30 Innovative Ways To Get Creative At Your Condo


Everyone is born creative. Creativity is the use of your own ideas with the help of your imagination in producing work. As time goes, your ability to craft your imagination to enhance creativity likely undergoes modifications to suit the situations you encounter. Your creativity is affected by the environment you live in, as well as the resources you have in your hands. But here is the good news: you can actually find ways to enhance creativity in the comfort of your home! This good news is especially beneficial to those living in a condo in the Philippines.

Real estate in the Philippines features living in a condominium’s environment that gives you a lot of opportunities for improving your creativity. These days, a condo dweller would not have to worry so much about what he or she can possibly do to utilize his or her time.

In fact, this summer season alone gives you more time for making your creativity grow. There are lots of possible condo summer activities that can serve as your venues or media in improving your creative side. Here are some ways that can boost creativity without having to go out of your own place.

1. Commit yourself to doing daily creative activities

Just like in any other relationship, establishing a relationship with creativity needs commitment in order to make it work. Devote yourself in developing your creative abilities. Make time to improve them and accomplish the set of goals you intend to reach. Once you get your creative juices going, you can well plan out productive activities that you can do around your condo to beat the overwhelming summer heat. Take some time to maintain written entries in your journal of the summer activities you can have at your condo. Doing so would help you monitor your progress by the end of the summer season! Opt to have some play activity sessions with your kids or spend some time making handicraft works to make good use of your time. Summer is the opportune time for you to spend quality time with your children, since they are on vacation from school at this time. The creativity that you nurture when making handicraft works helps boost your brain power and intelligence.

2. Feed your mind through reading

Reading stimulates your mind. This allows you to open your mind to new knowledge, to new ideas that can possibly stimulate creativity. Start small and read a considerable chunk at a time. You need not force yourself to read chapters and chapters. You can start with reading short articles and soon have the habit of reading more and more until you’ve learned enough.

3. Science fiction helps

Science fiction helps in your creativity too. Exposing yourself to the world as it depicts itself allows you to imagine a whole new universe. Believing in something impossible is a step closer to making it possible. Learn to believe in science fiction information that may help in conceptualizing your summer activities. Never limit your imagination!

4. Express your creativity by doing some painting

Colorful paintings not only enable you to express your creative side, but also give off a serene and calming mood. When you feel alone while engaging deep thoughts in your dwelling nook, picture the colorful rainbow peaking above the sky. Picture yourself staring at it, then gather your creative thoughts and paint a rainbow customized to your unique pictured image.

5. Be open-minded

Do not be afraid to seek guidance from other people of the several and various summer activities you may opt to have.  Opinions of others can actually help you if taken in the context of improvement. Who knows? Maybe a stranger’s opinion can spark ideas you never thought you can think of.

6. Boost your mind by assembling and disassembling

When idle time comes along, and you get the urge to be creative, start your day by picking out a lego toy that belongs to your son. Disassemble the toy and figure out the puzzle of reassembling its parts. Not only will you engage yourself in doing something productive, you will also get to activate your brain cells and prevent them from being stagnant.

7. Have a good laugh

You cannot embrace creativity without adding joy to your life. Many experts believe that people who find various sources in making their meaningful are those are generally happy, know how to have a good time and how to laugh. Enjoy a dinner event with friends at the coziness of your home, while engaging in meaningful positive conversations, and never forgetting the clamor of laughter.

8. Accept the possibilities

Do not be boxed by your own thoughts only. Accept the differences of one from another. Being open to ideas involve respect for others, their ideas, and their works. This will allow you to be informed about new knowledge and even unfamiliar opinions, allowing you to think more critically and more creatively about the different perspectives of different subjects. Do not close your mind of disliking the summer season. Take time to hear out the different insights of close friends about summer, and try to internalize them.

9. Brainstorming helps

A lot of possibilities arise from brainstorming. It is, in fact, a technique used in various fields and activities. The goal of this technique is to let ideas come in. it aims to generate as many ideas as possible in a certain period of time.

10. Daydreaming can actually be helpful

Find time to go out of where you are actually in and break the walls that confine you in your own little place. Give yourself a chance to imagine and picture things that you are actually interested about and things that you intend to make happen.

11. Find companions with creative ideas to give

It is always rejuvenating to find company in people who give off unique ideas on ways to boost your creativity when you need it. It is always helpful to hear out these ideas that you would have never thought of yourself. If you have the goal to spend your free time enhancing your creativity in writing, seek out the companion of members of a reputable writing club. You would surely never miss out any creative and juicy ideas that can help strengthen your skill.

12. Generate a Comprehensive Mind Map

Creating your mind map can help you organize your ideas. This will allow you to maximize the use of your ideas. This technique allows you to make a visual material that shows your branching of ideas, from questions to answers. This can help you track the generation of your ideas.

13. Learn the benefits of joking around

Spend your free time getting your creative juices going by horsing around with family and loved ones. Be aware that it will do you no good to be serious all the time. Get creative by telling light jokes during event celebrations like birthday parties, Christmas parties, and other important family gathering events.

