Still in Denial? Here Are Signs You Are Now An Adult

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Are you already feeling it? One day, you could not even get yourself to roll out of bed without your mom waking you up, and then the next day, here you are brewing your own coffee, watching the news, complaining about gas prices, and getting pumped for that big presentation at work. High five!

Millennials have a word for it: adulting. It may scare the daylight out of you, but it could be the best thing that will ever happen in your otherwise uninteresting life. So let’s talk about mortgage, insurance, doing your taxes, aching muscles, shall we? Don’t worry, we will break it to you gently.


1. Living on your own

back view of a woman inside her room facing the window

Okay, this can get you either really emotional or really excited, or both. As an adult, you are now considering leaving your parents’ house and live on your own. Or maybe you already have. This could change you in so many levels. Independent living means you need to look after yourself, pay your bills, and even cook your own meals. You will be surprised at how responsible and brave you can be.


2. Cooking your own meals

chopping red bell pepper

Have you been eating out of the box since you started living without mom? It was cool at first, convenient, and even cheap. Until you realize your muffin top is getting bigger, you can’t manage to climb a flight of stairs, and you start feeling too heavy.

Independent living motivates you to start cooking your own meals. This does not need to be the gourmet kind. A little bit of stir-fry here and stew there, and you’re all set. Prepare your packed lunches at work, too. This could do so much both for your health and your budget.


3. Sleep is everything

girl sleeping on a desk

Ten years ago, you could drink five bottles of beer on a weeknight and still wake up energized at 4:00 AM. But things have changed, and so has your body. Sleep is suddenly your favorite word. You understand why a quality mattress is a good investment, why air-conditioning is a non-negotiable, and why you scream at anybody who comes barging in your room when you are sleeping. Here’s to more sleep hacks and tips!


4. Fitness apps for the win

browsing fitness video on mobile phone

One sign of adulting is having at least one fitness app on your phone. Maybe you use it, maybe you don’t. But it’s just there. You have a gym membership or considered applying for one. Even your steps are counted on some sort of a walking app.

At this point, you know you have to exercise, even for just 15 minutes a day. You tried several diets, too. What matters is that you know you have to be fit, healthy, and strong. Hey, your metabolism when you we’re 18 isn’t as cooperative now, is it?


5. Doctor Jones, calling Doctor Jones

two doctor and stethoscope

If you remember which song this line was from, you’re already probably seeing a doctor more often and more regularly than before. It’s from that 90s pop group called Aqua, by the way. (In case of poor memory, that is.)

As an adult, you are now starting to set doctor’s appointments, and the odd part is, you don’t even feel weird about it. Those executive check-ups that you used to ignore before? Well yes, truly a must these days. See your doctor every now and then, not just when something hurts.


6. Medical and life insurances

hospital emergency sign

Speaking of doctor, do you have a health card? Bet that one is a main consideration when applying for a job these days. And it should be. Health insurance is vital, for emergencies do not discriminate. And as you grow older, your body changes and a doctor’s advice is always helpful.

In the same way, you’ll find life insurance to be more attractive than ever. The impression that renders life insurances a bit morbid is now a thing of the past. Life insurances ensure you will have a comfortable life in retirement and during old age. Plus, they also offer packages with investments, which could serve as your passive income.


7. Mortgages, loans, and buying a home

key and door

Do you sometimes find yourself just staring at a broker’s or realtor’s post about the newest condo development on your social media feeds? And then realize just how much you want it?

Condo living is an ideal living arrangement for people working in the city because of its prime location and amenities. But this also means you have to deal with bank loans, mortgages, and other fees. It is a good thing that most condo developers, such as DMCI, will walk you through the process and even help you get an approval from the bank. But make sure that you are still in control.

Mortgage is debt that is usually secured by the collateral of a real estate property. As the borrower, you are obliged to pay it back within pre-determined dates. There are several types of mortgages that you should consider. Your mortgage rates could be fixed (same interest rate for the entire payment term) or adjustable (interest rates change from time to time). You could also pay in-house (developer), apply for a bank loan, or secure a government-funded loan. It depends on interest rates and what suits you best.

Whichever type of condo mortgage you choose, the question you should be asking is this: after you pay the down payment for the condo, will you be able to pay the monthly mortgage of your property, along with other dues? Is your job stable enough? Do you expect to get a raise or a promotion within that period?


8. Taxes are absolute

calculator and expenses sheet

You’re lucky if your company does all your taxes. But if you do freelance work, you need to comply with self-employed tax requirements and processes. If you own a home, there’s also real estate tax. Make it a point to check your tax records because you might have delinquencies you have to settle. Educate yourself and don’t get overwhelmed with numbers. Everything is online now, so relax.


9. Coffee shops over clubs any day

coffee shop interior

Want to go to the club this Friday? No thanks. Too noisy and too crowded for you now, huh? You now appreciate intimate talks and silence. When you go out to see a friend, you want to be able to talk to her without screaming. Plus, you feel beer is not going to do anything good to your belly, whereas coffee is a friend that understands you.


10. Finding a new hobby

woman painting

You are amazed by friends who dive, hike or run on weekends. You admire friends who paint, blog or play in a band after work. As an adult, you want to busy yourself with things that actually make you better, enhance your skills, introduce you to new challenges, and help you meet different people. You feel the need and importance of investing in yourself.


11. Discovering house plants and gardening

hand planting cactus in a small pot

Apart from your cat or your dog, you also begin to discover the wonders of gardening. Set in the heart of the city, condo living inspires you to be closer to nature. House plants are the best home decors, while you also attempt at indoor gardening starting with herbs and aromatic plants. Happiness is what you feel when a baby leaf shoots out of a stem.

12. New hang out spot: your couch

woman relaxing while feet on the table

Just when you have money to spend on weekend getaways or even shopping, you suddenly lose all the energy for it. You start to think that days at the mall is a waste of time and money. But Netflix and your couch, well there’s a combo you wouldn’t want to miss. And the joy of being in your pajamas all day is something no mall sale could ever match.

Are you an adult yet? Don’t be scared of it. You are so much more than all these adulting signs and responsibilities. Your best years are yet to come.



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