10 Tips On How To Organize A Smashing Halloween Party

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Halloween, though of pagan origin, is observed in this religious country. It’s believed that this event came from ancient Celtic tradition of appeasing the returning spirit of the dead through festivities. Today, people across more than 30 countries put on costumes of mythical characters, ghouls, and others known to bring about fright, on October 31st. Organize a halloween party in your condo community with these 10 tips on how to organize an event everyone will remember for a while.


#1: Identify your purpose

Condo Halloween Party Identify your Purpose

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A halloween party sure is fun, but is that all there’s to it? It’s imperative for an event organizer to set his/her objectives so she/he can better plan a social gathering. Is the party a fundraising event, a marketing campaign, or both? It can be an opportunity for the condo homeowners association to let the DMCI community know of new rules and regulations, and upcoming activities. A halloween party can also be a social networking occasion, which can appeal to young professionals wishing of expanding their circle.


#2: Form committees, delegate jobs

Condo Halloween Party Form Committees Delegate Jobs

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There’s a saying that one cannot successfully fight a battle on all fronts. A commander needs to delegate jobs to people, based on their specialized skills, to ensure victory. The same strategy can be applied in organizing an event. Form committees with the help of the condo homeowners association, which can recommend people you can talk to. There must be a committee for the planning, logistics, marketing, and catering. Then, delegate specific tasks for each committee. One tip of avoiding conflict among organizers is by clearly setting goals and expectations early on.


#3: What’s the demographics of your community?

Condo Halloween Party Demographic of your Community

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How do you organize an event that will suit people of all ages? If you’re planning a family event, you should hold it a little earlier in the evening, preferably in the afternoon. But this may alienate the young and single adults. Why not have a two-part halloween celebration? The kids can have the traditional trick-or-treat and fun games, then the night party for the adults. This means that you need to know the demographics of your condo community. It will also help to know which age bracket express more interest on the event. A social media poll can come handy, so is casual chats with your neighbors.


#4: Keep the excitement burning

Thanks to social media, marketing events have become easier and more affordable than ever. You can create a Facebook event page, use relevant hashtags on Twitter, and post cool photos on Instagram. The marketing committee can start with teasers or something that will stir curiosity from the community. Check out promotional materials Netflix post for upcoming shows – they can be used as pegs for teasers. Follow up with a weekly or bi-weekly update until the big day.


#5: Get people involved, seek suggestions

Condo Halloween Party Seek Suggestion

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The Facebook event page is a useful channel to get people involved in the halloween party. How? You can start a poll on the theme or forms of entertainment such as games. You can also run a campaign on awarding the best halloween costumes. During the big day, you can ask people to post their photos on Instagram. Those who will generate the most positive votes shall be shortlisted and a panel shall decide the ultimate winner. Stretch your imagination, and you can let the community help you come up with amazing party ideas.


#6: Choose the right venue

Condo Party Halloween Right Venue

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The venue is typically the second most-costly expenditure, after the catering services, in throwing a party. One of the wonders of condo living in the Philippines is the access to various lifestyle amenities. In DMCI Properties, homeowners and tenants can use the clubhouse or function hall for a discounted rate. If you want an outdoor gathering, you can book the Sky Lounge, open lawn or others. But keep in mind the erratic weather. Unfortunately, typhoons visit the country even in October. You should also consider the activities lined up before deciding on the appropriate venue.


#7: Get in touch with a reputable caterer

Condo Halloween Party Get in Touch with Reputable Caterer

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A potluck is budget-friendly and gives a social event some personal touch. This, however, isn’t feasible if you’re holding a large halloween bash. Contact a reputable catering company. In choosing the dishes, consider the fact that some attendees may have dietary preferences. If you’re serving pork, have a chicken and/or seafood alternative. Caterers know how to prepare suitable courses for big events. Tell them your budget and they’ll do the rest. They might even serve halloween-inspired food.


#8: Know the rules on alcoholic drinks

Condo Halloween Party Rules in Alcoholic Drinks

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Booze is commonly the highlight of halloween parties, as far as those attended by adults anyway. If you’re serving alcoholic drinks, make sure you inform the condo admin and the homeowners association as there might be certain restrictions. You’re holding your event in a residential community, after all. Make sure you let the community know about these restrictions, if any, before they bring in their expensive labels.


#9: Get everyone together before the big day

Condo Halloween Party Meeting before the Big Day

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Each committee is expected to hold regular meetings to monitor progress. The updates can be done personally over coffee or online. However, the meetings with the entire team, including all committees, should be in person. Discussing matters with more than 10 people through Skype or Messenger will not be as productive as inviting everyone in a room for a meeting.

Before the big day, call a meeting with the organizer and volunteers. It’s also advisable to have a condo admin officer who can address any clarifications. Check off your list of tasks with the entire team so you can identify problems and offer solutions together.


#10: Assess the event, identify areas of improvement

The halloween party will not be the last event you’ll be having in your condo community. Christmas is coming up, remember? After the party, do an assessment with your team. What went wrong and what went right? What are the areas of improvement? Make this event a learning experience for the many gatherings you’ll be holding in your condo community in the near future.

Make the most of condo living by organizing and/or joining community events. These gatherings are good in sustaining a harmonious community life. Like any social event, a halloween party can even open up business partnerships and start new friendships. Who knows?


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