Practical Changes and Trends To Consider For 2015

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Everyone is always looking forward to reinventing themselves– and this 2015 is definitely no exception. Year after year, people are on the lookout for fashion and lifestyle trends that will surely set the bar and be the talk of the town. May it be garments, accessories, furniture, and even overall home lifestyle, people will always upgrade for the hope of a better self. Now for most people living in condominium communities, it is of great relevance to know the current trends in home and lifestyle. This is quite essential since condo living in the country has truly become part of modern Filipino culture. To aid you in making some lifestyle changes this year, here are some condo trends that you should absolutely consider.Interior Design


Interior Design

traditional material for home

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The popular saying, “dress to kill,” could also be applied to your home. Your home’s interior design is a reflection of who you are. Bear in mind that your visitors will judge you, with license, based on this.

You can go for various themes and draw inspiration from interior designs of other people. May it be Caribbean-inspired or vintage-themed, the important thing is that it fits your personality. For this year, interior design trends will center on the use of traditional materials, shapes, and prints. Aside from this, your 2015 interior design should be a celebration of your personality with a reflection of serenity and versatility. But above anything else, you have to make sure that how you design your condominium’s interior will be based on how you want your home to appeal.


Color Style and Combination

greek blue

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For this year, you may opt to do some repainting as a way of reinventing your home. Top designers have predicted that the colors, Greek blue, olive green, pink flamingos, and orange and purple sunsets may be the bomb for this year. These colors derive a positive, bright aura that will surely cool you down whenever you are having a bad day. You can start by playing with these colors to arrive at a great combination.

Aside from the mentioned colors, you can also try using neutral colors for a change. Gray is very neutral and suited for career-minded individuals who may want to set an impression of being very focused and determined. Bold and glossy color texture will also be a hit this year, as these somehow give off a sense of modernity and elegance.


Independent Living

In essence, condominiums are smaller than houses. Others would say that this is because condos are generally designed for solo-living. This year, more people would resort to condo-living as their way of achieving independence. Not only that, a much even smaller condo space would be in-demand as most people would rather have fewer house appliances to keep and smaller area to sweep.


The Neighborhood

Of course everyone wants to live in a peaceful and safe neighborhood. In most condo communities, residents are empowered through groups and associations. This is a way for the residents to raise concerns to the condo management and at the same time, bond with one another. Hence, residents are able to fully experience the perks of living in a condominium.


Price Hike

price hike condo

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Prospective condominium owners must consider the price of their unit before purchase, especially if you are a first-time buyer. It had become a given fact the prices of daily commodities, such as food, increased at a fluctuating rate each year and the same goes for house and lot and condominiums. So you have to make sure that your unit is worthy of every single centavo you will let go.

But if you already a condo unit owner, now may be a good time for your to test the market. You can do rentals or even sell your unit at a relatively high price, given that your unit is still in good shape, and transfer to a grander condo.


Architecture and Location


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Due to the stable and strong market condition of condominiums around the globe, the competition among developers had become bigger and rigid. Most developers would give more attention to building infrastructure as their buy-in to attract more clients. Hotel-like condominiums are quite popular in big cities of Metro Manila, while resort-inspired ones can be found down south. Developers would really give you the overall condo experience by providing top of the line services, facilities, and amenities. Some would veer away from the conventional box-like shape of buildings and give a more angular architecture figure to the condo.

Now some developers capitalize on location instead of infrastructure. Condominiums by the beach or even near the woods have become quite popular in western countries. This marketing strategy offers the complete nature experience which is favored by the elderly and other people who want to escape from the noise of the city.


Complete Package

condo location advantage

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In urban areas where traffic and space availability are first-hand issues, the need for a strategic and practical house location is high. Most condo developers would ensure that a nearby hospital, church, school, and public market are accessible to their residents. Some would even develop the condos near a mall, where basically everything can be found. Aside from this, condo developers see to it that security is tight to give a sense of safety to their residents. This is a growing trend among many condo developers as they want their residents to have a complete and total package. They would go certainly for comfort and convenience.

This simple list is a quick, easy way to get updated on the latest trends of condo living. Beyond being trendy, you must always remember to do what you think is best for your home. Regardless of what experts may advise you, what is important is you follow what you truly want. These trends may serve as a reminder of how you should sort your priorities based on importance, especially this 2015.



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