Laundry Strategies that Work During Rainy Days

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Cecilia Yap, Joel Guinto and Clarissa Batino cited in an article in Bloomberg that on July 2014, typhoon Rammasun killed 6 people in Manila. Rammasun was the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year. Experts predicted the Philippines may deal with approximately 10 typhoons within the third quarter of 2014.

Undoubtedly, the rainy season is in the Philippines once again. Preparing your condo for rainy days is imminently necessary to stay safe. However, along with this importance, have you ever given thought on managing your laundry the right way as the rain battered on outside your condo?

Save yourself from headaches and struggles. Make use of smart, but practical condo laundry tips that will surely leave your clothes clean, and smelling great!

Remove Mud Stains Immediately

It’s not surprising to find yourself walking through piles of mud on the streets during and after it rains. Don’t wait until later to remove mud stains from your clothes when you get home. If you leave the stains too long, you may find it difficult to get rid of them. Change into clean clothes immediately. Use an eco-friendly stain removal such as a club soda, lemon or calamansi juice to get the stains out your clothes. Soak your clothes in the solution and leave it overnight before rinsing it the next day. This process may, at least,  take a day to complete. You can buy an eco-friendly stain removal at a reasonable price, though. Plus, this green friendly material will let you maximize living a sustainable lifestyle.

Freeze the Odors

Veer away from those basic laundry tips! Of course, your denim jeans can’t help but smell if you’ve just walked through floods. Flood odors may take some time to fade. These odors will leave you bummed out if you’ve got a date later on in the evening. To quickly minimize flood odors, store your jeans in the freezer. This will only temporarily eliminate odors from your jeans. But, it will do a lot of good by making the nasty smell almost invisible to the one you’re trying to impress!

Avoid Odor Spread

Creatively tweak the laundry odor tips you have available. If your damp clothes smell bad after you’ve been out in the rain, don’t make matters worse by mixing them with your undies. Put your undies in a pillowcase before placing them in the laundry basket together with your wet clothes. Bad odor from rain spreads quickly. Once the odor spreads to your undies, it may be hard to remove.

Cold Water Works Best

Don’t forget laundry tips that work for large families. If you’ve got a huge household, bleeding clothes especially becomes frequent during the rainy days. Group clothes accordingly before washing. When clothes become damp from the rain, bleeding red or orange clothes does occur a lot. If you wash plenty of clothes at once in the basin using warm water, the other clothes will stain from the bleeding.

Cold water minimizes the risk of clothes bleeding. Remember, Rodale News stated that the Department of Energy indicated 90% of the energy from a top loader used for doing laundry mostly heats the water.

Wash Dark Clothes Thoroughly

Condo tips for rainy days won’t be complete without meticulous laundering tasks. It is particularly difficult to spot tiny mud stains on dark clothes. For better care, wash black clothes inside and out to remove all tiny mud stains in them. Wearing unclean clothes is the last thing you’ll want to do.

Dry Clothes in a Shaded Condo Terrace

Take advantage of the benefits of a condo living.  Avoid getting your clothes even more wet when it rains. Hang your clothes on a contraption in your shaded condo terrace to make them dry outdoor, even when it’s raining. Don’t hang your clothes inside your condo after washing them. The enclosed indoor space will just make your wet clothes smell musty.

The Benefits of Cleaning Products

There is no easier way to buy cleaning products than if you were living in a condo. Supermarkets are just a few walks away from most condos in the metro.

Cleaning products help eliminate stinky odors that floods produce. If you’re going to use a washing machine, add about ¼ of your favorite cleaning product on your wash load. Don’t forget to add a little fabric softener after you run that particular load. Fabric softener adds a desirable scent on your clothes.

Fabric Softener for Your Socks

There’s no better way to spend your time in your condo during rainy days than working on the most important thing-socks laundry. Your socks get soiled the most when it rains. Avoid ruining them. When washing, put fabric softener to retain their high texture quality even after you walked through floods and mud.

Quick Dry Using an Electric Fan

Laundry tips and tricks don’t have to be complicated to be effective. If you run out of clean clothes to wear during rainy days, use an electric fan to dry your clothes. Dry your clothes in front of a fan only if your clothes aren’t dry yet the second day since you did your laundry. Squeeze out the excessive water from your clothes in a large towel before drying them in front of a fan.

The Trouble with Hard-To-Dry Towel

You need to make an effort to find ways to take care of your towel laundry during rainy days. Towels are the most difficult laundry to dry when the sun is not shining. Avoid making damp towels smell musty by putting in lots of detergent when washing them. Towels used that smell bad can cause skin irritations.

Nothing should stop you from having the best laundry experience all year round. Consider these tips on your laundry during rainy season to make your experience with clothes a pleasant one. Your clothes defines your identity. Caring for them the right way lets you produce a lasting positive public image.

As a DMCI Homes resident, you deserve the best in condo living, even if it means doing your laundry on a rainy day!



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