Halloween Indoor Decoration Ideas for Your Condominium

Cypress Towers.

Condo living gives you a large-scale capability of doing fun things with your kids and your relatives right on your abode. In fact, our condos are becoming our conventional place and setting for different events in our life – from simple rainy days up to the grand holiday celebrations.

For the most part of the year, we want our condominiums looking lovely and clean. Then there’s one time when we want it to be a little bit spooky, scary, and creepy. And what do you know? It’s that time of the year again.

Cypress Tower Halloween Design

Photo courtesy of DMCI Communities
Altiva, Cypress Towers, Taguig

Whether you want to surprise trick-and-treating kids or want to throw a Halloween condo party, the answer is just a few do-it-yourself Halloween indoor decorations! If you are looking for fun things to do in your condo with the kids this weekend, why don’t you get dirty and creative and make your condo look like a home out of your favorite fantasy movie.


Creepy Welcome

hanging ghost condo design

Photo courtesy of DMCI Communities
Altiva, Cypress Towers, Taguig

Greet party guests and trick-or-treaters with spooky front door accents. Hang ghosts beside your door or get a tall lantern and put a white cloth with black paper eyes on it. Make at least two to stand on both sides of the front door. You may also hang them on the hallway (with neighbors’ permission, of course) that will lead your guests on a chilly walk going to your creepy condo.

Get broom sticks and cover their handles with orange and black tape. Put them at the door and accent it with pumpkins or Halloween ribbons.

You can choose to be really scary or just fun spooky with whatever you decide to put on your door. You may use electrical tape to create spider webs, buy some creepy crawlers in the toy store and mount them on the door, have some bats flying, or turn your door into a mummy. If you are extra creative, you can create the illusion that an invited witch gate crashed into your Halloween condo party and got stuck on the door. But if you just want to make Halloween more like a fantasy than a horror attraction, add some color on your front door.

spider design for halloween1

Photo courtesy of DMCI Communities
Altiva, Cypress Towers, Taguig


Pumpkin Fun

What is Halloween without that good old pumpkin? There are a lot of things you can do to a pumpkin. Scatter them all over your condo — from the front door, kitchen, to the living room. If you think carving is too much, you can just paint patterns or use a tape and wrap them all over the pumpkin. A scary mask and a witch’s hat can also do the trick.

There are also free Halloween workshops and tutorial lessons on the internet to teach you the step-by-step basics of carving a traditional pumpkin.


Light the Scary Night

Mason jars a nice thing to have during this haunting season. Carve some paper with scary faces, put them in the jar and add some light. You can also drip red paint onto the jar to create a bloody illusion. Scatter them all over your condo to provide some Halloween indoor lighting.

Light some candles but make sure they are in a safe place. You may also get some Halloween string lights and hang them all over place. Pick up some sticks and put them in different sizes of cans. Wrap them around with string lights. Light up ghosts made of white cloth or white plastic jars with scary faces. Make sure to put floor lamps in every corner and drape them in white for a ghostly feel or orange for pumpkin. Halloween parties are naturally dark and spooky that is why perfect lighting must be achieved through decors.


Halloween Off the Wall

The little details make the big difference. Don’t ignore your walls and make sure something spooky is happening on them too. Make bat cut outs and scatter them all over your wall. Create spider webs with just the use of electrical tape or black strings. Get a contact paper and cut out a witch silhouette.

There are also spooky Halloween indoor decorations like creepy hand wall hangers you can easily mount on your wall. You may also mount a witch’s hat and broom or a mask with battery operated flicker candles to light them up. Of course, don’t forget to put up an old-looking mirror draped with spider webs.


Hang Them Up

Your guests must get that chilling feel everywhere they look, even way up in the ceiling. Hang some ghost made of cheesecloth or use them to create webs. Hang different sizes of spiders, jack-o-lanterns, and skulls. Cut out orange and black paper strips and hang them fiesta-style on your ceiling especially on top of the dining table.


Spooky Buffet

Complete your condo party with a Halloween inspired buffet table. The most common is using a pumpkin as serving dish. You can also use a pumpkin to hold your fruit sticks. But other than this, there are other scary and yummy things you can prepare.

Use Halloween cutters to shape your cookies into Dracula dentures, bloody hands or monster suckers. Use a cone and put it on top of your witchy cupcakes. Dip strawberries in white chocolate and make them looking like ghosts. You can also use put chocolate chip eyes on a banana to make ghosts. Coat marshmallows, small apples, and pretzels in chocolate and put scar designs. You can also create jello shot eyeballs.

For a token or souvenir, you can use a clear hand glove and fill it with candy.

Living in a condo doesn’t mean you can’t throw amazing parties. Add thrill to condo living by inviting your friends over for a Halloween party. There are spooky accents you can do to make your Halloween indoor decorations compelling and really scary. They are easy to do and very affordable. This is also a good time to have some creative fun with your kids, impress guests with your ingenuity, and spread the love to other kids in your community.



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