. You deserve to live in a healthy, vibrant condo community that empowers and energizes you to be your best – always. 

Experience what better condo living feels like – acquire a new home in Verdon Parc today! 



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