The Top 5 Ways to Combat Summer Procrastination


Summer is a time that is usually spent for vacation. Companies are holding summer outings and team-building activities; families are planning summer outings and reunions. You might feel what is referred to as summer procrastination – the feeling of not being very productive because of the season and all the happenings around you.

If you’re looking for ways to overcome procrastination then this guide can help you out. Here are 5 ways to stop procrastinating so you can be productive this summer.

Set a summer goal

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One of the most effective anti-procrastination strategies is setting an achievable goal for the season. This is applicable any time of the year and for whatever reason you have. By coming up with your personal goal for the summer, you will find the motivation to be productive despite the hot weather.

Everyone has an idea of what they really want to do and shaping your goals to what motivates you will allow you to invest time and effort on that goal.

When setting your summer goal, keep in mind the things that you want to do: Do you want to start a summer reading activity? Or do you want to go on a personal getaway? Schedule your activities accordingly and make sure that these activities are allotted the right amount of time.

Committing to a summer goal will help you get to your destination point.

Start a summer routine

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The most difficult part of starting a routine is the beginning. Sometimes, jumping into a routine plan and fully committing to it might be too difficult. Try it little by little and you will start to notice yourself adapting and making even bigger progress.

From these small steps, you will inch closer and closer to your summer goal. Keep doing these little habits until it becomes part of your routine. Before you know it, you’ll stop feeling bothered by bigger tasks.

If your goal this summer is to finish a book, commit to reading 10 pages a day. You’ll end up finishing the book in about a week! Wanna learn how to play a certain instrument? Watch some short tutorial videos or enroll in a few classes. The key is to take baby steps before making bigger steps until they become part of the routine you’ll stick to this summer.

Use the power of positive reinforcement

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Another way to stop procrastinating is to utilize the power of positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement means rewarding yourself whenever you accomplish a task or meet a specific goal. To pull this off, you will need to identify what rewards you consider special. Otherwise, your rewards won’t be enough. It is essential to choose rewards that will really excite you and push you to make an extra effort in completing your tasks.

You can treat yourself to a shopping free or a trip to your favorite restaurant! You can go on a trip or buy a book you’ve always wanted to read! It’s easy to list down the things we want, but it’s important to set it as a reward for yourself every time you do something productive. With positive reinforcement, you can bring out your most productive self this summer.

Start something new

Another way to fight procrastination is starting on a clean slate. There’s always excitement that comes with doing or reading something new. That is why it’s one of the most effective anti-procrastination strategies. So why not try something new this summer?

While there are many summer activities for kids, there are also a lot of options for you. Consider learning a new language or a new skill! Try something that you have never done before. Who knows, maybe you can master this new hobby in just a few months!

Set slow days

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One of the best ways to counter procrastination is to set aside some time for breaks. This will help you avoid the pressure of having to accomplish all the tasks that you have to do.

To some, it’s counterintuitive to rest if you want to overcome procrastination. But, setting slow days is an effective anti-procrastination strategy because it also serves as a reward.

When you don’t push yourself too hard and take breaks, you’ll have the right amount of energy, and the right mindset to be productive.

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This summer can really invite days of procrastination. To some, that just means having certain days to be slower than usual, and that’s fine. But to some, summer procrastination can lead to serious consequences. It’s best to implement anti-procrastination strategies and encourage productivity despite the excruciating weather.

Try the tips mentioned and see how easy it is to be productive when you employ these strategies.


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