Discover The Life in a Condo: 14 Benefits of Condo Living

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Condo living in the Philippines offers a unique, secure, and convenient lifestyle that is needed to adapt to the fast-paced world in the present time. With this, many people are exploring the benefits of condo living in the Philippines. The demand for condominiums continues to rise, with a 54% increase in pre-selling in 2022 compared to that in 2021.

People are getting convinced to try living in a condo because of the unique advantages presented to them. This article will walk you through the different benefits that condo-dwellers enjoy in their vertical living.

The benefits of condo living in the Philippines

Living in a condo, especially these days, allows you to have a convenient and holistic lifestyle with a good location, easy access to establishments and necessities, enjoyable amenities for the entire family, tight residential security, and much more. More often than not, these are the usual major considerations of condo buyers and investors when finding a home or investment.

With all these considerations, you might be wondering if condo living is for you. Fret not! Here are 14 benefits of living in a condo that would surely make you say that you’re about to make the right investment:

1. A wise and practical investment

Given that the demand for condominiums continues to grow, purchasing a unit in a good location, specifically in developing areas, can be a great investment as its value usually increases over time. According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the price of houses in the Philippines rose even more in the 4th quarter of 2022.

So if you’re considering the idea of selling or having your unit rented in the future, it’s best to invest as early as now and choose a condo in a prime area so you can harvest good fruits of your investment in the future.

2. Desirable location

Condominiums are often developed in cities, specifically within Metro Manila where you will get easy access to major establishments such as business centers, hospitals, schools, malls, supermarkets, and other utility stores. This can help you save time and other resources such as energy, gas, and money whenever you need to run some errands, shop for supplies, or face an emergency situation. In some instances, you can even avail of shuttle services to travel to nearby places.

Condos are also usually close to main roads for convenient transportation and business districts where big offices are located. The time saved on avoiding traffic makes condo living a good choice for office employees who want to have more time for personal hobbies and recreational activities or bonding with their loved ones.

3. Offers convenience to condo owners

To ensure that condo owners will experience the convenience they deserve, the condo management offers different types of support and services like repairs and remodeling. This is very helpful in case you face a challenge in your home like water leaks or pests, or if you simply want to upgrade your place.

There are also management and maintenance staff who attend to residents’ concerns and monitor the surroundings to ensure that the condo building is well-maintained. DMCI Homes prioritize convenience for the residents through these offerings.

4. A safe and secure home

The best home is one where you can comfortably rest and chill knowing you are safe. Condominiums are gated communities with security posts and guards and other equipment like CCTV cameras, monitors, and fences, which are added for an extra layer of security.

The condo management also asks visitors for identification as part of security protocols that aim to protect the residents. Having the assurance of living in a gated and secure environment makes condo living a great choice.

5. Access to great amenities

Photo courtesy of Andres Victorero via Pexels

One of the highlights of condo life for those living with a family is having access to awesome amenities that both adults and children can enjoy. Kids can spend a fun time in the play areas and do some exercises or have play sessions in open spaces with their neighborhood friends.

If you are an adult living independently, there are also fitness and recreational areas that you can use to unwind and chill. For some quality time with loved ones and friends, the pool is available for some splashes and the entertainment areas can be used for different gatherings and celebrations.

6. Supports a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

A home should also be a place where you can care for your health. Fitness areas within the condominium buildings allow residents to work out or do other forms of exercise like yoga and pilates. The swimming pool can also be used for some lapses, water exercises, or just a fun dip to beat the heat.

These fitness sessions can also be done by groups in different areas like the clubhouse, open spaces, and event facilities. Exercising with others is not only fun but also highly beneficial to one’s fitness journey. Some community groups also organize sports leagues for various sports like basketball, volleyball, and badminton or other fitness activities like Zumba classes.

7. Condo living is for the whole family

Many people are opting for condo living because of the different residential and lifestyle perks that surely appeal to families. This includes having a conducive environment for children’s growth in the form of various condo facilities.

There are also areas where families can host gatherings for their loved ones and friends. Indeed, condo living is something for the whole family to enjoy.

8. Excellent building standards

Security also comes from an assurance that your condo is built to the highest standards. Choose a well-established condo property developer to ensure that your condo investment is strategically made with an excellent plan and high-quality materials. DMCI Homes has been recognized over the years for its developments that aim to provide safe residences that can withstand disasters like earthquakes.

It is also an excellent idea to select an established developer that offers a wide range of condo options for your specific needs as it shows that they value the varying preferences of home seekers and investors.

9. A stylish, functional, and manageable place

Unleash your inner interior designer as you renovate your condo. A small condo space shouldn’t limit you from making your house a comfy home. DMCI Homes provide you with a good base unit so you can comfortably design your place based on your aesthetic.

A huge plus is getting the chance to add extra home organizing tools like storage and shelves and other furniture pieces that will make your home extra functional and your condo life a unique experience.

