20 DIY Valentine’s Gifts For Your Special Someone

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, have you decided on what to give your to your loved one? If you live in a condo, there is always that convenient option to go on a date in romantic locations near your area. You can also easily get something nice from the store. However, to impress your special someone, you can show you care by making something from your heart and crafted by your own hands. Here are 20 great DIY Valentine’s Day gifts your loved one would like.


1. True-to-life Love Letter

True-to-life Love Letter

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Love is a mysterious magical feeling that you just have to put into words. You exclaim it, you try to define it, and you seek to immortalize it. It is largely for these reasons that writing a love letter will always be one of the best DIY Valentine’s Day ideas. Write something that comes from the heart and use a card with an attractive design.


2. Romantic Dinner in Your Condo

Romantic Dinner in Your Condo

Photo courtesy of shahistafatima via Pexels

Setting up a DIY dinner date is easy, affordable, and one of the best indoor condo activities. Prepare the favorite food of your partner and put rose petals on the table. Don’t forget about the wine and candles to complete the romantic atmosphere.


3. No-bake Chocolate Cupcake

Nothing says “Love Month” quite like this DIY no-bake chocolate cupcake. Pulse chocolate, cookies, and cream cheese in a food processor. Scoop the mixture and place them on cupcake sheets. Garnish with sprinkle, heart-shaped chocolate bits, and peanut butter and nutella frosting. Let it set in the fridge before serving with coffee.

4. Bouquet in a Vase

Bouquet in a Vase

Photo courtesy of Leonardo Wong via Unsplash

Flowers you’ve arranged on a vase with a short note is one of the most romantic gift ideas for him/her. This colorful gift can also brighten up your condo, making the space look lovely and naturally beautiful.

5. Hand-painted Paperweight

Hand-painted Paperweight

Photo courtesy of Efraimstochter via Pixabay

Gift your loved one with a heart-shaped paperweight you’ve colored with toxic-free ceramic paint. This gift is very easy to do and can add vibrancy and functionality to any work desk or home table.


6. Love-themed Lego Art

If you’re not too confident with your artistic skills, assembling a Valentine’s Day-themed LEGO can be a cool way to paint the colors of your heart. A simple heart-shaped creation doesn’t require advanced art skills but can still look sweet, unique, and artistic.


7. Scrapbook with Your First Entry

Scrapbooks are perfect as a homemade Valentine’s Day gift because you can be creative with the design and content. It is also something that both of you can enrich afterwards. Make your first content sweet and visually appealing so that it will serve as great start for the all subsequent entries.


8. Hand-made Favor Containers

A refurbished storage box is one of the most practical condo DIY projects that you can do using materials found in your space. It’s perfect especially if your partner is environmentally conscious yet would appreciate something creative and from the heart. Use wrappers with bold prints to make the gift look exciting and worthy of being displayed.


9. Cupid Lemonade in Personalized Mason Jar

A sweet delight that takes little time to prepare, this lemonade in personalized Mason jars is not only refreshing but also pleasing to the eye. Mix 1 cup of lemon juice and raspberries in a blender and strain through a fine sieve into the jars. Use stevia or honey instead of white sugar to make it sweet yet healthy. Serve with ice and a heart-shaped tissue.


10. Jar of Affirmation

Express all the reasons you have for loving your partner with this jar of affirmation. Write each reason on a heart-shaped paper. You can also write something encouraging or inspirational. To make it a “couple project,” ask your partner to write his or her own affirmation and put it inside the jar. This gift will surely bring meaning to celebrating your togetherness on Valentine’s day and beyond.


11. Heart-Shaped Cash Box

Whether we like it or not, finance is important to sustain a good relationship. Gift your partner with a recycled cash box with paper art you can get from the craft store. This will express your love and show the importance of saving. Use it when saving up for a weekend date near your DMCI community or to add to your vacation budget.


12. Heart-shaped Candies on Bed

Instead of the usual rose petals, why not use candies to form “I love you” on the bed? This sweet treat is romantic and quick to do. Try using marshmallows or gummy candies so they don’t melt or stick on the bed cover.


13. Hearty Breakfast

With the demands of modern life that go with condo living in the Philippines, nutritious foods can boost health and help your loved one be in a good mood. Start Valentine’s Day right with this yummy and healthy breakfast hack. Heart-shaped eggs can be easily carved with a sharp knife. The open-faced avocado toast and tomatoes add color and lots of nutritional value to the meal.


14. Heart on Fire Candles

Candlelight on Valentine’s Day adds an aura of romance. Forming the candles you have into a heart shape is a great DIY alternative to making individually shaped ones. It’s super quick to do yet it creates a big impact.


15. Rainbow-inspired Heart Paper Bunting

This gift can wonderfully complement your condo design. Choose your partner’s favorite  colors and consider the space. If you exert a little more effort in choosing the right material and print, this gift can be hung in your space well beyond Valentine’s Day.


16. Pillow Case with Heart Accent

Let your partner dream of you with this pillow. You can easily add the heart accent by stitching it. Use ready-made patterns or create your own. As for the materials, find and choose what you need from a fabric store.


17. Heart Pizza

Wow your loved one with a heart-shaped pizza. Ready-made dough (available in groceries) can be easily and quickly shaped into a heart. Add the ingredients you like, such as tomato paste, mozzarella and basil. This gift is perfect for a laid-back movie night in your condo on the evening of Valentine’s Day.


18. Heart Lights

One of the great things about DMCI Homes is the space that allows different design possibilities. This gift may seem difficult to do, but it’s actually very doable and can well illuminate your condo space. All you need are LED lights and adjustable wires that you can form into a heart or any shape you like.


19. Lovely Jewelry

Who says that jewelry has to be expensive? You can make your special someone love you more by giving her this DIY accessory. Choose a pendant and shape she’d like. Add color with enamel paint. To make it shiny, coat it with glaze. Attach it to a chain that you can get from any craft store.


20. Heart Chimes

Heart chimes are perfect to creatively express your love and make your condo space look stylish. Aside from cotton and DIY clothes, you can also use clear glass chimes from furniture and craft stores. To personalize the design, paint the chimes with acrylic enamel. This type of paint is water-based and quickly dries to a glossy finish.


With these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that are romantic and from the heart, you can dramatically show your love for your special someone. These gifts are easy and quick to do, but the effort you put into making your partner happy will be appreciated as something memorable and priceless.


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