Make this Valentine’s Day Extra Special Without Overspending


The love season is here once again! The pressure is up to make Valentine’s day extra special for your special someone. Sure, luxurious dinners and expensive gifts create a great impression, but they don’t necessarily make for the most romantic gesture. A simple loving diy gifts can reach deeper to the heart of your love ones because sometimes it’s the things that cost very little or are free that count the most. Here are cheap date ideas that will make Valentine’s Day this 2018 memorable without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Take a trip down memory lane

colorful post-it re-adherable note paper aligned

Photo courtesy of NaturalPastels via Pixabay

Surprise your date with a list of all the places that hold great significance to your relationship. Line the wall of your home with post-its that mention a specific place and memory. Then ask your date to pack up, telling her only that you will be taking her to dinner. Surprise her by bringing her to the restaurant where you had your first date. You can then spend dinner talking about how that first date went. Did it make you nervous? Did you like her right away? Was there any funny moment? This is a great opportunity to reminisce while getting both romantic and silly.

2. Delight her with little heart candies

assorted valentines heart shaped candies

Photo courtesy of Omnigrapher via Pixabay

This Valentine’s Day, hide little heart candies just about everywhere: in her lunch box, makeup kit, the purse where she keeps her keys, and many others. Make sure she finds one throughout the day, even while she’s at work. Do not be surprised to see her coming home with a big smile. The little things do count.

3. Give her a jar of love

glass jar with ribbon decoration

Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

You can also fill a jar with Valentine candies and a couple of notes. Make the notes an assortment of declarations of love and vouchers for treats. A note may say “You are the answer to my prayers” or “ This entitles you to ten big fat kisses.” You can ask her to pick one throughout the night, and set specific times for claiming the treats.

4. Surprise her with a trail of kisses

dark chocolate kisses wrapped in purple wraper

Photo courtesy of Jeffbalbalosa via Pixabay

Leave a trail of Hershey’s Kisses that leads to your bedroom. Make sure you are waiting at the end of the trail, ready to give her actual kisses. A bouquet of flowers and a Valentine’s card should also be lying in wait with you. These treats never get old.

5. Make her your priority for the day

man and woman preparing meal together in the kitchen

Photo courtesy of 089PhotoShootings via Pixabay

Sometimes, making your Valentine’s Day extra special is as simple as having a day that is all about the two of you. If you are parents who rarely have time for yourselves, you can ask someone you trust to take the kids in for the day. You can then surprise your wife by telling her she’s off the hook for the day. The empty nest will be a welcome relief for your wife (even the most loving of moms need a break sometimes). You can then spend the day planning the menu for your date, shopping for the meal, then doing the cooking together. You will be surprised by just how intimate cooking to romantic music can get. And of course, there’s the candle light dinner to speak of, and all the relaxing things you can do after.

6. Treat her to a picnic

couple dating sharing glass of wine

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

Women are suckers for romance. It wouldn’t even matter if you treat them to something simple. As long as there’s romance written all over it, you’ll get your girl swooning. Spoil your date this Valentine’s Day with a bottle of wine and sandwiches you prepared yourself. Prepare a romantic set up at the DMCI condo gardens, then walk her blindfolded toward it. Dining al fresco in a nice place with just a blanket, a basket of goodies and your special girl can be one of the best memories you’ll ever have.

7. Give her a box of goodies

valentine's gift boxes wrapped in heart printed wrapper

Photo courtesy of PIX1861 via Pixabay

This Valentine’s Day, surprise her with a box filled with heart-shaped balloons and special gifts. You can get playful by including items like a new nightgown for her and sleeping shorts for you, chocolate syrup, strawberries, scented candles, and a CD. Add in cards with romantic notes, and who knows where the night will take you!