14. Learn the comfort of spontaneity sometimes

You do not need to follow through a fixed set of routine activities all the time. Doing so disabled you to execute your creative side. Surprise your family and loved ones by taking up a new hobby that is unexpected of you, such as playing the piano. Of course, to be good at playing the instrument, you would need to buy a piano and play it constantly at home in your free time.

15. Recycle or renovate

It will always help to maximize your resources. Learn how to use past ideas or even used objects in creating a new and improved product. This will help save the resources you need in creating your intended product. For example, if you decide to build a makeshift terrace just outside your condo, you may want to use some recycled wood that you previously used in building a border wall separating one room from another at your condo.

16. Take risks

Be willing to take risks. Whatever the result may be, positive or negative, taking risks will help you prepare for the future. Results of risk taking will back you up with experience that you can use for developing your talents and skills in the future. It is okay to be wrong at times. Fight your fear of failure and take risks instead!

17. Ignore norms and traditions – Go out of the box!

Just because everybody is doing it, does not mean you should do it. You can always go your own way and change the cycle. Be the one who thinks out of the box and who would go out of it for the sake of your own perspectives and your belief in creativity.

18. Challenge yourself

There is no doubt that improvement comes in when you start challenging yourself and going the extra mile. Do not settle for what can obviously be done. Trust your capabilities and your ability to create your own and exhibit creativity.

19. Do puzzles

Doing puzzles amidst the humid heat is a good exercise for your brain. It improves your ways in looking into a problem from different perspectives. Puzzles also improve your openness to the different approaches in solving a certain problem. It allows you to increase your creativity in different aspects.

 20. Be easy on yourself

Sometimes, frustrations about your work may come into play, but you should remember to be easy on yourself and accept the way you are. Embrace your imperfections, as well as your abilities. You are creative in your own way. Soon enough, you will find yourself exceeding the limits of your own mind. You may want to consider giving yourself some breaks in between as you run laps within your condo premises. Doing so would give your body the rest that it needs, before the summer heat dampens it.

21. Expect Less

Having no expectations save you from a lot of unnecessary stress. This stress is especially pertaining to the outcome. Do summer activities out of passion. Seek creativity for the love of it, not for anything else, and you will find the most remarkable results!

22.  Relax

Creative juices are difficult to produce when stressed. Good ideas and creativity commonly comes out when you are relaxed. You can try giving yourself some time to stare at the city lights atop your condo unit. Give your mind a time to relax and rest, so it can work better the next time you need to get back to work.

23. Carefully source out creative inspirations

You cannot also expect creativity to come to you just because you wanted it to. Make an effort in finding sources of inspiration. Find an inspiration that can help you think of fresh and fun ideas to answer the sets of questions you dare to be creative about.

 24. Meditate

Meditating amidst the stressful heat is one technique that allows your mind to be in a state of peacefulness. It allows you to find silence and calmness. This is one unique way of finding the relaxed and sound mind for the formulation of better and more creative ideas even in your own environment.

25. Listen to music

Certain songs and compositions are said to be helpful in improving one’s creativity. Many researches today venture on studying the effects of music on the ability of the brain to think. Some kinds of music actually help in enhancing the brain’s performance.

 26. Exercise

People generally feel better when they exercise. The “feel-good hormones” or the endorphins cause such kind of feeling. This will allow room for you to be more willing to engage in creativity. Extend your creativity to setting up a space at your condo where you can conduct regular exercise regimens. A minute of condo walk for example has a lot of benefits that can boost your memory and creativity.

 27. Eat healthy and try Blueberries!

Blueberries do not only taste great! Blueberries are also said to be very rich in antioxidants. It is also a good source of nutrients that allow your brain’s thinking abilities.

28. Follow your gut feeling

If your instinct tells you that you can generate creativity, follow that instinct. Never allow others to dictate to you what you can or cannot do. Only you know yourself the most. If others tell you that you will not be able to learn how to cook, do not believe them. Learn to think of ways to be an expert in your cooking craft and prove them wrong. Sort through various sources like cookbook and online materials and show them who the master chef is!

29.  Constantly practice

If you want to be great at something, you have got to practice it, constantly. You have to develop the patience in order to succeed in whatever you do, including creativity. If you would like to be good at a certain sports category, know that this does not happen overnight. You will need to exert efforts in practicing your skill in basketball, for instance, to score points against your opponents.

30. Always bear in mind that creativity welcomes improvement

Just like any other skill you develop, you should always strive to improve your creativity. Have the hunger for knowledge to have a continuous passion for creativity and improvement.

Having 30 different innovative ways to be healthy during the summer can probably be enough to convince you that you can have many condo activities that will enhance your creativity. Why don’t you start applying them to your living lifestyle today? You don’t need to go out of your way to try these fantastic ways in enhancing your creativity right in your own environment.



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