Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh! Ten Ways to Eliminate Cooking Smells


Your love for cooking may be filling your condo with smells you’d rather not leave lingering in the air. They’re simply not part of the idyllic condo living you’d like to maintain. No worries though. There are many ways you can eliminate cooking smells. A few simple house hacks can help you get rid of kitchen odors. They’re affordable too! Check out these easy-to-do DIY house hacks that will keep your DMCI Homes condo sparkling clean and smelling fresh.


Scented cleaning vinegar

Eliminate Cooking with Smell Scented Cleaning Vinegar

Photo courtesy of Evitaochel via Pixabay

Sometimes covering up the smell is simply not enough. A thorough cleaning session may just be what you need to get rid of the cooking smells in your home. And if you use a scented cleaning vinegar, you also get to leave behind a fresh scent. This homemade cleaner is easy to make. You will need a quart-sized jar with lid, white vinegar, peels from citrus fruits, and herbs. Simply fill half of the jar with herbs and citrus peels (lemon works great) cut into small pieces. Heat the vinegar and add to the jar of peels and herbs. Voila! Your DIY cleaner is ready to use.


Deodorizing carpet powder

Eliminate Cooking Smell wirh Deodorizing Carpet Powder

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One of the places cooking smells like to stick to is your carpet. The best way to remedy that is by sprinkling deodorizing powder on your carpet.

You can make your own deodorizing carpet powder at home. You will need ½ cup baking soda, ½ cup borax, 1 teaspoon ground cloves or cinnamon, and 30 drops of essential oils. These are ingredients you can easily find in a local grocery store.

Simply mix the baking soda and borax in a container, and add in the essential oils and ground cloves or cinnamon. Mix well until there aren’t any lumps. Transfer the mixture into a shaker container, and it’s up and ready!


Homemade wax melts

Eliminate Cooking Smell with Homemade Wax Melts

Photo courtesy of Dana Tentis via Pexels

And here’s a great way to fill your home with house aromas without having to worry about the open flame that comes with scented candles. You simply need to add wax melts atop one of those little lamps you’ll find in department stores. And you can create your own wax melts at home! You will need a saucepan, metal or glass bowl, silicone mold, 100 drops of essential oils, 1/4 cup beeswax pastilles, and 1/2 cup coconut oil. You can start by pouring about two inches of water into the saucepan. Let it simmer, then mix in the coconut oil and beeswax to your bowl. Place the bowl over the simmering water. Remove the container from the heat once the coconut oil and beeswax have completely melted. Mix in the essential oils to the melted mixture. Simply pour the concoction into the silicone mold, and your homemade wax melts are ready!


All-natural room scents

Eliminate Cooking Smell with All-natural Room Scents

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Do you love the smell of herbs? Head over to the nearest supermarket and get a good stash of your favorite scented herbs. You can choose fresh ingredients like squeezed lemons, vanilla, and rosemary. Simply bring them to a simmer, and your home will be smelling heavenly in no time.


Decorative air freshener

Eliminate Cooking Smell with Decorative Air Freshener

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

How about creating air fresheners that double as quaint decor for your home? All you’ll need for this are a small mason jar, a swatch of burlap or craft paper, baking soda, toothpick or needle, and Downy Unstopables in your preferred scent. To get started, cut a square of burlap or craft paper that is the same size as the lid of your mason jar. Fill a quarter of the jar with baking soda, and another quarter with the Downy Unstopables. If you are using craft paper, poke holes into it using a toothpick or needle, then place it inside the outer ring of the mason jar. Screw the cap on and it’s ready. If you are using a burlap, simply place it over the opening of the jar and screw the outer ring on.


Hanging tea bags

Eliminate Cooking Smell with Hanging Tea Bags

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pexels

Tea bags also do an awesome job of absorbing odors. You can hang some of your favorite tea bags in areas where they won’t be too visible, and you’ll have a nice scent lingering in the air. And of course, the smells you’d like to get rid of will disappear as well!


Homemade fabric spray

Eliminate Cooking Smell with Homemade Fabric Spray

Photo courtesy of Mimzy via Pixabay

Cooking smells can stick to your furniture. You can avoid this by spraying your cushions and pillows with a fabric spray. And you can make one of your own! Simply fill a spray bottle with water, a few drops of essential oil, and a tablespoon of baking soda. Shake it vigorously, and your homemade fabric spray is ready.


Odor-absorbing slow cooker

Odor-absorbing Slow Cooker

Photo courtesy of Tookapic via Pexels

And here’s another great way to get rid of the unwanted smell in your home. Beyond just covering up the smell, this concoction will absorb the odor so you are completely rid of it. You will need a slow-cooker, water, and baking soda for this. Simply fill the slow-cooker with water and mix in three tablespoons of baking soda. Turn the heat to a low setting, and keep the lid off. Leave the mixture to simmer until you are satisfied that the smell has all been absorbed. You may also add a few drops of essential oil, a stick of cinnamon or a slice of lemon so you can have a fresh scent in your home. Remember to keep checking the mixture to make sure it does not burn off.


DIY plug-in air freshener refill

Do you use plug-in air freshener at your home? You may hate how it’s been boring a hole through your pocket. To avoid dealing with the unwanted expenses, you can create your own plug-in refill at home. Simply remove the wick from your air freshener using pliers, then fill the bulb halfways with essential oils. Fill the rest of the container with water, just leaving enough room to reinsert the wicker. Reinsert the wick, give it a good shake, and plug it back into the receiver. It’s that easy!

There are many house hacks that will help skimp on air fresheners and other such expenses. And they’re easy to do as well. Now there is simply no reason why you can’t keep your DMCI Homes condo smelling fresh round the clock!


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