Small Business Ideas That Your Little Ones Can Do This Summer

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Summer is here! One of the things you can do this summer is to have your kids run a small business. Not only will they learn the value of hard work, but they would also know that to earn money, you will need to spend time and effort. Here are some kid-friendly business ideas that you can do for the summer:

Start a lemonade stand

lemonade stand stallPhoto courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

A classic idea for a kid summer business is a lemonade stand. With the scorching heat, a cool refreshment is not a bad idea. You don’t have to build a complicated lemonade stand or buy automatic juicing machines to start. A simple table and a hand juicer are more than enough to start a lemonade stand. Making and selling lemonade and other kinds of juices is an easy way to teach kids how to start and manage their own business. Set up a stand, help your kids prepare the lemonade and have your little ones pour it on cups and manage the payments.

Selling baked goods

baking christmas decorate gingerbreadPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

One popular kid business that can make money is by selling baked goods such as cookies, brownies, and even cupcakes. Make cookie dough from scratch and bake them together. Have your little one sell the baked goods from door to door in your DMCI Homes condominium or have a mini baked good stand on your floor or just in the lobby. If you plan on setting up a small stall at the lobby of your condo, be sure to get the necessary permission from the admin so you don’t inconvenience other residents.

Make DIY accessories

arts and crafts assorted beadsPhoto courtesy of Kim van Vuuren via Pexels

Another great idea on how kids can start their own business is by creating accessories like bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and even earrings. Kids have a wild imagination and often come up with uniquely designed accessories that adults find endearing and adorable, making them highly sellable. That is why making and selling DIY accessories is among the most popular summer business ideas for kids. It not only instills the concept of entrepreneurship but also teaches that creativity and imagination are very important and critical in business.

Sell original artwork

kids artworkPhoto courtesy of Ambush000 via Pixabay

One more small business idea that leverages on the creativity of your little one is having them sell their original work. Let them have their fun with color and have them do the coloring, painting, and designing. Kids usually come up with cute paintings that can sell easily, making it one of the kid businesses that make money. Who knows? This can be the start of an artistic career for your kid in the future.

Open a garage sale

adult books commerce garage salePhoto courtesy of Clem Onojeghuo via Pexels

An easy kid-friendly business idea is holding a garage sale of all their old toys or even your old household items. This means decluttering your home by selling books, clothes, and toys that are no longer used. To help kids learn about the need to let go of belongings that they do not use anymore, it is a good idea to involve them in your garage sale, allowing them to sell their own stuff themselves.

Stage a puppet show

frog puppet showPhoto courtesy of Photosforyou via Pixabay

Puppet shows are adored by the kids and can also be done by a kid or even a whole group of kid performers. These shows make for one of the most rewarding family entertainment business ideas for the summer. Let them stage their favorite movie or children’s book and just help them create the background and props for the show. Once ready, invite all your friends and neighbors over for a show.

Sell candies and chocolates

Fruit CandiesPhoto courtesy of Ylanite Koppens

Merchandise that can quickly sell is candies and chocolates, especially with an adorable kid doing the selling. You can either buy your treats or even better make them with your children to teach them some cooking and baking skills. If you choose to make your candies or chocolates, your kid can help out in decorating your goods as well. If you plan on making these treats from scratch, you can easily find recipes for hard candies and even chocolate truffles.


two kids teachingPhoto courtesy of Klimkin via Pixabay

For academically gifted kids, they can offer tutoring services to their friends. What’s good in doing a summer tutorial business is that your child can connect to someone their age much faster. It reinforces what your child has learned 1in school, and they can also teach others along the way. Your little one would also be able to use language that his or her friend can understand better. That’s what makes tutoring a kid-friendly business idea for the summer. But be sure to be there when the teaching begins to correct any mistakes your child might be making. If you see that the kids do not have the motivation to learn, you can give them rewards such as treats at the end of every lesson or when they complete different exercises. This can will reinforce the idea that there’s a reward for studying and doing well at them.

Car cleaning services

car carwash cleaning servicesPhoto courtesy of Kaboompics via Pexels

Perhaps a bit serious business that kids can join in over the summer is helping clean cars. Of course, your little ones won’t be able to reach the high areas, but they can at least assist in the lower parts of the car.

Gardening Services

kids watering plantsPhoto courtesy of 9lnw via Pixabay

You can help your child to create a gardening business, Simple tasks such as watering plants and pulling out weeds at other peoples yards and gardens can easily be done by children. Be sure that you are there when they start their gardening tasks so they don’t damage any plants or flowers along the way. Gardening can teach them that not every job has to be inside an office or making and selling products.

What to keep in mind when starting a kid-friendly business

Having your little one start a small business this summer is indeed a great idea to help your kids become a responsible adult one day. But before you let your child start a business, make sure that you keep in mind the following reminders:

  • Carefully guide your kid

While it is a good idea to generally let your kids make the decisions on their own business, it is still best that you guide them along the way. This is especially true for matters that may or can pose a danger to them. Make sure that you are alongside them at all times.

  • Seek the necessary permissions

If you are living in a condominium, there would be limitations on how you execute these kid-friendly business ideas. It is always advisable to get the necessary permissions first such as that from the condo’s admin before starting any business.

  • Encourage your child

To help your child pull off his or her own business, encourage them. In times when they are not making a lot of money, tell them that not every day would he or she get a lot of sales. Provide encouraging gestures so that he or she won’t give up on the business.

  • Reward your child

To help the learnings from this experience stay, you must provide positive reinforcement for your child. His or her experience with any of these summer business ideas can help shape his outlook in life, and of course his personality development. Show them that working hard pays so that when your child grows, he or she will grow to be a well-rounded individual.

These kid-friendly business ideas are not just creative learning experiences; they are most importantly fun.  Help your child set up his or her own business so that it can be executed smoothly and effectively. Let your child learn more about life by starting a business. In addition, make the kid understand that having a business of his own is a rewarding experience so that he may consider this as a career option in the future.


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