What’s Cooking? 12 Healthy Recipes for Every Month of 2018


Despite our differences in opinion, there are two things that we can all absolutely agree on wherever we are in the world:.we have to start eating healthy and we always postpone eating healthy.

The problem isn’t with starting a healthy habit, but sustaining it. At one point, you’ll feel you need to reward yourself with too sweet, too salty or too fatty foods. And that “point” almost always comes too early in the game.

This year, do your best to keep your 2018 health resolutions. Start with one healthy recipe or one healthy eating habit a month. This way, you don’t just dive in and then crash out. But, you swim slowly with the pacing that actually works for you. Don’t worry about where to get fresh produce and ingredients. Condo living means supermarkets and grocery stores are just a stone’s throw away.

Let’s do it one month at a time.

January: Start the day right

two toasted sliced bread topped with avocado, boiled eggs, and sprinkled with nuts

Avocado toast that you can create for breakfast. Photo courtesy of FoodieFactor via Pixabay

Everyone’s busy and in a hurry. Everyone’s about keeping up with the morning rush hour. Canned and preserved goods provide much convenience and probably a full tummy, but they are obviously not the healthiest.

Jumpstart your 2018 diet by focusing on starting the day right. You will be surprised at how easy it is to prepare a full, healthy breakfast meal. Start with basic toast and some smoothie.

For a twist on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, toast a slice of  whole-grain wheat bread then spread some peanut butter. Top it with slices of banana and chia seeds. You may also top the bread with smashed avocado the night before, with some salt and pepper. Layer with sunny side-up or poached eggs for a dose of protein.

You may also substitute your box of cereals with superfood like quinoa. You may throw in some fruits, nuts, and milk into a few spoonful of quinoa for a filling breakfast. If you want a quick but super healthy breakfast on the go, mix up your favorite fruit and yogurt for a smoothie. Don’t worry about where to get the ingredients, living in a DMCI condo means supermarkets are near you.


February: Grill your heart out

juicy grilled steak sliced and served on plate

Perfect steak you can share with your love one. Photo courtesy of WerbeFabrik via Pixabay

This is the time of the year when you start looking for easy healthy meals for two. It’s the love month, after all.

What better way to celebrate with your significant other that with a juicy, flavorful, and healthy grilled steak? The good thing about grilling is that it allows fat to drip off. Choose the lighter cuts such as sirloin, top loin, tenderloin, T-bone, and fillet mignon. Trim off visible fat before throwing it in your marinade and make sure to rub in fresh herbs and spices. Grill or sauté vegetables, whip up tomato, papaya or avocado salad for sides.


March: Health in a wrap

healthy tortilla wraps

Variety of healthy tortilla wraps that you can easily make. Photo courtesy of ggrocks via Pixabay

Wraps are seen as a healthier alternative to sandwiches and burgers. But only if you do it right.

Some of the combos you can throw in your wrap are tuna (drained) + apple slices + avocado slices with a splash of lemon and a dash of chopped parsley, salt, and pepper. You may also use turkey or chicken slices with some tomatoes and greens. Basically a BLT sandwich in a wrap. For a healthier wrap, choose whole wheat tortilla. These healthy tortilla wraps are great for snacks and even lunches in the office.


April: Refreshing summer drinks

three different flavors of fresh juice drinks

There are unlimited of juice flavors you can make to beat the heat in summer season. Photo courtesy of Rosalinda222 via Pixabay

April is the time of the year when it starts to get really hot, especially in tropical countries. Summer lasts until about July before the rainy season starts. This makes April the perfect time to start whipping up healthy summer beverages for the whole family.

Make a watermelon slushy with seedless watermelon cubes, lime juice, honey, and tequila (optional). You may also make your own ginger ale by combining a syrup made with fresh ginger and club soda. For a twist to the classic lemonade, you may add a puree of raspberry or strawberry or pomegranate juice. Frozen mango chunks, fresh pineapple chunks, and fresh ginger are also a good trio.

May: Snack ‘em healthy

fruit skewers for snacks and threats

Add fun to your snack time by making healthy fruit skewers. Photo courtesy of girochantal via Pixabay

Its summer, and while you probably want to go on a beach holiday every weekend, it isn’t the most practical thing to do. But you can still feel the summer vibe in your condo or apartment with tasty summer snacks minus the guilt.

These healthy diet recipes are quick to prepare and perfect for TV series marathons, pool parties, play dates, and board games. Top your bruschetta with avocado or tomatoes. Make your own tomato salsa for chips. Pair up your favorite fruits with cheese cubes and serve them on skewers. Drizzle peanut butter or chocolate on top of apple slices. You may also want to try one of those three-ingredient recipes such as peanut butter cookies, wherein you’ll only need bananas, oats, and peanut butter.


