Hooray for the New Year! 10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas And How To Achieve Them

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When was the last time you’ve actually achieved all your new year’s resolutions? Probably never, right? The key is in setting clear and achievable goals. For an instance, don’t simply wish to “lose weight.” Identify specific weight loss targets, timeline, and through a feasible course of action. Think of it as handling an important project.

This year, make your new year’s resolutions happen with these following tips!

1: Get to the bottom of your weight issue

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Weight loss is probably on the top of most resolutions. This goal, truth be told, is arbitrary. There are reasons why you have been failing this resolution aside from your lack of consistency. You may be having metabolic issues, which may be influenced by factors such as age and gut health. It is also possible that you have an underlying medical condition such as a thyroid problem.

Instead of setting just any weight loss target, visit your doctor for an appointment. Know the recommended weight for you given your height, body build, and overall health.

2: Be specific with your lifestyle goals

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“Get into healthy living” is a noble goal. In fact, it should be your life’s goal. How to (finally) achieve this new year’s resolution? First, be specific. What does “healthy living” mean to you? Is it eating clean? Letting go of vices? Engaging in regular fitness activities? Or all of the above? Second, write down sub-goals for each lifestyle target. Then list down specific tasks or acts.

Start clean eating by preparing your own meals as often as you can. Limit your dine-outs and avoid greasy and salty foods. You can wash down your cravings for junk foods with refreshing fruit smoothies. You can also make homemade french fries using real potatoes or camote (sweet potatoes).

3: Visit your doctor before taking any vitamin


Your health is your best investment. Since you are getting older, you should be taking your wellness more seriously. It doesn’t matter if you have adequate health insurance or you’re entitled to sickness benefits. There are long-term costs that can’t simply be offset by money.

Achieve your “get healthier” resolution by taking vitamins daily. It is advisable to seek your doctor’s advice before taking anything. Start with an annual health check-up, then ask your doctor for the right vitamins. You can also ask whether it is safe to drink protein shakes if you plan on building muscles.

4: Win against your bad habits

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“Cutting on vices” is probably the toughest to achieve in your New Year, New Me list. However, there are ways to achieve your new year’s resolution when it comes to ditching bad vices. Jot down the vices, such as smoking and heavy drinking, and ill habits like spending too much time on social media. Then, identify your triggers. Many smokers are tempted to light up a cigarette when in the company of fellow smokers. Heavy drinkers tend to go on an alcohol binge on weekends or any time there is nothing else to do. Address these triggers. Your strategies will depend on how well you know yourself. If you cannot stop wasting precious hours on your smartphone, what activities used to interest you before social media became a thing? You can revisit your comic book collection, go knitting, or whatever rocks your boat.

5: Unload toxic relationships

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Being in toxic relationships can put a strain on your overall well-being. This may be the very reason why you keep on failing on your new year’s resolutions. It is said that you shouldn’t be burning bridges, but when is it fair to move on? This doesn’t have an exact answer because your ability to end unhealthy relationships depends on how you value yourself. Are you okay with family members constantly putting you down or your partner disappointing you over and over again? You don’t necessarily need to cut off communications with these people, if you can help it. You can start by spending less time with them and more with people who truly respect and care for you. Set boundaries, but this time, make the boundaries clear. As time goes by, you will realize if the relationship is still worth keeping.

6: Set stricter saving rules

saving budget strict rules

How to save money from here on? Money matters are common areas of improvement. You’ve made a lot of promises over the past years, but most remained just that – promises. Jumpstart your savings this coming year. If you’ve failed to set aside at least 20 percent of your take-home pay, it’s time to be stricter on yourself. Automatically set aside at least 20 percent of your pay. No buts, no ifs. Open a separate bank account for your savings, preferably one with a passbook. Always leave the passbook at home except when dealing depositing money and updating your records. Before you know it, you have enough for a down payment to your own DMCI Homes condo.

7: Save money on transportation

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Transportation cost in the metro can eat up a huge chunk of your budget. The worsening traffic is truly putting a strain on the lives of city folks. How can you save up a portion of your money when the cost of living continues to rise? Try carpooling. Talk to people in the office or your neighbors about the possibility of sharing a ride on workdays.

How to keep your new year’s resolution on better money management? Consider living near your office or major transport networks. DMCI Homes condo homes are strategically located at the heart of cities, helping people save on time and transport costs.

8: Lower your communication costs

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Have you been saving up for a large purchase but have been failing to meet your target? You must be spending a lot paying bills. There are living expenses that you simply cannot avoid such as electricity and water. What about communication expenses? You can cut down your phone bill by going prepaid and signing up for unlimited promos. Call people using free communication apps. If you need to keep your postpaid phone subscription, enrol in anti-bill shock features. Maximize free wi-fi connections when you’re at home and in secure locations.

9: Manage stress better

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“No more stress”? The problem with this new year’s resolution is that stress is part of life, especially in a fast-paced environment. It isn’t possible to totally eradicate stress in your life because some stressors are necessary for your survival. You need a jolt of energy, powered by your fight or flight reflexes, to survive startling occurrences. A little stress can also push you to bring out your best in school or at work.

Better stress management is not a simple matter. You need to identify your stressors and their root cause. It can be your perfectionist personality or your inability to say “no.” Addressing these causes is also tougher than you think, but finding lifelong solutions isn’t impossible either. You may need to adopt a different mentality altogether and let go of toxic relationships.

10: Face it, happiness is overrated

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Do you know why you keep on aspiring for happiness every single year? Because you’ve yet to attain it. Happiness varies on each person. It may be having a fulfilling career for you, but it can mean owning a house for some. After attaining these goals, the pursuit of happiness doesn’t end. It is, in fact, a lifetime journey.

Forget about being happy because as a human with insatiable wants, happiness is a journey without a destination. Aspire for peace of mind instead.

Here you are again, reminiscing the past months and looking forward to a fresh start. You’ve been writing down new year’s resolutions for years, but how many of those items have you achieved? This year, make a real change. Fulfil your goals!


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