What You Need To Know Before Painting Your Walls Black


Among the most exciting phases in moving to a new home is painting the walls. Staring at the bare unit, you immediately assign each room or corner a color. Paint is the one that sets the tone for everything else — theme, vibe, and personality. It can make a home look classic or trendy, rustic or romantic, muted or bold.

Painting a home is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the look of a place. Most condos in the Philippines are turned over bare with off-white and neutral-painted walls, giving the owner the free hand to turn things around. Looking for paint colors for your condo can be daunting because of the wide array of choices and pegs. But think about the essence of condo living — comfortable, convenient, stylish, and perfectly works for every lifestyle. Think of your lifestyle, preferences, wants, and needs when deciding on a condo wall paint design.

Some owners dread painting their walls and ceilings because of the radical change it can give but when done right, you might actually enjoy it. One survey from Apartment Guide revealed that 80% of homeowners agree that painting the walls and ceilings will make a condo or apartment feel more like home. Earth-tones and neutral colors are still the most popular paint color choices. But there are more daring homeowners who try to be darker, dramatic, and moody by choosing bold colors. Olive green, dark blue, and gray are just a few. But what about black?

Big move, huh? A black painted wall condo design may be a bit overwhelming but painting your walls black may just be the change you need. But before you open that can of paint, you must know how to make black walls work.


It takes courage

It takes courage

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The color black is not a new thing to happen to the world of interior design. It’s always been there — sofas, tables, entertainment centers, furniture, etc. But today, more and more homeowners are taking black to another level and using it on a much larger scope. Still, a lot of people shy away from it because of all things associated with it: dark, sad, terrifying, violent, and simply unpleasant.

Amy Devers of the program “Trading Spaces” wants people to look at black paint as they would a little black dress — a classic. She said “black is always chic, and though it’s dark, it is a neutral and goes with everything.” The trick is to pair it with the proper accessories, perfect lighting, and really dress it up like a piece of artwork.


It’s okay to start small

Black loves neon

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If you really want to try black but still unsure, it’s okay to start on a small area like the back of your bed. Paint is a matter of getting used to. You have to feel its vibe and see if it works. Focusing your dark aspirations on a small area should not be too overwhelming and just right to get you on the groove.

One way to strike a balance is by adding pops of color. Add a few pieces of neon furniture like an electric pink center table, yellow wall art, or an apple green corner lamp. Neon energizes the space that could otherwise look like a black hole. Use neon to define the black backdrop better. Shades of green, turquoise, and mustard can also make a dark space more vibrant. But be careful not to overdo the color or you will lose the dramatic effect.


Bigger with black

Black and moody colors are a trend right now. But more than a trend, it is also a class of its own. Design legend Billy Baldwin painted all four walls of his New York apartment black. His apartment was tiny and painting it black was a strategy to make the space look bigger. Black paint makes the walls simply disappear.


Shine and illusion

Shine and illusion

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Let your black condo wall paint design shine by hanging a mirror. A mirror adds shine and depth to the already dramatic canvass. It also makes the room look bigger.

Black walls are also great for achieving illusions. You can paint the walls black only up to eye level, going up with gray, and finally a white ceiling. It will seem as if the room is opening up to a white sky and such effect is just stunning. You may also paint the end wall of a long hallway black, it will seem as if the walls are coming towards you.


Start right

Whatever condo wall paint design you decide on using, it is important to start on a flawless canvas. Remember that the darker the color, the more texture is noticeable. Free your walls of dirt, cracks and bumps before painting it black. Be patient and do all the necessary prep work.


Think of lighting

Think of lighting

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Black absorbs light. Once you have decided on a black painted wall condo design, remember to take advantage of this fact by picking the perfect light fixtures. Track lighting can be angled to hit the dark spots, vintage looking opulent chandeliers and pendant lights with mini bulbs are also perfect. Black walls and rooms also work best with natural light.


Go for gloss

Light is easily reflected on a glossy paint so when choosing paint colors for your condo, go for gloss instead of a flat finish. Glossy paint reflects and multiplies light to add sparkle to a room. Gloss also makes bold colors easier on the eyes and more tolerable to some.


Black is dreamy

Black is dreamy

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Our body clock or circadian rhythms are controlled by a part of the brain that is influenced by light. If you work the night shift or just have difficulty sleeping at night, dark curtains or black walls can help you sleep faster and longer. A room that resembles night time syncs better with our body clock.


Go black but think green

Going dark doesn’t mean turning your back on being environment friendly. Paint is a crucial part of eco-friendly redesign ideas for your condo. There is a wide array of paint colors to choose from so pick the ones that are free of harmful chemicals. They are not only eco-friendly, they also make the air in your condo safer and more breathable.


Harmony of black and white

Harmony of black and white

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One way to make black walls work is by marrying it with a white ceiling. This is a strategy to draw the eye up and make the space feel less claustrophobic. White furnishings against black walls and white crisp sheets in the bedroom also add a beautiful contrast.

Going black is a strong statement of style, taste, and personality. When you decide to finally do it, you must know exactly what you want and what actually works. Black is beautiful and your home can sure be a testament to that.


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