Date Ideas for Couples Who Don’t Want to Leave Home for Valentine’s Day

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Can you already feel the love?

It is February and romantics everywhere are surely going to obsess about anything related to the love month. You’d hear more love songs over the radio, quotes about love will flood your timelines, there would be all sorts of promos for couples everywhere, and prepare yourself for all loaded rants of friends who have not been so lucky in love.

Whereas you and your significant other would just like to celebrate in peace, neither one of you has the energy to deal with the horrific traffic and the fully-booked restaurants. So, what do you do? Your home is the perfect place to be. Stay home on Valentine’s Day and don’t miss out on anything. There are many stay-at-home date ideas for couples who simply do not have the energy to wrestle around with everyone else.

1. Indoor camping

interior of camping tent

Photo courtesy of irhap via Pixabay

Do you sometimes daydream that you are lying on top of a hill or in the middle of a massive garden and gazing at the stars? Do you sometimes like being silly and pretending, among many other things, that you are in the middle of the forest?

Why not try to camp out, or in, inside your living room on Valentine’s Day? There are condos that have a bigger square footage than most and can accommodate this, such as DMCI condos.

For this date night idea, there are camping gears you can buy or you can just make one with your sheets. Surround it with Christmas lights for an extra romantic feel, eat out of cans or tin foil, and add some comfy pillows. You may also stick glow-in-the-dark stickers shaped like stars and planets.

2. Taste of the world

two rolled pancakes with powder sugar

Photo courtesy of RitaE via Pixabay

Parisian crepes, Moroccan barbecue, Spanish paella, Chinese dim sum, Italian pasta marinara, and so on. If you can’t travel the world, then experience the world right in your dining room. Cooking travel-inspired simple recipes is a great date idea for couples who like adventure, and the good news is that you can do it right in your home. If don’t have the knack for cooking, watch some tutorials on YouTube and surprise your significant other with different cuisines. Or both of you may prepare the meals together. Now, that’s teamwork.

3. The more, the merrier

group of people dining out

Photo courtesy of vivienviv0 via Pixabay

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some of your married friends. Invite them to an intimate party in your condo and ask everyone to bring something. Potluck makes everything less complicated. Catch up over fine wine. Or you may consider playing the “newlywed game,” which is essentially a game about how well you know each other and also as a way to reminisce. Who wouldn’t want to be reminded how fun, or awkward, their first date was?

4. Sing your hearts out

microphone on the table

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pixabay

Couples who are too lazy to get out and celebrate can just have their own karaoke session right inside their home. You can find lyrics on YouTube or put on your karaoke discs complete with microphones. Then have some fries, chicken wings, nachos, and bottles of beer. Hit the high notes or if you’re feeling cheesy, dedicate songs to each other. Just be considerate of your neighbors, and don’t crank up the volume too high.

5. Pick a theme for the night

travel map, notes, and guides

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Pick a theme that you both like such as travel, Game of Thrones, the 80s, Michael Jackson, Paris, Disney, etc. Then, center everything around that theme. If you choose travel, for example, you can prepare a menu based on a travel destination and watch movies that feature some of the best destinations right after dinner. You can even play a geography-related game, or plan your next vacation just for you two to have something to look forward to for the rest of the year.

6. Delightful Breakfast in bed

healthy breakfast food and drink in bed

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

There are a lot of couples who live together, and sometimes do not bother speaking a word to each other. They are just so tired that they would go to sleep right away. In the morning, working couples are always in a hurry and skip breakfast or skip talking to each other.

This Valentine’s Day, prepare a nice breakfast and share a meal in bed. Eat slowly and talk more. You’d be surprised at how much you’ve been missing because you are always in a hurry. It would make you appreciate the little things more.

7. DIY al fresco dinner

silhouette couple watching sunset

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos via Pixabay

Al fresco dinners is a no-fail romantic date idea. While it is mostly common in European countries, you may also dine under the starry skies in your own condo balcony. If you own a DMCI condo, you are most certainly among the lucky few who gets to have his or her own balcony. The idea is simple: a small outdoor table for two, comfy chairs, soft music, some food and wine. You may also have a more casual picnic with bean bags and finger foods. Or you may have a grill night.

8. Get ready for a wild, hot night

two couples passionately kissing

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Turn your bedroom into a love nest. Change the sheets and choose the ones you reserve for special guests. Make sure the sheets and pillows are comfy and that they smell nice. Put on some soft music and burn some essential oils. Work with the lighting and maybe prepare a chilled bottle of wine.

Now, turn the night into a romantic, steamy date by playing strip trivia. Quiz each other with different steamy trivia and tease each other as a piece of clothing is stripped off, one by one.

9. Relive your wedding day

leg picture of two couple wearing their wedding dress and slack

Photo courtesy of rawpixel via Pixabay

The most special date you’ll ever have as a couple is your wedding day. On Valentine’s Day, why don’t you relive it? This is a great Valentine surprise that any wife or husband can do.

Play your wedding video or dance to the tune of your first dance as a married couple. Prepare some of the food you served that day (after all, you might not have eaten any of those during your actual wedding). Read out the well-wishes you got from your guests. Thumb through your wedding album. If you are both totally game, why not wear your gown or tuxedo?

10. Looking towards the future

Two couples holding hands backview

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

One of the most beautiful things to do as a couple it to look ahead and plan for the future. Whether you are married, engaged, have kids or want to have one, planning is an effective motivator and also an opportunity for you to work as a team.

You can grab a small bucket (or bottle for that matter) and make a list of your plans and dreams. Exchange notes and talk about it. Or you can fill a box with your plans for the year and work together on emptying that box for the rest of the year as you make each one come true.

It does not matter whether you are broke, doesn’t have the time or just plain lazy, there are many ways to pull off a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day with your special someone in the comforts of your own home.


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