12 Ways Condo Living Changed Your Life for the Better

Condo Living.

You’re about to mark the first anniversary of being a condo community resident. So, how did condo living change your lifestyle so far? Aside from the greater time you now have in your hands, you might not be aware that the small improvements in your daily routine is bringing real change in your life.

More people, both Filipinos and expats, are embracing condo living in the Philippines. DMCI Properties are strategically located near transportation networks, business districts and commercial areas. These resort-style communities are equipped with 24-hour security and designed with a pioneering eco-friendly technology that allows the flow of natural light and air. Residents enjoy access to indoor and outdoor amenities that help improve the quality of their life.

Here are 12 amazing things that happened in your life on your first year in a condo community whether you know it or not.


#1: You’re sleeping longer

Condo Change Life Sleeping Longer

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Probably the best benefit of easy commute is being able to sleep at least seven hours each night. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults aged 18 to 64 should be getting seven to nine hours of quality sleep everyday. No more setting your alarm at 3:30 a.m. to the office before 8:00 a.m. Since you’ve moved from your ancestral home in Quezon City, you’re meeting the required hours of sleep per night.


#2: You’re getting better sleep quality

Condo Change Life Better Sleep Quality

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By living near major highways, you’re attaining the healthy number of hours of sleep per night. But it’s not just the strategic location of condo communities that is helping you get quality zzz’s. The peaceful environment in your condo community allows relaxation, ensuring that you get uninterrupted sleep whether at night or day.


#3: You’re able to manage the blues

Condo Change Life Manage the Blues

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Mood swings are caused by hormonal changes. You know one of the culprits behind hormone imbalance? Poor sleep quality. This explains the irritability, depression, and unexplained anger whenever you had a sleepless night. The traffic problem in the city that forces you to wake up at ungodly hours to be in the office on time is messing up with your emotions. After a year of condo living, you might have noticed that you’ve gotten better in managing the blues.


#4: You’re saving money with homemade food

Condo Change Life Saving with Homemade Food

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With more time in your hands, you’ve been able to cook healthy meals. You still eat at fast foods on Fridays, but you’ve been eating more homemade foods over the past year. Dining out could burden your finances especially with the regular trips to the coffee shop. You’ve saved about 20 percent of your monthly budget by cooking at home and bringing meals to the office.


#5: You’re attaining a healthier weight

Condo Change Life Attaining Healthier Weight

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Do you know that greasy and sodium-induced fast foods can result to extra pounds and heart problem risk? Dr. Julia Wolfson of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said: “I cooked professionally in restaurants for a decade, and restaurant cooking can be very heavy on fats—butter, oil, cream, etc.—and also on salt and sugar. Much more so than what home cooks typically add to their food.” By cooking fresh and clean meals, you cut the risk of obesity and other dreadful medical conditions.


#6: You’re maintaining your healthy weight

Your diet is not the only reason why you’re keeping your BMI within the normal or healthy range. One of the benefits of living in condo community is the access to fitness facilities. In DMCI communities, there are well-kept swimming pools, equipped fitness gyms, playcourts, and jogging paths. There are also lots of open spaces for meditative exercises.


#7: You’re staying at home more

Condo Change Life Staying at Home More

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There’s been a lot of long weekends over the past months, don’t you think? The government uses holiday economics to help boost domestic consumption. It’s good for the economy, but may be disastrous to your bank account if you’re not cautious. A visit to the mall is especially enticing when you’ve got three days off work. Condo living is redefining staycation. With the resort-inspired environment around you, who needs to go out of town?


#8: You’re reading more

Condo Change Life Reading More

Photo courtesy of Porapak Apichodilok via Pexels

Before you moved to a condo community, your daily schedule was quite straightforward: you prepare for work, burn hours in traffic, work, burn more hours in traffic, and prep for bedtime. The most that you did for your leisure time was to browse social media during your lunch break and commutes. Living in a condo community has allowed you to indulge in more productive leisure activities such as reading or watching a good film. Plus, the tropical ambience around you is a real inspiration for some bookworm time.


#9: You’re pursuing self-development goals

Condo Change Life Self-development Goals

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Thanks to condo living, you’ve got the time to pursue your post-graduate degree. Living in a congested city can cause burn out, sapping out your energy and motivation to seek worthwhile pursuits. You’ve got the time, the energy, and the drive to go back to school and boost your credentials.


#10: You’re reducing your stress levels

Condo Change Life Reducing Stress Levels

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If the job opportunities are equally distributed across the country, probably fewer people would be flocking to the capital. That would mean less congestion and traffic, better distribution of wealth and overall, better lives for everyone. But facts are facts, and the country is far from this reality. Condo living, however, has offered you a reprieve from the stressors around you. Not only do you spend less time stuck in traffic, the condo community has amenities that ease up the pressure of city life.


#11: You’re spending more time with people who matter to you

Condo Change Life More Time With People

Photo courtesy of Helena Lopes via Pexels

Do you remember the many dinners you’ve missed with your family? What about the get-togethers you had to pass up because you were too tired to leave the house on weekends? Condo living has freed up your schedule, allowing you to socialize and spend quality time with loved ones. Plus, you have instant venues for your gatherings inside your picturesque condo community. Host your family year-end party this year at the Function Hall.


#12: You’re a better person

Condo Change Life Better Person

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A study shows that living in high-quality communities, such as nature and green spaces, improves one’s overall perception of life. This is why taking up residence in depressed areas negatively affects a person’s mental health. You may not have noticed it, but simply waking up in a pleasant neighborhood has been doing wonders on how you make decisions and perceive yourself.

It’s been a great year and you can count on another amazing one ahead of you. Make the most of your life in the city. Enjoy superb condo living in DMCI.


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