11 Community-Building Initiatives You Can Try At Fairway Terraces

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“Bayanihan” is a uniquely Filipino concept deeply ingrained in Filipino sensibilities. It is a term used to refer to “the spirit of communal unity and cooperation.” Over the years, bayanihan has taken different forms, yet the essence of community building remains. Filipinos have shown this to the world during recent natural calamities where unity and cooperation became sources of collective strength.

In our ordinary lives, the spirit of bayanihan can be nurtured by incorporating it into our modern lifestyle. There’s a long list of community activities that can be both meaningful and fun. Here are recommended community building activities for the condo.


Why you should build relationships within the community?

build relationship within community

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The benefits of building relationships outside our homes go beyond expanding one’s network. According to Harvard Medical School, strong social connections influence our long-term health in various ways. One study suggests that people lacking in social relationships have a 50% higher risk of premature death from all causes than those who connect with others. Scientists say that healthful social connections significantly relieve stress, helping boost one’s physical and mental well-being.


Start a yoga group

Condo living in the Philippines is increasingly becoming synonymous to a healthy lifestyle. In Fairway Terraces, the owners are tenants who have access to well-equipped lifestyle amenities such as a fitness gym, a lap pool, and an open lawn. Exercising is more fun with company. You can start a yoga group that can meet after work in the gym or open lawn. This is better than paying a per-session fee as your group can pitch in for the services of a professional yoga instructor. As everyone’s just starting out, you can even opt to follow basic poses over Youtube—if there’s anything to learn from yoga, it’s not to rush!


Release your inner bookworm

release your inner bookworm

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If there is one activity that never goes out of style, it’s reading books. This is also an effective method to relieve stress. You will be surprised that despite the availability of online movies, mobile apps, and other high-tech leisure options, many people are still into paperbacks. Why not have a book readers’ circle with your neighbors? You can have a monthly tea party in the lounge area or on the roof deck.


Encourage your kids to play under the sun

encourage your kids

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Many parents are lamenting that their kids no longer get out of the house as they used to in their days. Children would rather stay indoors to play computer games or browse social media sites than play under the sun. This is detrimental to their physical and mental well-being. Let your kids enjoy the lifestyle amenities in your condo community by organizing games on weekends. Invite other children in the community and make this a regular affair.


Gather your Mom Squad

gather your mom squad

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It is said that the toughest job in the world is to be a stay-home mother. You work full-time, without pay, vacation or retirement. It is, of course, also the most important role a woman would ever take. Create a social circle in your condo community with other moms who understand your challenges and aspirations. Not only do you get the chance to socialize, you can also give and receive support from others other than your family.


Annual Picnic Day

annual picnic day

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The best community building activities are those that involve families. Organize an annual picnic participated by families in your condo community. You can seek assistance from DMCI staff on how to go about such large activity on the picnic grove. Solicit ideas from your neighbors on games, refreshments, and other details of this annual event.


Financial Literacy Day

financial literacy day

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Do you know that the Philippines has one of the lowest household savings rate in the world? Although the income level in urban areas are improving, the financial condition of households is not reflecting the same growth. Experts blame this on the lack of financial management education. Set up a meeting with your neighbors and propose to organize a Financial Literacy Day for families. You can coordinate with banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and financial advisors. These parties would be more than glad to provide lectures for free.


Business Networking Night

business networking night

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Many city-dwellers, whether they live in condos or villages, rarely engage in community-building activities. It can be due to their hectic schedule and the common perception that such gatherings are purely social. How do you engage career-focused tenants? Spearhead a Business Networking Night. You can have a speed dating-style event where participants are rotated to meet each other in five-minute “dates.”

You can hold this event in the lounge area or on the landscaped gardens for a beautiful view of the Metro Manila skyline. Who knows? Perhaps a lifetime friendship can bloom from a business proposal.


Sportsfest for teens and adults

sportfest for teen and adult

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Put modern bayanihan into action by organizing a sports fest in your condo community. In Fairway Terraces, you can have water games in the lap pool or volleyball in the open lawn. Get creative. You can have a survey among interested participants on the sports events they would love to join. Don’t be surprised if teens choose the game room as the venue of their sports competition.


Trick or Treats!

trick or treat

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Halloween is just around the corner. Although this annual celebration is of Western influence, Filipinos have been joining the fun over the years. Halloween coincides with a national holiday, November 1, which is usually stretched to a long weekend. This is a grand opportunity to build social connections with your neighbors. Dial up your neighbors and start brainstorming for this year’s Halloween Party!


Share the yuletide spirit

share the yuletide spirit

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In the Philippines, Christmas is a special season for families and friends. Make this a chance to strengthen community belongingness by having a meaningful Christmas party in your condo. The lounge area or the open lawn are perfect venues for this event. Invite members of the community—the owners, tenants, and DMCI staff. You have more than two months to prepare. Better start planning today!

Condo living is the future of Filipino living. People are realizing the cost-efficiency, comfort, and convenience that condo communities offer. Amid the modernity of a condo lifestyle, there are customs and traditions that stick to Filipinos—bayanihan is one of them.


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