Quick and Easy Party Snacks for Your Pool Party


Summer has just started and it already feels like you want to dive into an ice-cold pool every chance you get. When the heat is on, there isn’t much besides a fun pool party on your mind.

Preparing for a summer party shouldn’t be so hard. A pop of colors for the table set up, easy and fun games, and easy-to-munch pool party snacks are all you need. You’ll definitely have as much fun preparing as partying.

Don’t burden yourself trying to impress friends and family with a chef-approved menu. The idea of a pool party means you have to take it easy. There are quick and easy recipes you can do to come up with a tasty and appetizing pool party menu that will make this a summer something to remember.

So, call up your friends and family for a splashing weekend and start whipping up those summer goodies.


Colorful fruit pops

Party Snacks Colorful Fruit Pops

Photo courtesy of ponce_photography via Pixabay

You can’t go wrong with fruit pops. Throw your favorite fruits in a blender and mix it with some milk. You may also use some yogurt for a healthier blend. Pour mixture in molds and freeze until firm. You can prepare this a day in advance and transfer them to a cooler for the party.


Healthy fruit kebabs

Party Snacks Healthy Fruit Kebabs

Photo courtesy of Miss_color via Pixabay

Summer is a time when the tastiest fruits are in season. Get some watermelons, oranges, grapes, kiwi, and strawberries and put them in skewers. Store them in the refrigerator overnight and pack them in a container with ice cubes the next day. This kind of kebab is healthy, fruity, and will definitely add color to your festive set-up.


Let’s go dippin’

Party Snacks Lets Go Dippin

Photo courtesy of TvLith via Pixabay

A little dip goes a long way during a summer party. Whip a flavorful dip for tacos, nachos, and chips. For a smoky ranch dip, just mix ranch dressing with sour cream, pepper, and adobo sauce. You can also go cheesy with buttermilk-ricotta cheese dip. Mix buttermilk and whole milk with heavy cream, cheese, salt, and crushed red pepper. You may also dip veggie sticks and crackers into these truly easy-to-make and versatile dips.


Summer party bruschetta

Party Snacks Bruschetta

Photo courtesy of RitaE via Pixabay

Party foods should be bite-sized and very easy to consume. You can’t expect your guests to go looking for utensils while trying to enjoy the games or chatting with other guests. Bruschetta, a popular Italian starter dish, is a good pool party snack that is easy to prepare and easier to eat. Slice a French baguette and slightly dip slices into a shallow bowl of olive oil before topping with tomatoes, basil, salt, and cheese.


Barbecue sliders

Party Snacks Barbecue Sliders

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

Hamburgers are some of the most filling party snacks. Make them easier to consume by reducing them into bite-sized pieces, aka sliders. Buy small buns or split French rolls. You can use grilled burger patty or shredded pork in barbecue sauce. Top with cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce.


Party snack mix

One of the easiest snacks you can offer guests is a party snack mix. Buy a bag of potato or wasabi chips, corn nachos, almonds and snack sticks and mix them in a party cups and bowls. You may also pour the mix into a colorful party or Japanese paper rolled into the shape of an ice cream cone.


Grilled pork and chicken skewers

Grilled Pork and Chicken Skewers

Photo courtesy of tookapic via Pixabay

What’s a pool party without some barbecue grilling on the side? Marinade pork tenderloin cuts overnight with teriyaki sauce, red wine vinegar, vegetable oil, brown sugar, vegetable oil, and red pepper flakes. Put them on skewers and grill away. Add some slices of cucumbers, pepper, and tomatoes for a healthier treat.

If you are not into pork, grill chicken instead. Marinade drumsticks in barbecue mixture or rub them with herbs such as thyme, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper, and ground cumin.


Do-it-yourself juice bar

Party Snack Do-it-yourself Juice Bar

Photo courtesy of Evite via Pinterest

It’s hot and everyone needs to cool down with an ice-cold drink. If you have 2-liter pitchers, you can mix your favorite juices and line them up in your makeshift juice bar. Use mason jars with colorful straws. And of course, don’t forget a bucket of ice cubes. You may also put some fruit slices on the bar, too.


Summer cupcakes

Party Snacks Cupcake

Photo courtesy of Cake Central via Pinterest

Satisfy sweet cravings by serving cupcake goodies. You can bake your own cupcakes or buy cupcake packs. Whip up your own icing by mixing egg whites, sugar, and food coloring. Be as creative as you can and put umbrella sticks or different edible shapes and characters on top. You may also put cherry, strawberries or blueberries for some fruity flavor.


Watermelon popsicles

To add color to the festivities, a great but easy pool party idea is serving watermelon on sticks. Slice sweet watermelon into small triangles. Using a knife, make a cut at the bottom and place a popsicle stick. It’s surely a cool way of eating watermelons minus all the mess.


Lemonade jell-o shots

Party Snacks Lemonade Jell-o Shots

Photo courtesy of TipHero via Pinterest

Lemonade and jell-o are party favorites. What if you combine them? Cut lemons in half and scoop out the insides. Squeeze the lemon juice and put it in a separate container. Make the jell-o mixture by mixing water and lemon flavor gelatin. Stir this until dissolved. Mix the lemon juice and citrus vodka with the gelatin mixture. Pour the mixture gently into the lemon halves and refrigerate until hardened. The exciting part is when you slice the lemon jell-o in half.

Throwing a summer party can be made easier and a lot more fun with these quick and easy recipes. You don’t need to have the cooking chops of Gordon Ramsay, but you can surely impress your friends and family with these bite-sized, tasty, and fun snacks.


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