Top 10 Parañaque Restaurants for an Authentic Dining Experience

Parañaque City.

One of the best things about living in condominiums in Parañaque is having great access to almost everything. The city is a hub for spacious office spaces, premier schools and universities, world-class hospitals, and authentic restaurants.

Definitely, one shouldn’t miss out on living on Paranaque properties to have access to all these things, especially the wide variety of Parañaque restaurants.

If you are already residing in a great condo in The Atherton, you might have already been to the best restaurants in Parañaque. But the city, filled with gastronomic delights, surely never runs out of new and current dining experiences that will have you coming back for more.

So whether you are experiencing restaurants in Parañaque for the first time or a condo resident looking for authentic cuisines, this list is made for you. Discover the top 10 Parañaque restaurants that will take your taste buds to around-the-world dining experiences.

10 best Parañaque restaurants for an authentic dining experience

brown pastry on black round platePhoto courtesy of Isaac Lopez via Unsplash

1. Mensakaba Geishu

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: 349 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes

Craving for an affordable yet delicious bowl of ramen? Mensakaba Geishu will never disappoint. This is one of the BF Parañaque restaurants that should definitely be on the list of hidden gems in Parañaque for any urban explorer. People praise this restaurant for its relaxed atmosphere and the good quality of the food that is definitely worth the buck.

Some of the best sellers in this restaurant that customers kept coming back for are their chashu, tantanmen, and miso ramen. Other specialties like yakitori and gyoza are also some meals that shouldn’t be missed out on.

2. Picada Tapeo Restaurante

Cuisine: Spanish
Location: 252 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes

If you’re in the mood for an authentic Spanish restaurant, then Picada Tapeo Restaurante should be on your list of Parañaque restaurants. The place offers a nice ambiance to its customers, and the serving size and quality are certainly commendable because they are more than what you expect.

Don’t miss out on some of their customer favorites, such as the paella, lengua, and tapas. Have a great conversation with your friends with a bottle of sangria or a yummy dessert like their Brazo de Mercedes.

person slicing a meat on brown wooden boardPhoto courtesy of José Ignacio Pompé via Unsplash

3. Meat Depot

Cuisine: American
Location: 283 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes

Fancy a juicy steak for a great night out? Look no further than Meat Depot. It is one of the most affordable but quality restaurants in Parañaque for anyone craving a nice and juicy steak. Customers commend this restaurant for its drool-worthy steaks, side dishes, and sauces.

Make sure to sink your teeth into their wagyu steaks such as Japanese wagyu or rib-eye, and their premium steaks such as t-bone, tomahawk, and sirloin.

4. Drive By – Taco Shop

Cuisine: Mexican
Location: 256 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes

Some days, you might be craving something quick, easy, but definitely filling to eat. If today is one of those days, then you better try one of the best restaurants in Parañaque for Mexican tacos: Drive By – Taco Shop. Customers kept on coming back to this shop for their incredible and affordable food.

Dig into their extra spicy pulled beef and beef sirloin steak tacos, cheese, and jalapeño quesadillas. Finish everything with a glass of their best-selling horchata.

meat on gray skilletPhoto courtesy of SJ . via Unsplash

5. Grami Korean Restaurant

Cuisine: Korean
Location: G/F Grami Hotel, Goodwill Subdivision

With lots of unlimited Korean samgyupsal restaurants out there, you can’t really be sure which ones taste great. But Grami Korean Restaurant is definitely one of those Parañaque restaurants that surely keep customers coming back for their great-tasting food. Plus, it’s a good value for the Korean food craze!

Aside from their samgyupsal, make sure to try their kimchi jjigae (Korean kimchi stew with other ingredients like pork or seafood), kimchi fried rice, and other delectable dishes like Korean fried chicken.

6. Aroi Thai Restaurant

Cuisine: Thai
Location: 4 President’s Avenue, BF Homes

Looking for quick and tasty pickups or takeaways? It can be a hassle to dine in a place sometimes, so it’s great that Parañaque restaurants also offer takeaway food that is worth the price and quality. Aroi Thai Restaurant is that kind of place and is highly recommended for its quick serving time and delicious food.

Customers recommend their po pia kod (vegetable Thai spring rolls), their green chicken curry, their tom yum kung, and their shrimp pad thai for an unforgettable Thai takeout experience.

cooked pastaPhoto courtesy of amirali mirhashemian via Unsplash

7. Finestra Italian Restaurant

Cuisine: Italian
Location: 1 Asean Avenue, Solaire Resort & Casino

A special occasion calls for an elegant dining experience. Considered one of the premium restaurants in Parañaque, Finestra Italian Restaurant is your go-to restaurant for the finest Italian dishes. The ambiance alone is perfect for luxurious Italian cuisine, so definitely dress up a little for a nice meal.

Don’t miss out on their best dishes, such as the prime rib-eye steak, linguine tartufate, carbonara, risotto, and their yummy dessert tiramisu.

8. Serye

Cuisine: Filipino
Location: Santana Grove, Dr. A. Santos Avenue

Your list of Parañaque restaurants will not be complete without authentic Filipino food. Popular for its chic interiors, good food, and great service from their friendly staff, Serye is the Filipino restaurant that you should not miss out on.

Try their best-sellers within the restaurant’s cool ambiance. Dig into their boneless crispy pata, chicken BBQ, suman with mangoes, classic kare-kare, and their bangus belly a la bistek.

sushi on white ceramic platePhoto courtesy of Vinicius Benedit via Unsplash

9. Shima Japanese Restaurant

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: 241 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes

Another Japanese restaurant on the list, this one is something you shouldn’t miss if you’re in the mood for sushi. Shima Japanese Restaurant is a premium restaurant that is a must-try among the best restaurants in Parañaque and is known for its relaxed ambiance, and authentic sushi and sashimi.

Don’t miss out on some of their customer favorites: unagi (freshwater eel sushi), sushi moriawase (sushi platter), salmon skin roll, and sashimi moriawase (sashimi platter).

10. Phoenix Dragon Restaurant

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: 48 Russia St. Corner Romania, Better Living Subdivision

If you’re craving fine Chinese cuisine, this is one of the Parañaque restaurants that should be included in your list. The Phoenix Dragon Restaurant commits to preserving the art of Chinese dining, which means quality food in a great dining ambiance.

Go ahead and try their most authentic and dining favorites, namely the hot & sour soup, xiao long bao, seafood eggplant, salted fish rice, and for dessert, the taro puff.

Eager to try the never-ending gastronomic delights in Paranaque? Go ahead and explore these restaurants to find out why the city is a great hub for foodies.

And while you’re at it, why not consider moving to Parañaque for good, to have better access to these restaurants and other great economic opportunities for you? Know more about the perks and updates of condo living in Paranaque and other prime locations at the DMCI Communities blog.


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