How to Talk to Your Condo Neighbor for the First Time

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A good relationship among neighbors makes any community a better place, especially if you live in a condo. Your neighbors are the people you see most often when you step out of your unit and when you go around the condo premises. Aside from filling your day with good vibes, friendly neighbors who look out for one another make condo living much safer. Such good people will alert you if something is amiss like a tampered door or if your child gets lost in the condo premises.

According to HSBC’s 2011 survey, the Philippines is the world’s second best place to make friends. So go ahead and have a friendly chitchat with your neighbor. Whether you have just moved in or you simply want to get to know your neighbors better, here are tips on how to talk to your condo neighbor for the first time.


1. Be a Responsible Condo Dweller

Start on the right note and be a responsible condo resident. Aside from the fact that you have to comply with the condo rules, you would never want to be known in your condo community as the noisy and inconsiderate neighbor, right? Worse, your ways could lead to an ugly confrontation. Avoid bearing the brunt of your neighbors. Follow the garbage collection schedule. Be sensitive enough to limit your noise level. Respect parking spaces. If you have a pet, look after your cat or dog.


2. Invite Them to a Meal in Your Unit

It is a well-known fact that we Filipinos love to eat. Couple that with our enthusiasm for bonding over good food and you have the perfect recipe to get to know your neighbors better. This June, why not prepare Filipino meals and invite them over? Aside from stocking up on kitchen must-haves for your condo, a good host has plenty of tricks up their sleeve to entertain guests. Bake pastries inspired by the Philippine flag. Have a Filipino movie marathon. Hold exciting games. Be inspired to try fun things in your condo.


3. Walk Your Dog

Called a man’s best friend, your furry friend can help you gain another friend. Take your pet to your condo’s common grounds for a walk and prepare to be approached by your neighbors, especially fellow animal lovers. However, as a responsible pet owner, make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and you are prepared to clean up if your pet makes a mess.


4. Don’t Be Afraid to Initiate Small Talk

Are you intimidated by your neighbors? Are you afraid to appear as someone trying too hard? Or are you simply someone who can relate to that socially awkward penguin meme? It is time to stop doubting yourself. Go ahead and introduce yourself. Be prepared with a handful of topics for small talk. It could be about the weather, the current events or the facilities in your condo.


5. A Friendly Smile Will Do Wonders

Never ever underestimate what a simple smile can do. If you are too shy to make the first move, at least give your neighbors a polite smile and a nod each time you meet them in the elevator and in the hallways. Your positivity will rub off on them and they will likely return your gestures. This amicable exchange will boost your confidence. Who knows? You may win a new friend by eventually starting a conversation.


6. Attend Condo Associations Meetings

Living in a condo means you are now part of a community that you need to take an active part in. After all, it is one of your rights and responsibilities as a condo resident to know the relevant updates in your condo community. Aside from providing an excellent venue for residents to voice out concerns, these meetings bring neighbors together. Check the schedule of the meetings and look forward to interact with your fellow condo dwellers.


7. Know How to Handle Conflicts, If Any

If the primary reason you want to talk to your neighbor is to call their attention to their not-so-pleasant conduct, you need to brush up on conflict management. Doing so will not only prevent a disastrous confrontation, but it can also give you and your neighbor a chance to be friends. Start off by talking to them in a calm and polite manner. Tell them your concern, but also be open to hear their side. Hopefully, this will settle the issue so you can move forward. However, in case the problem is not resolved, take the appropriate course of action in handling neighbor issues.


8. Do Something to Help Someone

Condo living in the Philippines goes well with the Filipinos’ bayanihan spirit or that willingness to help their fellow Filipinos. With the condo premises enclosing condo dwellers together, who else is going to help you but your neighbor? Help someone carry their bags of groceries. Assist an elderly to the elevator. Bring a lost item to the Lost and Found booth. Found a lost child crying all by himself? Take the kid to the receptionist so they can alert the parents.


9. Spend More Time Outside of Your Condo Unit

One obvious step to jumpstart conversations with your neighbors is to see them and to be seen. This simply means that you need to avoid spending way too much time holed up in your condo unit. Explore your condo’s facilities and amenities. Hang out in the leisure park. Open yourself up to social interactions with them.


10. Spread Only Good Vibes

Aside from noisy and unruly neighbors, no one likes to spend time with energy vampires. These people seem to convert all the positive energy in the world into dark clouds of pessimism. Avoid being one of those people. As much as possible, avoid going on a rant galore or worse, on a crying episode. And as much as gossiping is a tempting thing to do, hold your tongue the moment you catch yourself going down that path.

Instead, put your optimistic thinking cap on especially when you step out of your condo unit. Notice the good in everyone and in everything. It may be difficult to put on a show on days when you really do not feel happy, but at the very least, do not drag other people into your quicksand of negativity. Rather, ask them questions about their day or listen to their anecdotes and your mood may lighten up due to this social interaction.

Use these tips to break the ice and to talk to your condo neighbor. Condo living in DMCI Homes is definitely a whole lot better when you are surrounded with friendly neighbors whom you can turn to.


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