June: Beat the heat with ice-cold treats

four strawberry and blueberry popsicles beautifully arranged

Blueberry and Strawberry popsicles are one of the many frozen delights you can make within the comforts of your home. Photo courtesy of jill111 via Pixabay

Whether kids or kids at heart, everyone is sure to love ice-cold treats during the summer. They’re easy to make and they can be as healthy as you want. You can substitute milk with yogurt and honey to make different flavors of popsicles. For adult parties, you can make mojito popsicles with lime juice and club soda.

You may also make your own homemade ice cream in just a few minutes. For a dairy-free ice cream, substitute milk with coconut milk.


July: Transform the lunchbox

healthy lunch boxes. healthy wraps, cherry tomatoes, and shushies

Prepare a healthy lunch box that you can customize. Photo courtesy of Jelly via Pixabay

Classes start in August, so July is a perfect time for you to start creating lunchbox masterpieces. Make a list of healthy recipes for lunch and snacks that your kids can bring to school.

Make sure their lunch or snacks are easy to consume such as fish sticks and chicken poppers. Add some veggies into their fried rice. For snacks, make your own fries out of sweet potatoes or tuna patties for healthier burgers. Use whole wheat bread for healthier versions of pizza and top with tomatoes, cheese, and parsley. Add tiny bits of broccoli or carrots in their pasta or make fruit kebabs. Make sure their snacks and lunches are fun and nice to look at.


August: Eat healthy on a rainy day

warm potato soup with baby carrots

Potato soup is one of the meal you can prepare during rainy days. Photo courtesy of RitaE via Pixabay

It starts raining in August, and it is important that you are armed with food that fight common illnesses during this season. Learn to prepare a really nice soup such as the healthy chicken stew with chicken cubes, carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, and bell peppers. And since we all crave for hot meals, start making casserole recipes. A great example is the Spaghetti Bolognese Cheesy Spinach recipe, which is a sure crowd-pleaser. Toss the whole-grain spaghetti into the meat sauce combined with spinach, spices, and cheeses.


September: Easy gourmet dinner

seasoned chicken legs and mixed vegetable ready to be cooked in oven

Simple oven-baked chicken and mixed vegetables to show off your cooking skills. Photo courtesy of RitaE via Pixabay

September is a great time to start feeling festive. It is the start of the “ber” months, after all. Festivities call for gourmet dishes and healthy easy recipes for dinner that are uncomplicated and easy to prepare.

For a healthy chicken recipe, season the chicken breast with garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, and paprika. Broil it with sweet and tangy honey glaze. Salmon fillets are also a favorite among gourmet dishes. Make your own by dusting salmon with a spicy rub before broiling in maple syrup.


October: Healthy and spooky treats

pumpkin soup topped with croutons

Pumpkin soup topped with croutons is one of the easy and relevant food you can prepare for Halloween. Photo courtesy of ChristopherPluta via Pixabay

When October comes, it is the time to prepare for Halloween parties and trick or treats. Wow guests with pumpkin soup topped with croutons and served in a pumpkin bowl. For healthier cookies, use pumpkin puree and oatmeal. Dip citrus fruits in chocolate for a Halloween feel. Make candied apples by dipping small apples into caramel or cinnamon.


November: Holidays

salad and season chicken

Right amount of protein and greens to avoid holiday bulge during Christmas season. Photo courtesy of Liabolhova via Pixabay

This is the time when you start shopping for the holidays and preparing a menu for Christmas dinner. You can use superfoods to beat the holiday bulge and come out of endless parties and reunions without adding inches to your waist.

For grains, use quinoa or granola. Pack up on berries for dessert as these are good antioxidants. Instead of cream cheese, use yogurt, which is a source of protein and probiotics. Serve lean meat, tuna, and other seafood in your dinner table.


December: Go lucky and healthy

raw white and red beans

Beans are considered as super food and popular to those who are living a healthy lifestyle. Photo courtesy of tookapic via Pixabay

Apart from Christmas, December is the month you also start thinking about ringing in the new year and making health-related resolutions.

Make your media noche a healthy and a prosperous one. In South America and south of France, beans, lentils, and greens symbolize prosperity, and they are also superfoods. Noodles and pasta are a symbol of long life in Chinese culture. Make your pasta healthier by adding vegetables. Fish is also considered lucky because their scales resemble coins, so find a tasty fish recipe for the New Year celebrations. And of course, round fruits symbolize prosperity and are also absolutely healthy.

There’s always a reason and a season to eat healthy. Get into the habit today and start 2018 right.


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