I moved into Royal Palm Residences when I was around 12 years old. My mom at the time was carrying my brother, hence why we had to move so that when he comes into the world we have already prepared a space for our new addition to the family. It seemed like a lovely place to move into, the ambiance was cozy and relaxing like a beach resort because, it had so many palm trees and even two pools!

Picture of my entire village at Royal Palm

Picture of my entire village at Royal Palm

Yet despite how wonderful our new home would be I was still sad to say goodbye to my old home, it held so many wonderful memories, I had to say good bye to my friends, the people I’ve practically grown up with over the years ever since I was born, I’d surely miss the times we’d play tag or hide and seek or mess around in the playground. The moments when we’d run around the condominium units and in the evenings occasionally sneak around into secluded areas that we weren’t allowed in, that was fun. I literally shed tears when we left, my friends and I promised we’d meet up again and it did happen several times but as we all know we eventually grew apart due to the distance, thus life goes on and we have to move on with it.

When we moved in I’d hope to make the same marvelous memories from my old home here in my new home. I told myself that it’ll be okay I’ll be able to make new friends and have fun with them like I did with my old friends.

But things turned out different from what I expected, I’ve definitely made some new friends but sadly we also grew apart over time, since they were younger than me and I was nearing my teen years the gap was too big and playing kiddie games weren’t interests of mine anymore.

Soon after my brother was born, he became the youngest sibling I’ve ever had. Typically I’m the youngest among either my group of friends and even my cousins so I was always treated as someone special and as my name says it I was “their little Angel” . But then I admit because of that, I lacked maturity when I dealt with most things. Since I was nearing my teens, I didn’t want to spend any time with my brother because what would we even do? I also have no idea how to take care of kids like him.

So I pretty much ended up like every other teenager depicted on television. Always online and chatting with people, if not that watching youtube and the occasional outings with friends.

As time went by, my brother started getting a lot of attention which was to be expected since now he is the youngest. And then I realized I wasn’t the only loved one anymore. Having been an only child I had many privileges, pretty much get showered in love like crazy. I remember my mom would buy me those big Barbie doll houses with a matching pink car or a bratz styling doll with her own salon. But now all that love and attention is split and I had to share some of my things with him which I didn’t like because since he’s a toddler he’d clearly end up ruining it (you know how toddlers are, they’re interested in the items of adults like keys and phones). I’ll admit I think I was jealous at the time without even realizing it. Because I tried being patient with him but I just can’t help getting annoyed, whenever he’d approach me I’ve always acted slightly distant or cold and whenever he did something that’d upset me like use my things without permission or break something, I’d scold him even though he’s just an infant, what could he possibly know how to take care of things? He’s the one that needs taking care off!

Getting along with him didn’t seem like an option either, it was difficult to compromise with him and day by day my anger towards him increased and my patience wore thin.

At some point around the age of 15, when we moved to another home (still within the same village) my mother finally confronted me on my behavior or manner of treating my brother she said I should try harder to be a good sister to my brother because that’s my responsibility as the older sibling, to act as a guiding force and reliable or dependable loved one, something that she’s never had during her time, she and her siblings were always competing growing up whether it may be academics or chores whatever it was to prove who was the better daughter, there was always favoritism afloat in her household. The thought of that happening between my brother and I, saddened her, she told me that she really hopes and prays each day that we’d establish a strong bond of camaraderie like inseparable best friends who’ll always be there for each other in times of desperate need. And she assured me that she loves my brother and I equally so that also gave me a little confidence boost, I really needed it considering how neglected I’ve felt.

View from my high-rise balcony

View from my high-rise balcony

So I tried twice as hard this time. To be honest it really tested my patience, I’m not exactly a very good older sister figure, almost 10 years of being an only child and suddenly responsibilities comes my way. Most of the time I have to catch myself before I got mad, sometimes I even go to the balcony of our high rise to calm myself and catch a breather (by the way the breeze and view is breathtaking on our floor) and I had to develop patience and maturity to explain certain things to him whenever he broke something or had trivial questions about life and such.

And eventually over time and with tons of practice, I was able to do it. I was able to care for him like how my mom had cared for me. And I learned to really love and value him. He’s actually really sweet, one time when I hurt my foot with the door he got me ice to heal it with and another time when I was just sitting down watching the television he got me snacks to eat.
And sooner than you know it we were doing sibling-bonding activities, we’d go to the basketball court and play basketball. Or if sometimes it’s too hot or I’m tired I’d just watch him. I’m not a fan of basketball but hey it could probably help me gain a few inches even if I’m already in my teens.
We’d also go biking downstairs if possible, sometimes in the basketball court or in the basement. It’s kinda difficult to bike on the main road even though there are hardly any cars because of the little bumps on them. And considering my brother and I weren’t prodigies in biking.

My brother biking

My brother biking

Overtime as I’ve spent time with my brother we gradually grew closer and now we’re pretty much the best of friends. These days ever since summer ended, school has kept us busy. But I now help him with his homework, if there’s a little extra time we’d play snakes and ladders. On the weekends, I occasionally cook him breakfast.

A picture on our coach before we left the house for a family even

A picture on our coach before we left the house for a family even

Nowadays everyday is a good day with him. I hope that we’d be as close as this when we grow up and I know we’ll always be there for eachother in times of need. He now holds a special place in my heart, he’s my best friend for life, my home sweet home and my little Angel.


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