Quality Time Through 10 Indoor Recreational Activities


With how busy things get we lose sight of what is naturally important to us. Our day-to-day activities and responsibilities can take away time from our loved ones and families which can be the cause of the collapse in our overall well-being.

Physical and mental stress could be the result of academic pressures and societal obligations. This is why in this article, we aim to highlight the many ways students can spend time with their families without having to leave the comforts of their own condo.

Why should you do recreational activities at home?

Doing these activities in a safe family environment will help strengthen your bond and relationship with every member, but also help you to relax and destress, practice work-life balance, develop various skills depending on the activity, and share new memories and experiences with your family.

Indoor Recreational Activities for Students

Indoor activities will not only help mentally, but depending on what you plan to do, it will help improve your physical fitness. With all these benefits, here are some fun indoor recreational activities for students that they can do with their families:

  1. Set a schedule for a weekly movie night
  2. Dust off your board and card games
  3. Set up an indoor treasure hunt in the condo community
  4. Arrange a family talent show
  5. Spend an afternoon doing practical science experiments
  6. Dedicate an arts and crafts day
  7. Organize a cooking and baking activity on weekends
  8. Set up a family reading time or book club
  9. Play charades of easy to difficult words and actions
  10. Start an indoor dance party

Learn more about how to do and incorporate these activities in your routine for a healthier work or study-life balance.

1. Set a schedule for a weekly movie night

man and woman sitting on a couch in front of a televisionPhoto courtesy of cottonbro studio via Pexels

This one is easy to set up, with different series and movie streaming applications made available in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Despite it being easy to do, the key factor is the consistency of the family to dedicate time and pull through with this indoor activity. Habits are done through consistent practice, so carving time out of the week to do this is already a challenge.

Though simple, you can make this fun indoor activity more interesting by preparing a themed dining experience by eating snacks or food that is seen or inspired by the movie, or even dressing up according to the theme!

2. Dust off your board and card games

miniature toy car on monopoly board gamePhoto courtesy of Suzy Hazelwood via Pexels

Go back to the roots of indoor games with classic offline games!

Board and card games are both fun and educational as often time these types of games help develop one’s critical thinking, young or old. Depending on the type of game, this activity involves a bit of mental exercise and gets everyone in a competitive spirit.

Some of the most popular board games that are making a comeback are Monopoly, Clue, and Game of Life. Although there are a lot more, these allow players to demonstrate their critical thinking skills in order to get ahead of the other players. This is an exciting indoor activity game especially when you have competitive family members.

3. Set up an indoor treasure hunt in the condo community

Who says condo living is limited to your condo unit? Expand your activities within the condo community!

This could be one of the best indoor activities to get your kids to exercise as it involves a lot of movement. Depending on how extensive the planning is, this could be a fun whole-day affair for everyone.

It’s a simple activity that could get everyone moving and depending on how complex the treasure hunt the participants are able to develop their critical thinking skills along the way. Make this a family affair and invite some extended family over to do this with!

4. Arrange a family talent show

Make use of each member’s hobbies or interests and arrange a show where everyone can show off their talents!

Have a family member who may have a knack for the arts? Have them do a live painting or art show! Do your kids love singing and dancing to their favorite songs? Encourage them to practice performance and show it to the family! If they’re a bit shy with a live audience, then that’s nothing technology and cameras can’t fix— just set up a video call and you’re good to go.

Create a lasting memory by recording all the performances so that you all have something to look back to. If you want to take it up a notch and host a mini competition and have other relatives or friends vote.

5. Spend an afternoon doing practical science experiments

glasses with colorful liquids and chemical processesPhoto courtesy of Dominika Roseclay via Pexels

This may be one of the best indoor recreational activities that you could do. If you want to have a learning experience, look up cool science experiments and do them with your family! Reignite your interests in the different facets of science.

There are a lot of easy science experiments that one can do at home with materials that you could find within your dwelling. If you want to learn with your entire family this could be a really good teaching and bonding experience for everyone.

6. Dedicate an arts and crafts day

children doing craftingPhoto courtesy of Vanessa Loring via Pexels

If you like to make something or you’re inclined to the arts then this may be the perfect bonding moment for the whole family!

Spend the morning outside the condo community, and pick up potential art materials to make arts and crafts with household items! For example, collect stones of different shapes and sizes, paint them with your favorite colors, and create a makeshift mosaic. This activity can also be used to relax and connect more deeply with your kids while discussing topics like colors, textures, feelings, or nature.

You can also create mandalas using flowers, twigs, or leaves found outside. Mandalas are typically circular designs composed of patterns and symbols that represent the Universe. They are used for meditation and to promote healing, creativity, balance, and positive energy. Creating them helps us cultivate inner peace by connecting with our environment and encouraging spiritual painting using nature as our canvas.

Furthermore, it is also a great way to express creativity and make something memorable. Plus, you can share the finished product with friends and family members that won’t be able to join you on your adventure!
No matter what materials you choose and how you use them, the goal is to appreciate nature’s beauty in a new light and have fun and make memories with your family.

7. Organize a cooking and baking activity on weekends

woman in blue crew neck t-shirt holding stainless steel bowlPhoto courtesy of cottonbro studio via Pexels

Nothing brings families together than baking or cooking together— then of course eating it afterward!

You can teach the kids how to make their favorite meals, try new and healthy recipes, or just go all out by making it more memorable by replicating famous recipes found in movies or television shows.

Just look up the recipe online and buy the ingredients you need to cook and bake those meals while having a great time. In the end, it will be a memorable experience as you’ll be rewarded by eating the food that you’ve prepared.

8. Set up a family reading time or book club

photograph of a family looking at a photo albumPhoto courtesy of cottonbro studio via Pexels

This activity is rooted in family movie nights, just less screen time and more reading to serve as a good bonding moment with your kids.

A member of your family can read a portion of a book or you all could share insights of books you’ve read. This could be a memorable experience as storytelling is a good way to encourage one’s imagination. This indoor activity could also become a point of discussion to see where your interests lie at the same time to get the rest of the family interested in reading as well.

9. Play charades of easy to difficult words and actions

boy acting out charade word while playing with friends and familyPhoto courtesy of Askar Abayev via Pexels

This is one of the most classic indoor activities games that you can play with your family. Each of you can guess different things based on different categories like your kid’s or your whole family’s favorite book, movies, characters, and so on.

Have fun bonding with one another as you act out certain answers allowing the other person to guess them. This is a great way to get the whole family involved, even those who may be shy! You could also lead by making it more challenging by giving clues or hints to the players to make it easier for them

Let your imagination run wild as you attempt to act in different scenarios in order for the other person to get the answer correctly. Get creative and laugh out loud to be relieved of the stress and pressures.

10. Start an indoor dance party

father and daughter playing in a meadowPhoto courtesy of Josh Willink via Pexels

Dance parties can be done anywhere and anytime. This is a fun experience that could cheer up any family member. Music and creativity are all that one needs in order to be able to do this.

This activity elicits a lot of fun and laughter and for a few moments can take away stress and sadness. This is a fun bonding activity that surely a lot of the members of the family will get to enjoy even within the comfort of their own homes.

Space doesn’t dictate how much fun you can have

There are many more fun indoor activities that you can do apart from these ten activities. What is important is that you do these activities in an environment that is safe and secure condo community to better enjoy the time spent with one another. It is important to always remember the purpose of why you’re doing these activities and to wholeheartedly devote your time to doing them.

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