8 Condo Living Hacks That You Might Not Know

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Condo living and the lifestyle that it provides can really appeal to a lot of people. With the various benefits and advantages that you might have heard of, one can easily say that condo living is for them. Some of the common advantages to live in condo residences are its proximity to their work, schools, and other commercial places. Some just want an alternative way of living aside from owning a house. And there are those who are after the amenities that your chosen developer provides.

Truth is, especially if you are a first-time condo owner, there are still some condo living tips and tricks that you should know, which you might have overlooked before. And of course, these can be really interesting for you. Care to know some of them? Here are 8 of the hidden benefits of condo living.


Requesting For A Taxi?

Especially if you don’t have a car and it’s rush hour in the metro, it can be pretty hard to catch a taxi and arrive on your destination on time. Why not ask for the security guard or lobby staff to get you one? Aside from some of the condo life hacks that you can do during the rainy season, you can also simply do this by having a phone call to the lobby so they can instantly call one over their radios. This way, you don’t have to go outside the building and wave at each taxi that passes by. This can give you added convenience for your travel and you are assured that the taxi that they’ll be getting you is trustworthy and safe.


The Double Duty Furniture

Whenever people move in a condo, they try their best to bring all the stuff that they think they need only to find out that they have limited space available. The solution for this? Go for double duty furnitures that can save space and can do double functions just for you. Apartment Therapy lists down some examples for your useful condo life hacks, such as an ottoman that also provides extra storage. Just be keen on these furnitures when you visit your local store so that you can get the most out of your furniture while saving space.

Say Goodbye To Floods

No one wants to be victimized by the rushing waves of floods. And because of the recent typhoons and strong rains that hit the metro, it is just appropriate to find a living place that can save you from the perils of floods. A lot of people nowadays opt to own or rent a condo, since it can save them from having to deal with floods and things that can be swept away when living in the lowlands. Just make sure that the condo that you’re getting is also flood-free.

Freedom To Customize

Some people, especially those who rent a condo for the first time, are afraid to touch anything or customize its design according to their preference. Truth is, having a condo allows you to have the freedom to customize your living space according to your tastes and styles especially if you’re the owner. If you’re renting, be sure to inform the unit owner first of some changes and have it approved before proceeding to your plans. If you’re an owner, make sure that the customization ideas that you have will not bother your neighbors or cause a commotion to your developers.

No Outdoor Work To Be Done

If owning a house allows you to mow the lawn, take care of exterior maintenance, and all the tiresome work that comes with it, you’ll be delighted to know that all you need to be responsible of when it comes to cleaning is your own personal space or unit. Wiping the building’s windows, cleaning the hallways, and other important maintenance activities are taken care of the condominium’s resident maintenance staff and this is one of the perks of being a condo dweller. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus more on other essential things that you need to take care of.


Fees Are Predictable, And So Is Your Budget

One of the pros of living in a condo is having a regular bill for your monthly condo payments. This way, you are able to set a non-negotiable portion of your budget that is allotted to your monthly condo fees, such as the association dues. And since these are mostly fixed, you have the control to allot your money to other important payments after settling down your financial obligations for your condominium unit. This will make you a responsible condo citizen, and this is what every condo owner should do when it comes to budgeting and paying off their condo expenses.

A Social Setting Like No Other

If living in a house or subdivision allows you to go on your way most of the time, living in a condo will enable you to be in close contact with your condo neighbors, since the units are built close to each other. A simple hi or hello can help you connect with them. Plus, if your schedule permits you, do attend the monthly association meetings so that you can better engage with other condo renters and owners while keeping up-to-date to the relevant updates for your condo community.


See It As An Investment

Some people, after buying a condo, is content with having their unit for the rest of their lives. There’s nothing wrong with that. But did you know that this can be one of your assets and you can turn your condo units as an investment for the future? Especially those units that don’t have renters or are still empty, you can choose to sell it at the right economic times and earn a significant amount from it. You can also buy a second condo and choose to have it rented by people who need living space in the metro for additional income.

There are lots of valuable conveniences that condominiums provide to anyone who wants to have a different kind of lifestyle and living experience. May these overlooked benefits of condo living provide a deeper appreciation of the condo lifestyle, especially one that is provided by DMCI Homes.


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