Organize Your Condo Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your Home Gleaming Clean All Year

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There are instances in life when you had to ask yourself: where do I start? Fixing a marriage, managing a home, completing a project, and yes, cleaning your home. Where do you really start? Kitchen, living room or bedroom? Do you start rummaging through the closet or arranging your pantry?

Keeping your condo clean could be a herculean task. But that really depends on your methods and tactics. It depends on your will and determination. Condo living is only as convenient and as efficient as you want it to be. One of the benefits of living in a condo community is you can always count on some helping hand from the condo’s maintenance staff with minor repairs, trash disposal, and other assistance you might need.

But your condo is your responsibility. If you want to make condo living a happy and pleasant experience, it is up to you to make sure your condo is everything you want it to be. Finding ways on how to keep your condo clean is one such responsibility. You should not shirk from it because it is totally achievable without it having to mess with your schedule and your life.


Timing is everything: Keep a schedule

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When you stumble upon something that looks dirty or dusty, do something about it right away. But not everything needs to be immediate. There are things that need your attention daily, but there are some that need to be attended to weekly, monthly or yearly.

The genius behind keeping a condo maintenance schedule is you don’t second guess. When did you last clean the carpet? When did you last clean the drapes?

The first thing you need to do is have a condo maintenance checklist. Write down everything that you own and that need to be cleaned. Then make a calendar. Start with weekly tasks such as scrubbing the toilet and shower, vacuuming floors, dusting surfaces, changing sheets and pillowcases, and discarding catalogues and junk mail you no longer need. Every month, wash duvet covers, wash storage bins, wax wooden floors, clean fans, and check the refrigerator and pantry for expired items. Prepare a seasonal cleaning checklist too like when preparing for summer or rainy days — turn and clean mattresses, clean ovens, wipe ceiling, re-evaluate closets and cabinets, wipe baseboards and moldings, etc.

The idea is that you follow the schedule strictly until such time that you don’t have to spend so much time and energy cleaning those items or areas. Your place will be spanking clean all year long.


Decide on a cleaning plan

After you have made a master list of tasks, you have to figure out a cleaning plan that best suits your lifestyle and schedule. Are you the kind who likes to do a little every day or would you rather tackle everything at once? Remember that there is no single right way to keep a condo clean. It depends on a lot of things and you should be in control.


Making it a daily habit

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While you might want to do some tasks on a weekly or monthly basis, there are things that need to be done daily. All it takes is probably five or 10 minutes of your time. You have to make your bed, wash the dishes, sweep the floors, and take out the trash. By doing these cleaning tasks daily, you’ll keep your home looking spick and span all week long. Remember that while condo maintenance responsibility may be overwhelming, it can be managed if you work hard enough.


Have a deep cleaning day

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Every month, have a deep cleaning day. This is the day you do your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. It could be the second Saturday of the month or end of the month. You are in control of your schedule so make sure you choose the day that is most convenient. This is the day you change the sheets, wax the floors, wipe cabinets, etc. If you strictly do this, you’ll find your daily and weekly cleaning schedule to be lighter and more manageable.


Throw away clutter

Every month, go over things in your pantry, kitchen cabinets, and closets. Go over your mail and catalogues. Go over your shoe cabinet. The only way you can free up space is if you de-clutter. Why do you still have those billing statements from a year ago? What do you plan to do with those unrepairable pair of pants? Make it part of your condo maintenance checklist to get rid of clutter and re-evaluate the things you have in the house every once in a while.

This also goes to say that you shouldn’t buy things you don’t need. Keep clutter to a minimum.


Always clean as you go

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Condo living in the Philippines means you have to be very wise with space. Grocery bags on the kitchen countertop or mail on the center table in the living room could make the place look and feel smaller. This is why it is important to clean as you go. If there’s some dirt on the floor, mop it off. If there are dirty dishes on the sink, wash them right away. The next day, you’ll feel more refreshed.


Time cleaning sessions

To keep yourself from being distracted by text, Youtube or Facebook notifications, you can attempt to time your cleaning sessions. This also keeps you disciplined and focused on the task, leaving you more time for some bonding sessions with family or friends. Set a certain amount of time, like 90 minutes, on one Saturday to do your weekly chores. You will also be inclined to look for quick ways to clean your condo and be more conscious of time management.


Get everyone involved

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For condo dwellers living with family or friends, take advantage of the company. Have a sit-down with co-inhabitants, create a schedule, and a responsibility chart. When everyone is involved, nobody would want to fail at what you have started.

Keeping your condo clean every single day for the entire year may sound daunting. But it is doable and achievable. You just have to embrace it and make it part of your routine and schedule. Soon enough, you won’t have anything to clean up anymore.

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