Turnover Essentials for Your Unit in The Atherton – Paranaque: 7 Items You Don’t Need to Miss

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The day you can call The Atherton your new home is getting closer. This Paranaque property from DMCI Homes is ready to welcome its occupants this 2022. Units from the Oak – one of The Atherton’s buildings – is guaranteed to qualify for the RFO condos meaning Ready for Occupancy units in the second half of the year.

With your condo turnover happening soon, we understand that your mind could be running through so many lists, including your dream designs, furniture, interior details, and the whole gamut of moving. Although these to-dos are of great importance, there are also other vital details you need to focus on to make the entire turnover process of your Paranaque condominium seamless for you. 

In this blog, we’re listing down seven checkpoints to go through to make your turnover day productive, exciting, and hassle-free. 

What to Expect: DMCI Homes Turnover Process 

Before you move into your new condo unit in The Atherton, DMCI Homes will grant you the opportunity to check and assess the unit before turnover to ensure the process leading to you officially owning your place is smooth and satisfactory. 

Here’s a quick run-through of the guidelines of DMCI Homes for their turnover process. 

  • A DMCI Homes Post Construction Group representative shall contact the client to schedule the turnover inspection. You will also need to fill out our online registration forms for your details, as well as for your occupants and other necessary information for the Property Management Office. 
  • On the day of your inspection, you will be able to look over your unit and test the door knobs, switches, faucets and others. Once you are satisfied, we can proceed with your acceptance of the unit. If there are any concerns in the unit, punchlist items shall be rectified and a new schedule for re-inspection shall be done.
  • Once you are ready to accept, the next step will be settling the fees..
  • Any improvements and/or renovation works by the client will be done post-acceptance and are subject for approval by the Property Management Office. 

Things To Do Before Your Condo Turnover Day 

The Atherton condominium in Paranaque is a big investment, and it should rightfully be handed to you in pristine condition. DMCI Homes understands your investment matters; that’s why it gives each property owner the chance to ensure your property doesn’t run across frustrating problems: through a turnover inspection. 

If you’re unsure where to start, consider these six vital steps before your The Atherton condo turnover day. 

Revisit Your Contract

We have heard enough stories of property owners encountering problems with their developers because an owner missed a condition or a requirement stipulated in the contract.

Although DMCI Homes advocates transparency, unit owners are encouraged to be thorough in reviewing all the information connected to their contract to ensure they don’t get tangled up with having to pay additional fees. Take your time to read the fine print and be keen on details involving potential costs. 

Check Off All Essentials That You Need to Review

Having to do a quality check and not knowing where to start can be overwhelming for you. Before the turnover, a turnover assistant for you will help you go through your unit, answer your questions, and take note of your punch list items. Your list of essentials will go to the client’s punch list form you will be signing after reviewing your unit. 

Schedule Early and Dress Comfortably

Talk with the DMCI Homes admin for inspection schedules. It is better to schedule early on to avoid potential turnover delays. 

Go for comfortable clothes that won’t restrict you from inspecting your property thoroughly. 

Listen to the Pre-Turnover Briefing Carefully

A lot will happen during the turnover day, so ensuring you have caught up with all the details should be a top priority. A turnover assistant will brief you on what will happen during the actual turnover. 

During this briefing time, the turnover assistant will help you: 

  • Understand all the provisions in the unit. 
  • Test all keys for the doors to make sure they’re working. 
  • Present that all plumbing fixtures – showers and faucets – are functioning. 
  • Check that all outlets are active. 
  • Inspect your electric and water meter. An initial reading will also be conducted. 
  • Take note of your punch list items, if you have any.
  • Understand the scope and limitations of the unit’s 2-year warranty. 

Take Photos

The Atherton in Paranaque is built with the highest interior and exterior design standards. Still, property owners are highly encouraged to have detailed documentation during the inspection. Having photos of the actual condition of your unit during the inspection day of your would-be home is crucial in resolving post-inspection issues that might pop up. 

Don’t Forget to Pack Up with Items Needed During the Inspection

Before leaving the house, make sure you don’t forget your pen, notebook, and a steel measuring tape. 

The real work for your unit begins right after turnover. You’re going to buy appliances, and even bring some designs to life. 

Getting the actual measurement of areas for your dream furniture and appliances can prevent space issues in the future. 

A lot will be tackled during turnover day – having a pen and paper on hand can help you retain crucial info and also jot down pressing questions. 

Raise Concerns Immediately to the Right People

The turnover day provides you with the right opportunity to ask or raise concerns about your unit. Take this as a chance to ask questions about your plans for interior design and about hiring contractors in the future. 

Raising questions, doubts, or details that bother you to the right people – the pros you are with or the Property Management Office  – can expedite solutions that can save you from dealing with delays in unit turnover. 

DMCI Homes takes pride in the quality of units that we deliver to the clients. Units are already livable – with water supply and electricity upon turnover. All you need to do is to bring in appliances. If you have concerns, the Property Management Office will be ready to accommodate you.

The Atherton is a one-of-a-kind property with its healthy condo-living designs, world-class amenities, and its prime Paranaque location. You deserve to feel nothing but assurance that you got nothing but the best. 

Own this condo of your dreams without the hassle. Being thorough with the unit inspection, bringing in the pros to help you, coordinating with the right people for issues and questions, being specific and decisive, and choosing to be solution-focused can make your turnover day one that matters. 


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