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With all the gifts that mother nature is giving us, it’s just right to have an entire day celebrating Earth. Every April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day by doing different things. Some take the occasion to petition against leaders and government officials, demanding that they act on the dangers of climate change. Others will do something as little as turning off their lights for the entire day. Why not plan Earth Day activities of your own? Here are fun things you can do to contribute to the festivities.


1. Turn off the lights: let DMCI Homes’ Lumiventt Technology brighten your home

DMCI Homes Lumiventt Building

Photo Courtesy of DMCI Homes

As mentioned earlier, a common activity during Earth Day is lessening the consumption of electricity by turning off the lights. Turning off the lights is also a common habit during Earth Hour. But with DMCI Homes’ Lumiventt Design Technology, you can do this every day. It’s a pioneering design technology for high-rise structure that allows natural light and fresh air to enter the building and even your very own condo unit. So this coming Earth Day, encourage your neighbors to reduce and manage wisely your electricity consumption.

2. Segregate the plastics!

bottles for recycling

Photo Courtesy of malie maeder via Pexels

One of the main highlights of this year’s Earth Day is the growing problem and danger brought by our use of plastic. Each minute, a million bottles gets purchased, and 91% of them are not recycled. Most of our plastic waste ends up in the ocean or a landfill. The irresponsible waste management poses a significant danger to the marine life, our environment, and of course, humans. This is why lessening your consumption of plastic bottles, containers, and even straws are highly encouraged. If you can’t avoid it, segregate your trash according to non-biodegradable, biodegradable, and recyclables. Waste segregation is something that we learn from when we are young, but this Earth Day, let’s make sure that we follow this more consciously.


3. Organize a paper recycling workshop for the neighborhood kids

Newspaper for recycling

Photo Courtesy of freeGraphicToday via Pixabay

Gather the kids in your DMCI condo community and teach them how to recycle paper. Just make sure they are older kids as you will be using hot water for the project. Together with the kids, go door to door and ask for cartons and paper materials that people aren’t using anymore. Your neighbors will be delighted to have less trash in their homes. Put on some music while you are doing your workshop and make your class fun. Avoid making it feel like a chore. Make the kids realize that not only is recycling meaningful, but it can be a great hobby to have. Also, take the time to explain to your young students just how important recycling paper is, and that everyone can do their part. You can even make up a story of a beautiful tree that meets the sad fate of being reduced into shreds and turned into paper. Animate the tree, and make it seem human.


4. Have a cool science project at home

organic farming

Photo courtesy of Naidokdin via Pixabay

Most of the vegetables and fruits we eat are grown with the use of fertilizers. Not only is this bad for your health, but it is also detrimental to the environment. Fertilizers contain substances like phosphates and nitrates that often find their way to oceans and lakes, polluting bodies of water. They also increase the acid levels in soil, making it useless in the long run.

This Earth Day, do something new and sustainable by growing plants in your condo balcony. To make it even more fun, try a cool science project while you’re at it. Assemble a homemade hydroponic system, and start growing plants in your studio unit using water instead of soil! Your friends will be raving over it, and you’ll feel like a complete science genius. And of course, you will be able to eat healthier and give the environment a massive favor. Having plants indoors will also give your condo living a special flavor. You’ll find many tutorials online on how to assemble a DIY hydroponic system.


5. Have a garage sale

clothes for garage sale

Photo courtesy of Quinntheislander via Pixabay

Not a lot of people are aware of it, but the apparel industry has catastrophic effects on the environment. As a matter of fact, the clothing industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters, second only to oil. You might think choosing cotton, especially organic cotton, is a sensible choice. What you may not know is that it takes more than 2,700 liters of water to produce the cotton needed for a single shirt. Man-made or synthetic fibers, on the other hand, may not consume as much water, but they use chemicals that become pollutants to our environment. With all these in mind, make sure you become wiser with your clothing purchases. Avoid fast fashion, and recycle wherever you can. This Earth Day, why not organize a garage sale? This way, people will be able to buy used clothing. Give it a twist by collecting old clothes from people in your condo community. You’ll have a massive garage sale with all sorts of clothing in store. Everyone can have fun shopping then!


6. Go shopping

solar lantern owl design

Solar Lantern. Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

Speaking of shopping, why not go on a bit of retail therapy? But make it a meaningful one. People find delight in shopping for a new gadget. You can use this to your advantage by going around gadget stores scrounging for solar-powered gadgets. How about portable multipanel kits or pocket-sized phone chargers? You can simply leave them in your condo veranda to charge. You’ll shave a bit off of your electricity bills and spare the environment by cutting down your energy consumption. Get giddy with a new gadget, get off the grid, and save some money — that’s hitting three birds with one stone!


7. Hit the beach!

woman in from of the beach

Photo courtesy of AsadPhotography via Pixabay

Nothing will make you want to save the environment than being reminded of its beauty firsthand. This Earth Day, take the time to be one with our planet by experiencing it at its finest. One of the best ways to do this is by hitting the beach! Luckily, you will find many without traveling too far away from the metro. There’s Laki Beach in Bataan, Liwliwa Beach in Zambales, Cagbalete Island in Quezon, and many more. These are locations you can drive to from the city for four hours tops. But when you travel and enjoy the beauty of our beaches, always remember that you have to be responsible with your trash. After all, the true celebration of Earth Day becomes real when we take care of our environment.

So pack your bags on April 22, and have yourself a good dose of vitamin sea. It will be good for your soul. Invite your best buddies to amp up the fun!


8. Volunteer in an environmentally-inclined event

hand holding a plant

Photo of Alena Koval via Pexel

There are several environmental organizations in the Philippines that are eager to welcome volunteers. Not-for-profit organizations rely on volunteers to keep their movement going. This Earth Day, you can expect these orgs to be up on their feet. Why not reach out and offer a hand? Not only will you have fun meeting new people, you will also feel a special kind of happiness that comes only from the act of helping.

Make this Earth Day extra special by engaging in meaningful activities. Don’t forget to have tons of fun while you’re at it!



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