Impressive Filipino-Inspired Condo Interior Design Ideas


There are many reasons why the “bahay kubo” is an example of great Pinoy architecture. It is a unique, humble, and functional home, exuding a feeling of calm, tranquility, and comfort. The bahay kubo is a harmony of modesty and efficiency, and it’s the gold standard of what simple Filipino small house interior design is all about.

Filipino interior design ideas are classic and can be married to modern condo interior design today. It would be a fusion of tradition and modernity, with things like rattan, bamboo, and capiz serving as examples of materials for your small house or simple Filipino house interior design.

Don’t ever lose your connection with your distinct Pinoy culture and taste, even if you’re a Filipino living with small house interior design. The professionals at DMCI Homes Properties can offer you gorgeous ways to spruce up your tiny house using Filipino small house interior design today.

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Filipino-inspired interior design ideas

Looking for some tips and inspiration to bring indigenous home decor to your small house interior? Check out this quick list of gorgeous Filipino interior design ideas to elevate your own condo home:

  1. Capiz shell decor
  2. Rattan wickerwork
  3. Paete woodwork
  4. Bamboo furniture
  5. Indigenous weaves
  6. Paintings by local artists

Bring home that Filipino flair to condo living in the Philippines. Keep on reading to learn more about these proudly Pinoy interior design elements today.

1. Capiz shell decor

When you’re designing a modern Filipino home, you can easily bring in an elegant and tropical vibe with a gorgeous selection of capiz shell decor.

Capiz shell is a type of oyster shell that is abundant in the province of Capiz, from the Western Visayas region. Known for its translucence and glass-like appearance, the durable capiz shell is often used in Spanish-style homes to replace glass window panes, room dividers, and other decors in traditional Philippine households.

Nowadays, capiz shells are used in windows, lamps, wind chimes, pendant lights – the possibilities are endless. Capiz shell decor like chandeliers and wind chimes can be polished to look like pearlescent glass. Capiz shells can also be installed as small panes in fancy room dividers – perfect for dividing various living spaces in any small house interior.

With a beautiful selection of capiz shell decor, you can turn any condo space into a fancy Filipino interior for the whole family right away.

2. Rattan wickerwork

Round Wicker Board on Wooden SurfacePhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The best interior designers in the Philippines know that integrating local designs into your space can be pretty easy – especially when you have native rattan wickerwork woven into your condo home’s decor.

Rattan is a type of pliable plant material that is used extensively in local wickerwork, like in woven baskets, chair backs, sofas, and more. It is easily paintable and stainable, making it a versatile material for any piece of furniture or interior design.

You will often see rattan wickerwork in things like locally made baskets, but this element can also be used as the primary material for balcony stools, dining table chairs, and even traditional Philippine sofas. Rattan is a welcome addition to any home, bringing in a sense of comfort and style to any condo space.

3. Paete woodwork

Another local and classic design element that you can bring into your condo living space is Filipino woodwork – specifically, the masterful crafts of the woodcarvers from Paete, in the Laguna province.

Paete, Laguna is also known as the carving capital of the Philippines. This municipality is home to master craftsmen who have been carving things out of wood, ice, clay, and other materials since the Spanish colonial era.

When you imagine Filipino woodwork, you’re probably seeing the crafts created by Paete woodcarvers in your mind’s eye. You can easily bring in that touch of Filipino flair when you integrate wood carvings like figurines, dressers, chairs, and other pieces of furniture into your condo home.

If you’re a foodie with a love for local products, you can even bring in wooden kitchen setups carved by the Paete masters. After all, what’s more Filipino than having a giant wooden spoon and fork hanging on your kitchen wall?

4. Bamboo furniture

Green Leafed Plant on TablePhoto courtesy of via Pexels

This next small house interior design element might already be in your condo living space without you knowing it – bamboo furniture.

Bamboo is a commonly used wood material in many Pinoy homes, especially in locally made furniture pieces. The unique, durable, and affordable nature of this wood material makes it a great option for anyone looking to spruce up their home in fun ways, especially in small living spaces like condo units.

As an element of interior design, bamboo is similar to rattan in that it brings a sense of comfort and zen to any living space. This versatile material can be utilized for furniture pieces like cabinets, chairs, dressers, tables, wall decor, and many more.

Bamboo furniture is a great interior design choice for any condo dweller who wants to bring a sense of zen to their home, while also investing in long-lasting wood pieces for their condo lifestyle.

5. Indigenous weaves

One way to truly celebrate Pinoy pride through your home interior is to raise your kids around indigenous Filipino weaves and design.

The Philippines’ indigenous weaving culture dates back to the early 13th century, way before the Spanish colonizers came to the country’s shores. All over the Philippines, weavers from indigenous groups like the T’boli, the Yakan, the Kalinga tribe, and more were creating colorful weaves to represent their connections to the spirits and gods.

Nowadays, you can find traditional and modern weavers incorporating indigenous Filipino textiles into clothes, curtains, pillowcases, table runners, and other cloth decors for every kind of home. Their colorful and unique designs are the perfect choice for any condo dweller looking to brighten up their home in meaningful ways today.

You can do your part to support local artists and celebrate Pinoy pride when you integrate indigenous weaves into the interior design elements of your own condo living space.

6. Paintings by local artists

stock photo of adult, art, beautiful Stock PhotoPhoto courtesy of Pink Mean via Pexels

The last entry on this list might just be the best and fastest way to start your Philippine design journey at home.

If you’re looking for Pinoy interior design elements to incorporate into your condominium space, then you should try investing in a painting by a local Filipino artist this year. The Philippines is full of talented painters who can bring a touch of class to any home through uniquely made paintings – especially for smaller living spaces like condo units.

Whether this tip becomes your first foray into local design, or a condo hobby for the whole family, collecting paintings by local artists is a great way to bring unique Filipino decor into any small house interior.

DMCI Homes offer a multitude of ways to customize your condo for that unique Filipino interior design.

To learn more about how to bring Pinoy pride into your condo home, tune in to the DMCI Communities blog for great tips and updates today.


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