#FeedGoals: How to Snap IG-worthy Photos in your Condo


These days, people don’t just capture photos for memory and keepsake. They capture, and edit, photos for their #FeedGoals. Instagram, a photo-sharing platform, has changed the way people take and consume images. If you don’t see how photography is a serious art form, check your friend’s IG now and get ready to be swayed by stunning shots of everything from coffee to sceneries. Everyone, it seems, has turned into some sort of Instagram masters, with every feed looking like it is out of an art and photo exhibit.

But how do you get IG-worthy photos? Apart from skills and tricks you can easily learn from online tutorials, you do need an inspiration. You need to know what it is exactly that you wanted to achieve in a photo. And then, there’s the subject. What if nothing exciting is going on in your life? What if you’re stuck at home for the long weekend or holidays?

Don’t worry. You are exactly where you need to be.

This is one of the perks of condo living. A condo isn’t a static playground, and it is as exciting as you want it to be. The beauty of home photography is that it trains you to see with a new pair of eyes, like seeing the place for the first time. Photography isn’t supposed to be an art form that can only be practiced outdoors, for it exists for you, whenever and wherever you wish.

Let not the four walls of your condo limit your imagination. Here are some ideas you can pull off in your next photography session at home:


Color and nature

IG Photos Condo Color and Nature

Photo courtesy of Comfreak via Pixabay

Do you have a plant in your condo? How about some fruits in your dining table? Or are you stewing fresh vegetables for lunch?

You wouldn’t believe the many possibilities that these things offer. Vegetables and fruits, for example, can be used as subjects of multiple compositions. The colors are alive and vibrant. For your compositions to be on point, you may want to consider creating a tabletop studio with the use of cardboard, craft paper or reflectors.

Using elements of nature as subject is always a winner. Flowers or plants in small garden pots are stunning. They are refreshing and easy on the eyes. Improve your shots by mastering the use of light and choosing a background that will enhance your subject.


Art of food

IG Photos Condo Art of Food

Photo courtesy of RitaE via Pixabay

This is a never-ending project, not just for foodies but photography enthusiasts. Imagine a burger- how can you make it look sumptuous and mouthwatering? This is serious art and those who have the eyes and skills for food photography can really make a fortune.

How do you capture stunning shots of a still-life subject such as food? The foremost requirement is to make sure your subject is well-lit. You may use natural light by the window or support with flash that bounces off a ceiling or wall. Use props sparingly, such as fork, flower, peels of onion or orange, etc. Just make sure to not clutter it. You can also get ideas from cookbooks to try to style and enhance the food’s appearance.

A common mistake is shooting the food from above. While this can work under some circumstances, you are likely to capture a better photo by shooting down close to the plate or just slightly above it.


A furry subject

IG Photos Condo Furry Subject

Photo courtesy of JACLOU-DL via Pixabay

When you are stuck in your condo, your furry friend could be the best subject you’ll ever have. Condo living in the Philippines is now made friendlier to pets, with most condo developments such as DMCI Properties allowing pets in outdoor areas.

Pets are not just going to pose in front of the camera, which means you need to be patient. The inherent advantage is that pets like dogs and cats are innately and naturally adorable and charming, so you just need to get the shot right.

One way to do this is to focus on the eyes. The eyes of pets are very fierce and powerful. Close up shots also often result in beautiful and captivating pet photos. You can also make a photo series of your pet by capturing her character. Is he lazy or playful? A photo that conveys the personality of your pet is a winner.

Learn how to wait, but if you want to capture your pet raw, you could surprise her and capture how she reacts. Try different angles and compositions, too.


Collections and knick knacks

IG Photos Condo Collections and Knick Knacks

Photo courtesy of 422737 via Pixabay

Collections are a great subject because of the texture, color, and composition. A set of matchbox cars, coins from different countries, stamps, pens, mugs or anything at all that interest you offer limitless possibilities. Imagine how a set of colorful pens would look or how a pile of coins would sparkle? Knickknacks from your travels and adventures, or gifts from friends would also make amazing subjects. Not only because of the technical composition, but more so because of the stories behind them.


Of selfies and portraits

IG Photos Condos Selfies and Portraits

Photo courtesy of 5688709 via Pixabay

So you’re no Selena Gomez. You’re obviously not one of the Kardashian sisters either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a nice selfie.

Lighting is everything. It’s like the ultimate beauty product you should put on. No one wants a shadow cast over their face, right? Try playing with your angles and get inspiration from your favorite IG masters. Remember to relax and not overthink it. If you should smile, make sure you mean it. It is okay to use filters but do not over-edit.

Same goes when capturing other people’s portraits. Capture them raw and natural. If you have friends over for dinner, take a snap when they are relaxed.


Outside your doorstep

IG Photos Outside your Condo

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

The good thing about condo living is having an extension of your home outside your doorstep. If you want a different selfie spot, you can try the gardens. If you want to capture the joy of children playing, you can try your luck at the playground. If you want to capture random people, you just have to people-watch (which is honestly one of the most satisfying things to do). One of the positive effects of condo living is having all these possibilities without really leaving your home. The community is so rich with subjects, nice backgrounds, and even nicer stories.


Illusions and experiments

IG Photos Condo Illusion and Experiments

Photo courtesy of PTNorbert via Pixabay

If you think you are ready to take your photography skills to the next level, you can try experiments at home. There are photography projects you can do that requires nothing more than creativity and motivation. For example, learn how to do the water drop and splash shots. Learn how to capture smoke, steam or reflections. Learn how to do those artsy kitchen close-ups, the different compositions you can do with light, etc.

Home is a good place to start. It is comfortable and familiar. Discovering the many potentials your own home can offer is a good training for any budding photographer and Instagram master. It also has therapeutic effects, as it trains one to see the good and beautiful, while providing an escape from the world.


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