10 Facts Why Condo Units Can Make You Happier

As an owner of a DMCI Homes condo unit, you may be aware that your condo is a place to rest at, a place where you can work on your hobbies, and a place where you can raise your family. But did you know that your condo unit can also positively influence your emotions?

Yes, you have heard that right. Scientific studies show that your condo unit can boost your mood and positively affect your emotions. In fact, living in a condo can lead to a happier you this year. Here are 10 ways your condo home makes you a happier individual:


1. Your condo unit can give you better sleep

It’s a no-brainer that sleeping in places other than your own abode may be difficult at times. In fact, nothing beats the comfort of your own bed, even if it’s not as elegant as a hotel room.

Getting good-quality sleep has positive effects on you and can actually make you happier. The rooms in each DMCI Homes condo unit are spacious and comfortable, giving you that quality sleep you need.


2. Cleaning and organizing your condo makes you calm

Too much clutter in your home can lead to stress. Keeping your condo unit clean and clutter-free can create a serene environment, and in turn can calm your mood. A clutter-free home can also give you a sense of control and happiness.

Start by getting rid of stuff that you no longer need. You may donate it to a charity or sell it online for some extra cash. After getting rid of those extra stuff, you can start organizing your items and reducing your clutter.


3. Your mini garden improves your mood

Nowadays, condominiums in the Philippines employ green aesthetics that can boost your mood. Also, one good idea to further improve your mood and improve your space is by creating your own mini garden. Having your own mini garden is not only an eco-friendly way to design your condo unit; it can also further improve your mood. According to Gardeners' World Magazine, people who have a garden and who work on their garden for more than 6 hours a week have better wellbeing.

Don’t worry though if you don’t have time to set up your own mini garden in your condo; placing flowers in your condo home also has the same effect.


4. Home improvement projects can make you feel better

One of the less known facts about home and happiness is that doing home improvement projects can make you feel better. Completing home projects, even the small ones, can give you a sense of accomplishment, thus making you feel good.

Aside from its obvious benefit of  making your home better, home improvement projects can also boost your overall confidence.


5. Your condo unit’s color can boost your mood

You might not know this, but colors have a great effect on your mood. Psychologists say that the colors of your home can have a significant influence on the emotional wellbeing of you and your family. Therefore, choosing the right color for your condo unit is necessary.

Certain hues can boost your mood and can make you happier. For instance, classic colors, such as blue and green, can create a relaxing scene. On the other hand, the colors red, orange, and purple can give you a boost of energy. And for a dose of happiness, you can choose green and yellow as your paint color.


6. Convenience = happiness

When living away from your workplace, travelling to and from work is a great ordeal. In a normal rush hour, an employee normally spends 2 hours to 3 hours per day just to travel. The good news is that condominiums are conveniently located near the working district. Thus, living in a condo unit can save you from the hassle of travelling. Plus, by living in a condo unit, you can save at least 40 hours to 60 hours of travel time every month.

You can then use this extra time to work on your hobbies or bond with your friends and family, thus making you a happier individual.


7. Hanging photos has a positive effect

Just the thought of your most memorable experiences can make you happier. To make your condo unit a happier place, take a picture of places, persons, things, or animals that remind you of certain joyful experiences and hang it in your own space.

Looking at these things will improve your mood and give you a sense of relaxation.


8. Your condo’s scent can affect your mood

Everybody wants his or her home to smell good. But did you know that certain scents can affect your mood and can do wonders for your wellbeing? Medical experiments show that some scents can do amazing things to your body.

For instance, vanilla can reduce stress and anxiety. Citrus, on the other hand, can stimulate your senses and make you feel happy. Lavender can make you feel relaxed and energized and can also promote sleep. Moreover, lavender can decrease your blood pressure, skin temperature, and heart rate.

However, remember to purchase genuine fragrance oils for them to be effective. Fake oils that only use chemicals to create your desired smell are shown to be ineffective.


9. Eating at your own condo table can make you happier

Eating your lunch in your work desk is depressing. Not only are you alone while eating, your allotted time to finish your lunch is also limited. Research shows that consuming your food in your own dinner table has great effects on your wellbeing.

And while you’re at it, try to eat your food with the company of your family. Eating together with your loved ones is an enjoyable experience and can improve the relationship within your family.


10. Living in a condo community is good for you

Studies show that living in a community is good for your wellbeing. In particular, maintaining healthy relationships with the people around you can improve your confidence and mental health.

Each DMCI Homes condo community has its own clubhouse, gym and fitness room, and bar, among others, where you can meet people with similar interests. Living in a condo community enables you to develop strong relationships with your neighbors, thereby helping you enrich your life and making you a happier individual.

Owning a condo unit in the condo community is a good decision. Not only is your condo unit a place where you can rest; your condo unit can also positively influence your emotions. In fact, living in a condo can lead to a happier you this year.


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