Impressive Filipino-inspired Condo Interior Design Ideas


There are a hundred reasons why the “Bahay Kubo” is an example of great architecture. It’s unique, humble, and functional. It exudes the feeling of calm, tranquility, and comfort. Truly, the “Kubo” is a harmony of simplicity and efficiency. That’s what Filipino designs are all about.

Filipino-inspired interiors are classic and can be married with chic condo designs today. It would be like a fusion of tradition and modernity. Rattan, bamboo, and capiz are just a few examples of uniquely Filipino materials that can be incorporated with your condo interior design ideas. That way, you won’t lose the connection with that distinctive Pinoy culture and taste even when you are housed in a modern condo building.


Living with Capiz

Capiz shells are mostly found in coastal town in the Philippines. They are exported abroad and have been an important piece of architecture and design worldwide. They are translucent and fragile. And may be dyed, cut, and shaped to form various crafts and designs — from jewelry to furniture.

Add a Filipino vibe to your condo by hanging a Capiz chandelier in your living or dining areas. The translucent shells are perfect for lighting. They are also very stylish while giving you an authentic Filipino experience. It is also a great conversation starter: “Oh, I have never seen lights such as yours. What’s it made of?” The good thing about something traditional is the rich history behind it.

capiz light

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Pendant lights made of Capiz are also trendy. They come in different shapes and sizes and may be scattered all over the condo.

capiz light interior condo

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Drop chandeliers and floor lamps are also perfect accents for the corners of your condo. Shell shades for your lamp are also great side table accessories.

capiz living room condo design

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Another condo interior design that can use Capiz shells is a wall art. Instead of the usual painting or pictures, frame the shells to achieve a cottage or island feel.

capiz condo wallpaper

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Welcoming your guests with a Capiz wind chime also exudes a different kind of charm. It will surely make everyone smile.

Among the most common uses of Capiz is turning it into a screen divider. This a perfect accessory to make the best out of condo living. Capiz dividers are space-friendly and are also very rustic and stylish. For condo units without rooms, Capiz screens may be used to divide the living room from the kitchen or the rest of the condo from the bedroom.

capiz condo design

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If you don’t like the traditional divider, you can just dangle Capiz curtains to divide your space. When you split them so you could pass by, the sound resembling that of wind chimes is also captivating.


Fun with rattan

If you want to achieve a traditional condo design with a Filipino twist, leave a space for rattan. Made famous by Hollywood furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue, rattan has made it to the global architectural scene. Every furniture shop in the Philippines now seems to go back to the basics with rattan.


Photo courtesy of via Pinterest

A rattan sofa in the living room gives a feeling of softness and strength. Just add cushions, pillows, and throw rugs for more comfort and style.

Who says rattan cannot make a bed frame? Rattan as the main feature of your bedroom will give you that relaxing island feel after a long, tiring day.

rattan condo living room

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Rattan stools are also great accessories to complete your Filipino-inspired condo interiors. These little details sometimes make the difference.

rattan condo design

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Using rattan chairs around a wooden dining table is also an emerging design these days. You may choose to top it with cushions or leave them as is knowing that the softness of rattan is already synonymous with comfort.

rattan condo design kitchen

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Other pieces of rattan furniture made known by Cobonpue are lounge, hanging, and easy chairs. They are every bit stylish. They are perfect for patios and verandas but for condos, they are perfect accents for corner spaces.

rattan furniture

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Aside from furniture, rattan is also a good material for home accessories. They can be used to make pendant lights, lamp shades, storage baskets, or a kitchen or bar rack.


Hooray for bamboo

They say bamboo best resembles the Filipino spirit — strong and resilient. Bamboo also turned out to be among the most reliable materials in achieving classic designs for condo and homes.

The good thing about bamboo is its innate quality of bringing you back to the simple and uncomplicated life. When you see bamboo, you just want to relax and reflect. It makes you feel like you are surrounded by greens or the ocean. Take a bamboo headboard for example. Doesn’t it make you feel like you can sleep all day?

bamboo bed headboard

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Like rattan, bamboo chairs are perfect for your living room. It effortlessly exudes a relaxing vibe that makes you want to read, sip coffee, and chit-chat all day long. It’s like your own lazy lounge.

bamboo living room

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Bamboo is so versatile that it can also be turned into a built-in cabinet. It can also be a dresser or a night table beside your bed.

bambbo wall desin

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You can also spray paint a bamboo cabinet stand perfect for your knick-knacks and as a corner accent in your condo.

Two long bamboo sticks can also be turned into a ladder-type of furniture that can be used to hang your towels in the bathroom. It is also a great idea for a bamboo magazine rack in the living area.

bamboo design bathroom

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Capiz shells, rattan, and bamboo are only a few of Filipino materials that are great for your condo interior design ideas. Adding a Pinoy twist to your condo design is like adding a flavor of history, ingenuity, and simplicity. Filipinos are known to be creative and resourceful and adding Pinoy pieces to your modern condo home is like infusing function and style. Filipinos are also in a way laid back and definitely known to have a great sense of good time and a Filipino-inspired condo will give you just that — classic comfort in the midst of modernity.


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