Illumina Residences Manila Celebrates Opening and Blessing of New Drop-Off Area

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The introduction of the community’s newest amenity aims to elevate resident convenience and security.


MANILA – Residents of Illumina Residences Manila came together on October 7, 2023 to witness the grand opening and blessing of a long-anticipated addition to their community—an all-new drop-off area. The event, a testament to the commitment of the Property Management Office (PMO) to enhance resident experiences, was met with great enthusiasm.

To commemorate the grand opening and blessing of Illumina Residences Manila’s new drop-off area, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place. The PMO staff and residents gathered for this significant moment.


The drop-off area had remained closed since the outbreak of the pandemic, adhering to safety protocols. However, in response to numerous requests from residents to reopen this essential amenity, the PMO initiated the rehabilitation of the canopy to ensure it met the highest standards before its reopening.

The event continued with the blessing of the rest of the community, allowing residents and guests to explore its features and experience the convenience it brings.


The advantages of the new drop-off area were immediately apparent. By providing a designated area for residents and their guests to disembark, it eliminates the need to navigate through the basement parking. This not only simplifies the arrival process but also creates a memorable first impression as the beauty of the lobby area becomes the first sight to welcome all.

One of the key features that the PMO is keen to highlight is the well-maintained landscape area that surrounds the drop-off location. “This addition sets the tone for the entire Illumina Residences Manila community,” said Ruby Ana Policarpio, Illumina Residences Manila’s Property Manager, “and an eye-catching water fountain further adds to the charm, offering a captivating welcome as residents and guests arrive.”

The convenience and security provided by the new drop-off area extend beyond aesthetics. Instead of vehicles proceeding directly to the basement parking, residents and visitors can now drop off passengers at this location, contributing to a safer and more efficient traffic flow. The reduced access to the basement parking area serves as an additional layer of security by deterring unauthorized access.

To maintain the efficiency of the drop-off area, a set of guidelines and instructions will be implemented. Signage will be strategically placed to indicate areas where parking is prohibited, ensuring smooth traffic flow. Additionally, a maximum drop-off time of 5 minutes will be enforced to keep operations streamlined.

The presence of all the PMO staff and residents involved underscored their commitment to creating a better living experience for the Illumina Residences Manila community.

“As for the future, residents can look forward to more exciting improvements within the community. The PMO has ambitious plans to rehabilitate the viewing deck area and further enhance the landscape, contributing to an even more inviting and enjoyable living environment for all,” Policarpio shared.

The grand opening and blessing of the new drop-off area at Illumina Residences Manila signifies a significant step in the community’s ongoing commitment to providing residents with added convenience and safety. As the community continues to evolve, there is a promise of more exciting projects and enhancements on the horizon, ensuring Illumina Residences Manila remains a wonderful place to call home.


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