How to have a Low-Maintenance Space at Verdon Parc


Davao is that one city that Filipinos look up to in terms of development, discipline, cleanliness, and progress. Locals feel safe, businesses are growing, and development is on an upward momentum. You can of course expect property developers to take notice, and one by one, residential and commercial complexes are rising.

Among them is Verdon Parc, a 3-hectare condominium complex from quadruple-A builder DMCI Properties. The first of its four buildings, Martel, was turned over on time last January, introducing cosmopolitan condo living in Davao City. Verdon Parc exudes genuine resort-style living with finely crafted units amid a backdrop of nature’s panorama. Given the urban developments, a balance of city conveniences and vast green spaces would be a welcome treat to having a condo in Davao.

Units in Verdon Parc measures 29sqm to 72sqm, significantly bigger than the average condo size in the country. There’s space for everything you need and all it takes is strategic planning of your condo layout to ensure function without compromising style. And since condo residents are usually always on the go, low-maintenance units are preferred. Easy-to-clean kitchen, bathroom or living room would save so much time and energy. At the end of a long day, you just want to sit back and relax.

Here is an interior design guide to a low-maintenance space at Verdon Parc.


Look down and start with the floor

Low Maintenance Condo Space Start at the floor

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Floors are stepped on, spilled on, and receive all sorts of harsh treatment from residents as well as furniture. Whether concrete or hardwood, consider putting protective sealer to make your floors easier to clean. Laminate and luxury vinyl tiles are also easy to sweep or mop.

If you are contemplating on putting a carpet, limit that to the bedroom, where there is less traffic and where you can go barefoot, instead of the condo living room. But if you really insist on a carpet for the living room, it is best to consider carpet tiles instead of a wall-to-wall carpet or area rugs. If you spill on it, you can literally take them off and wash them in the sink then put them back on.

Installing a central vacuum system with sweep inlets is also a good investment if you are keen on designing quick-clean floor plans for a low-maintenance space.


Re-think your walls

If you have kids who think your walls are their canvas, you really have to re-think your walls unless you don’t mind scrubbing color markings every day. Go for high-quality paint and the right finish especially for high traffic areas. You may also want to consider vinyl wall coverings that now come in different materials and textures. They are easy to clean and they are mostly affordable.

For a minimalist condo interior design, refrain from putting up so much décor on the wall. Apart from having to dust off so many décor, a single artwork on the wall could actually make a bigger impact than a collage of photos or art that are framed carelessly.


Be strategic with storage

Low Maintenance Condo Space Strategic with

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When a space is so cluttered, it can look smaller than it really is. A key element to keeping your condo spick and span is storage, but not just any storage, it must be storage planned carefully. For a quick clean floor plan to work, storage must be placed near the area where mostly-used items are stored or tossed around. For example an ottoman that doubles as storage may be placed in the living room for kids’ toys or your other office essentials. Functional condo living room design ideas always win. A bench with storage in the entryway is also ideal for your bags, shoes, coats, and scarves upon walking in. That said, it is best to invest in multifunctional furniture to augment your home’s storage capacities.


Choose upholstery, fabrics carefully

Low Maintenance Condo Space Choose upholstery carefully

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Leather is usually the go-to material for people with children because dirt and stains would be easy to wipe-off. If that is the case, stay away from white or beige leather as they might not be resistant to stain marks.

But if you desire a space with modern condo interior design ideas and you want to go beyond leather, you totally can. Vinyl upholstery that can imitate fabric is a good choice. Speaking of fabrics, choose contract-grade fabrics that are treated to repel stain. Slipcovers are also a good way to protect your couch and dining chairs. These will make your condo chores more manageable.


Be flexible, use furniture casters

The reason open floor layouts are so popular is because it allows a certain level of flexibility. It is easier to move around. You can talk to your child playing in the living room while you are cooking in the kitchen. But you know what else can make it easier? Casters for your furniture. These will make moving things around easier and more functional. If you have a rolling bar for example, you can have wine in the kitchen or in the balcony whenever you please. At the same time, you can just roll them aside if you need to sweep or vacuum under them.


Say no to clutter

Before you buy anything, think hard if you really need it. The secret to easy-to-clean condo space planning is to make sure everything that’s in your unit deserve to be there. Every square meter counts. Keep it to the basics for a low-maintenance space. Minimalist designs never go out of style.

There are better things to do than tidy up your house every single day. Better use that extra time being productive and being with family. Easy-to-clean design ideas come in handy for condo dwellers that are always on the move.


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