The Condo Owner’s Guide on How to Paint Your Walls

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Every new year opens up a million different possibilities. When the countdown reaches its climax, it’s as if a bright new future awaits you the moment you step out of your home. You might even get a sudden surge of inspiration and change something in your life. A change of color, perhaps?

You can do so by doing some home renovation and spicing up the colors in your condo. Painting condo walls seems too much of a hassle to undertake. But it’s just the right amount of physical and creative work to jumpstart your new year, new me attitude.

If this is the first time you’re doing this, don’t worry. Here’s the ultimate condo owner’s guide on how to paint your room like a pro this 2020.

Why do you need to re-paint your condo walls?

Did you know that colors impact your emotions and behavior? Although not to be taken as a factor in mood swings, renovating your condo with color psychology in mind can steer your emotions gently in the right direction. Certain colors inspire specific moods and behavior; that’s why it’s such an important aspect that designers take note of in advertising, interior design, and even architecture.

Condo rules and regulations to consider

condo-rules-regulationsPhoto courtesy of Arisa Chattasa via Unsplash

But before you start your home renovation project, be sure it adheres to your condo’s association rules and policies.

For DMCI Homes condo owners, we provide its tenants with a homeowners’ manual that gives you a gist of what you can or cannot do in your home. In terms of painting your condo walls, here are a couple of rules you must consider before taking on painting your condo unit:

1. The unit owner/resident shall not introduce any improvement, alteration, or addition to their units without prior written consent or approval from the Property Management Office.

2. Before renovating, the following must first be accomplished by the owner/resident:

  • Settlement of all requirements with the Property Management Office
  • Submission of renovation plans, the scope of work and specifications for the approval of the Property Management Office
  • Submission of names of workers to the Property Management Office

3. All proposals shall be submitted to the Property Management Office. The release of approved projects will be after approximately twelve (12) working days from the date of submission of complete documents.

4. A unit owner or authorized representative must fill out Renovation/Upgrade Permit available at the Property Management Office to be submitted together with the plans.

5. The Property Manager or representative/s have the right to inspect construction and renovation work at any time to ascertain that the work conforms to approved plans. In case of violation of the prescribed rules and regulations, the Property Management Office may suspend the construction and oblige the contractor to conform to the rules.

Now that you’re familiar with the renovation policies of your condo, it’s now time to learn how to prep a room for painting. Suppose you’ve already prepared a palette and have bought the necessary painting materials, you’re ready to start!

1. Prep your materials

prep-the-materialsPhoto courtesy of russn_fckr via Unsplash

Make sure you have everything you need to undertake this renovation. Ensure that you have the right kind of paint, and if you can, try to get paints that are eco-friendly and non-toxic, especially if you have young children or sensitive conditions.

You also need to make sure that you buy enough paint. You can find out how much you’ll need when you measure the dimensions of the space you’re going to cover.

2. Clear the area

clear-the-areaPhoto courtesy of Monica Silvestre via Pexels

Before you do any painting, be sure to clear the room of all objects out of the room. If you can’t do this for some items, you can opt to place a cloth over them or move them to the side, away from the wall you’ll be painting.

Place masking tape on the door and window edges, even at the foot of the wall connecting to the floor. Make sure that your workplace is adequately covered with newspapers to not get any paint on the ground.

3. Apply a primer

apply-a-primerPhoto courtesy of via Pexels

You should first apply primer to surfaces you’re going to cover with fresh pain. Primer is an excellent way to make the paint stick better and avoid stains from bleeding through your walls.

4. Time to paint

time-to-paintPhoto courtesy of Yannis Papanastasopoulos via Unsplash

If you’re unsure about how to do this, you can watch Youtube video tutorials about painting rooms. You can ask a family member or a good friend to help to make the job easier and more fun.

Just take note that you need to make sure you let the coats dry in an ample amount of time before putting on a new one. Don’t go painting with your primer still wet. Doing this will affect the output and color of your work.

5. Clean up after painting

clean-up-after-paintingPhoto courtesy of Khara Woods via Unsplash

Make sure you tidy up after you’re done. Don’t leave buckets of paint lying around the condo or outside your doors. Dispose or store them responsibly, as with the brushes and rollers after you clean them. You should store the brushes wrapped in paper towels or newspapers to keep their shape when you need them for later.

If you’ve got some paint splashes here and there, don’t fret. You can wipe them off with a damp cloth while they’re wet, or wait until it’s dry and scrape it off with a blunt knife.

Repainting your walls is a simple way you can spice up your home for the new year. It’s a project that you alone or the whole family can help with. Welcome the new year with a fresh coat of paint and a new point of view to your home.


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