Unique Mother’s Day Surprise Party Ideas

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Want to get a Mother’s Day surprise that mom will delightfully remember but feel that doing so is just downright mushy and seemingly impossible due to your certified busy schedule?

Think again! Your condo is the perfect spot to get the “best minus the stress” mother’s day party. A condo house party saves you from neither worrying about being stuck in traffic nor having to endure painfully long lines in restaurants just to show your mom that you want to make her feel special. Of course, since your home is too familiar, and may seem unfriendly for a surprise party, you need to stretch your imagination and muscles a bit to capture the mood to make your mom feel good. Ready to tick off this handy ways to surprise mother checklist?

Declutter a la Mother

Preparing your condo for a mother’s day party begins with serious yet manageable condo cleaning. If you are living with your mom, get her to run an errand that will give you enough time to down your Project Condo Clean Weekend.

Take time to consider how she wants things in the condo arranged even for a single day. Does she have a pet peeve when she sees a stack of books that are not properly arranged on the shelf? Or is she the type that gets seriously pissed off with the idea of seeing a wet bathroom floor? Once mom arrives and discovers that you’ve successfully handled her daily chores the way she wants them done, you’d surely see the instant stress off her shoulder. On top of this, you get to send her a subtle message that you are indeed capable of keeping a home in shape.

Create a Cozy “Mom and Me” Space

One of the advantages of small condos is that they are great for intimate gatherings. Capturing a themed party in a smaller space saves your money and effort in setting up the mood and will guide you better as to how to throw a party that mom will enjoy and appreciate. The trick in coming up with a theme is looking at what your mother’s interest are. Does she love good food or is she a fan of travels and little adventures? Is she a homebody or is she highly active in her social circle?

After you’ve decided on the theme, finalize the number of guests that would grace this mother’s day surprise. Doing it saves you the hassle of running low on food and drinks, while making sure that your small space would still be cozy enough, instead of feeling too cramped or crowded. Limiting your guests allows more quality time that moms never fail to appreciate even though they don’t admit it.

Be Mom’s Fairy Godmother

Mothers are natural worry-freaks since they want to make sure that all members of their home are well-fed and well taken care of. Because of this, moms tend to wear several hats at once and find themselves in knee-deep stress.

To reward them for a 24/7 job well done, be your mother’s fairy godmother this time around. Arrange a home spa party for her. You may avail of massages and even nail care services that you could enjoy with your mom right in the comfort of your condominium. The privacy that pampering sessions gives also give you and your mom the chance to update each other and talk about your whereabouts.

Mimic Mom’s Fashion Evolution

Turn your small condo to a runway cum memory lane with a mini fashion show inspired by your mom’s fashion sense back in her younger days. These will surely a quirky and nostalgic way for a mother’s day surprise idea.  This is best for those who don’t want the drama and the mushy vibe that people think of at the mention of Mother’s Day. Score fab finds in vintage shops, better yet, check her old stash of clothes and unearth fashion finds that hold stories that mom might just share with you, out of the blue.

A tip to get the best from this fashion show is to let the models walk down the condo runway while showing the guests a photo of her. Models could even imitate her pose on the photos shown. Be prepared to roar with laughter as this fashion evolution unfolds.

Write her a Meme or a Wacky-Mushy Piece

Handmade letters could go a longer and lovelier way when they are tweaked to fit the modern day twist. While poetic is undeniably magnetic, it usually translates to being overdramatic.

Memes about moms and how they make your life easier and harder at times is not only more believable; it is even easier to compose. For those whose creative expertises are doing cartwheels, a wacky-mushy piece could make mom fight back the tears as she laughs at your witty mother’s day remarks. You may even post the memes on your condo walls and make them accents of your themed party.


Host a Condo Cook-Off Challenge

Split the guests into two groups and see who can successfully copy mom’s signature dish. The best judge is no other than the woman behind the comfort food that makes the idea of going home comforting and something to look forward to. Since a good number of well-planned condos in the Philippines are built near establishments, running to the grocery for last-minute errands will not hamper the momentum of the cook-off challenge.

Remember, that not all guests know how to cook so, make sure that you have done a good deal in choosing the best condo cookware -the cook-off challengers’ weapon to get to mom’s heart through her stomach. Investing on dependable non-stick pans and other kitchen tool wonders like a decent set of knives and an energy-efficient smokeless grill or stove paves the way to friendlier cooking time.

Scrap the Bouquet, Go for Fro-quet

What’s better than a bouquet of flowers? Munching mindfully on a bouquet of fruits right after marveling at this centerpiece come meal time! Aside from getting a conversation piece, gifting mom with fresh fruits also gives her immune system a hefty boost.

For those who are into DIY, you can save on costs by making your own fro-quet. Do not forget to include your mom’s favorite fruits while checking if they are fit for your mom’s diet. Fruits in season are proven to give the body more resistance to diseases, on top of being less pricey, too.  For homes with kids who are picky eaters, you may want to include a chocolate fondue to encourage kids to give these fun-shaped fruits a nice try.

Direct the Best Mom “Around the World” Video

The Philippines has a great number of moms who work overseas to be able to provide a more comfortable home and lives for their children. OFW moms could still get their mother’s day gift with the aid of a video that is lovingly put together by her kids. If you happen to be one, why not put your smartphone to a worthwhile use?

Get family and friends to share their best loved photos with mom and take a video of them as they recount their most embarrassing moments with your mother. After this, ask them what they miss most about her. Keep the video to a maximum of 10 minutes so that mom’s full attention is on it from beginning to end. And oh, choose a song that best describes your mom, too!

Encourage Super Mom to be a Fit and Fab Momma

Since your mom is not getting any younger , you should help her face her health issues.  Be mom’s health watcher without her realizing it!  Even during mother’s day, you can get her to try yoga with you right inside your condo. Get yoga mats and set a relaxing playlist to keep the mood going. You can also burn some incense for aromatherapy.  Did you know that one can never be too young or old for yoga? Research shows that yoga does not only release stress as it makes you sleep better, gain better posture, and lose weight, too.

If mom gets suspicious, try walking around the jogging paths of your condo or take a dip in the pool. These baby steps to let your mom see that being fit can mean being fab, too!

Revisit an Old Hobby with Mommy

Unearth bonding time with mom through printing photos and tucking them inside old-school photo albums or taking time to update mom’s scrapbook.  Photos are mom’s visuals when she retells the history of the home she lovingly built.

This mother’s day, wipe off the dust of those mementos and sit together as you revive the flame of the days when your life largely depends on mom’s nod or frown. During this revisit, assure her that you love her no less, in spite spending time with her less and less.

Hug her Tighter and Longer than Usual

This condo party guide is not complete without a touch that shows you care. Before mother’s day ends, some of you might find stuck with deadlines or urgent chores that need your full attention. While we have given a round of mother’s day party tips and tricks, remember that the quickest and best way to let mom know you care, is by giving her a hug.

This time around though, make her day special by letting that hug linger as you hang on to her tighter. Moms never get tired of spending time with their kids no matter how independent they may be. In fact, the best mother’s day gifts that moms eye  boil down to seeing their children succeed in their family and work lives as they live the legacy they imparted to them.

Now, that you have the key to unlock the best mother’s day party, it’s up to you to turn your humble condo space to a party spot for your one and only, momma, mom, mother, or mommy. And yes, your very busy schedule can permit one little party that happens only once a year, too!



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