8. Get touristy for a day

brown horse carrying calesa

Photo courtesy of Pcdazero via Pixabay

Has your special someone been yearning to give in to her wanderlust? Sure, Valentine’s Day may be too short a time to travel, but you can get inventive. Fortunately, you do not have to leave your city to enjoy touristy sites. Surprise your girl by telling her you’ll be her tour guide for the day. Keep the itinerary a secret so you can keep her guessing.

Have fun with a kalesa ride at Escolta Street, take her on a food trip at Binondo, and enjoy a historical walk at Intramuros. You can also take her to the National Museum. You get to learn about your city’s heritage together. Luckily, the National Museum of the Philippines has been declared permanently free of charge on July 1, 2016. Located in Rizal Park, Manila, the museum will give you a good dose of art and culture without breaking the bank. It will also inspire great conversations. This is definitely a break from your usual routine.

9. Give her a dozen red roses with a twist

two lovers dating and strolling in carnival park

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Surprise your date with a dozen red roses. To make it extra special, add an exciting twist. You can tie a note to each stem with a specific activity you can do throughout the year. Make it a selection of adrenaline-inducing activities. This can be as simple as taking your special someone to an amusement park. More than just having fun, you get to benefit from a perk you may not be aware of. Studies show that adrenaline-inducing activities are positively linked to sexual attraction. One particular study revealed that residual physical arousal from a roller coaster ride intensified people’s experience of attraction. This is a good news for couples who are fond of great adventures and outdoor activities. This is definitely a perk you simply can’t miss.

10. Go classic

audrey hepburn and el ferrer classic photo

Photo courtesy of Skeeze via Pixabay

The cinema still make for a great date spot. There’s just something romantic about getting cozy and snuggly in the dark while enjoying a good film. This Valentine’s day, you can create the same atmosphere at home by switching the lights off and just enjoying each other’s warmth. Set a romantic movie marathon right in the comfort of your DMCI condo. Make it all about the classics. Think Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. These movies will get you all feelsy. You will love the carefree yet memorable night. Your date will be all about love! Be ready with some cinema picnic treats, and you’ll have your date swooning.

11. Write a poem

a hand writing a letter using feather quill

Photo courtesy of Andreas160578 via Pixabay

If you have a knack for writing, declare your love in a poem. This is one of the most romantic things anyone can do. It’s free too! Your special someone will have her most unforgettable Valentine’s day yet. Tuck your poem into a bouquet of her favorite flowers for an extra dose of romance. She’ll love you for it!

12. Stay in

two potatoes placed on a miniature sofa

Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

They say staying in is the new going out. Make this work for you by putting in extra efforts. Surprise her with a candle-lit dinner. Prepare some home cooked meals, a romantic set-up, and a bouquet of flowers. Be ready with movies, so you can top off the night just getting snuggly on the couch and enjoying each other’s company. And you will soon see, this may well be the most romantic thing you’ll ever do.

13. Massage with love

spa essential towels, aromatic candles, and decorations

Photo courtesy of an_photos via Pixabay

After the candle-lit dinner, take it to the bedroom. Have a homemade massage table ready, with a few scented candles setting the mood. This treat is especially ideal if your special someone is the type who is always working so hard. It’s a great way to recognize the sacrifices she makes and to show your willingness to help her relax. Watch a few tutorials on Youtube beforehand so you know just the right massage strokes to do. Also be ready with essential oils, and learn how to use an oil burner. She’ll never forget the love-filled pampering.

14. Make it all about your date

woman brick wall climbing

Photo courtesy of Renne35 via Pixabay

Get creative this Valentine’s Day! To make sure your date will be successful, make it all about your special someone. What does she love to do? What are the things she’s passionate about? Maybe her idea of fun is to go target shooting, watching a basketball game or going wall climbing. Go beyond just the usual romantic dates. Be ready to think outside the box. On Valentine’s Day, tell her to wear the appropriate clothing and just take here where she’s been yearning go. Surprises are always much more memorable when they match our heart’s desire.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day on a budget. Shower your date with romantic surprises that will leave her swooning, all without burning a hole in your pocket!


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