10. Indoor laundry option

Living in a condo usually means you have to do indoor laundry as there are protocols for hanging laundry on the balcony. One advantage of this is that you get to wash and dry your clothes without going under the scorching heat of the sun. An automatic washing machine and dryer can be installed inside the condo so you can conveniently do your laundry whenever you want.

For better organization, you may also keep organizers, hampers, and other necessary storage bins for all your laundry needs. Having a reliable drying rack that can be easily moved from one spot to another is beneficial to doing indoor laundry, as well.

11. A healthy condo community

With condo life comes a healthy and engaging neighborhood. There is a homeowners’ association to come up with community programs and manage the needs and concerns of the residents to ensure that you are heard and valued. Having a systematic set of community rules also makes condo living an advantage because you are assured that peace and harmony are being maintained.

There may also be different groups within the condo community like fitness enthusiasts, pet lovers, or artists, both in the physical space or online. Being a part of these will contribute to a satisfactory condo living experience because you will not only have a comfortable personal space, but also an opportunity to build relationships outside of your home.

 12. A wide selection of units

Whether you are an individual entering the adulting era, a starting couple, or a part of a big family, there is surely a condo unit that can cater to your needs and preferences, may it be in size or space availability. When you’re able to find your preferred base unit, you can then pick a condo design to turn your condo into a home you’ve been dreaming of.

Condominium buildings, along with the common areas, also have varying designs or themes ranging from contemporary to tropical. Each DMCI Homes property in the metro is made with a unique vibe so it is guaranteed that you will be able to find something for you.

13. An opportunity to start green living

As a condo owner, you will get an opportunity to explore condo green living. This can be done through various sustainable choices and practices like choosing a place with an efficient design, adding greens to your home, opting for sustainable light or energy sources, and conserving resources such as water and electricity.

Green living in a condominium will not only be beneficial to your health and finances but also to the environment. Given the space you have in a condo unit, you will be inspired to live sustainably by keeping only what you need, reusing and upcycling your stuff, and many other creative, but environment-friendly actions. Remember, a healthy and sustainable home leads to better health, well-being, and lifestyle.

14. Pet-friendly condo space

Pets truly bring extra joy into your home. If you have pets and want to move into a condo, it is best to choose a condo community that is welcoming to fur babies and other condo pets. This will allow you to comfortably care for your pets at home and happily walk them around the community.

A welcoming environment will make pets feel more belong and loved. It is great to join pet communities or engage with pet owners within the neighborhood for different pet programs and play dates.

Photo courtesy of Goochie Poochie Grooming via Pexels

If you are interested in adding a pet to your family, you might want to consider the following condo-friendly pets:

  • Fishes (Goldfish, Clownfish, Arowana) - These are common condo pets because you can easily take care of them indoors with an aquarium. Although some of the fish breeds require specific types of water or aquarium, they are essentially condo-friendly because they are convenient to care for and don’t make noise.
  • Dogs (Pug, Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Miniature or Toy Poodle) - These man’s best friends are very fun and easy to care for. Apart from being ever-loving and reliable, these dog breeds only grow to a manageable size, making them ideal pets to have in a condo.
  • Cats (Persian Cat, Siamese Cat) - These are loving and gentle pets that can bring warmth to your home. These cats don’t necessarily make loud noises that can disturb your neighbors.
  • Birds (Parrotlets, Parakeets) - Birds are very friendly yet low-maintenance pets to have in your condo. They are small but can definitely bring joy to your home with their happy but moderated chirping that won’t cause any disturbance.
  • Other animals (Turtle, Ferret, Rabbit, Chinchilla) - These are good choices if you want to have uncommon, but still condo-friendly pets. Given their small size, they can easily be taken care of inside the home. Having one of these in your condo can also be fun, especially if you have kids who enjoy having pets.

Key takeaways

Knowing all these benefits will help you decide to try condo living. However, this is only a part of your entire investment decision-making. You might also need to consider other factors like budget, the current real estate market, and many other aspects of condo investment.

Here are some reminders as you continue to explore the possibilities in condo living and all the condo options for you:

  1. Find a home that suits you. There are various condo options available so find one that will accommodate your needs and preferences. With all the options you have in different locations, you will surely be able to spot the perfect condo for you.
  2. Prioritize home safety and convenience. Ensure that you’re investing in a condo that will give you access to basic necessities such as grocery stores, laundry, and banks to save time and with a management that gives you different forms and multiple layers of security.
  3. Start condo living for a better lifestyle. Condo living will allow you to enjoy various facilities and amenities for fitness, recreation, relaxation, and fun. Being a part of the condo community will also be beneficial to your well-being through the connections and relationships that you will form with your fellow residents.

Surely, there are numerous advantages of condo living that you and your family can enjoy when you opt to invest in a condominium. It also opens up different personal and business opportunities over time.

If you are interested in condo living, you may explore different articles on our official website or download the DMCI Homes communities application for iOS and Android. To find the right condo unit and investment for you, you may reach out to us through our social media pages Facebook and Twitter.

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