Give Your Condo the Illusion of Space with These Home Accents

Condo Design.

Condo living has changed the way we look at space. Small square footage doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a nice home worthy of a space in a glossy magazine. Decorating small condo spaces have challenges, but so does big ones.

Studio-type condos are normally a mere 25 sqm to 40 sqm, but while the floor area is relatively small, there are big decorating ideas that can make a whole world of difference. Small condo design ideas do not require renovation or a total makeover. All you need are a few simple accents, and chances are, you already have them around the house. You just need to know how to use them properly to create an illusion of a bigger space.


Magic of mirrors

magic of mirrors

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

You have probably heard of using mirrors to make a room look bigger. Floor length mirrors are great in making any space feel taller as they draw the eye upwards. You may put them behind a grouping of furniture or a long table. Another way to make a condo look bigger is by treating it like a restaurant in terms of using mirrors. Put an oversized mirror next to the dining table to soften the lighting. If your condo doesn’t have enough windows or ventilation, try to fake one by grouping small square mirrors so that it looks like a window.


Soften the lighting

soften the lighting

Photo courtesy of Henry McIntosh via Unsplash

Making any space look bigger could be as simple as changing your bulbs. Go for softer mood lighting to make your condo feel cozier and warmer. Also, don’t just rely on overhead lighting. Try to have several lighting elements all over the house to draw the eye around and give the illusion of a bigger floor space. Match this with light-colored furniture or wall paint. You can implement a number of condo lighting setups that will make your space feel a roomier.


Let the sun in

let the sun in

Photo courtesy of vi a Pexels

Sometimes, condo designs for small spaces do not even require an actual furniture or accent. You just need to open the space more. Illuminate the small space by maximizing natural light. With more natural lighting, the space becomes more vibrant and it naturally feels lighter. You can also save on energy consumption by switching off the lights and air conditioner.


Go for simple window coverings

simple window coverings

Photo courtest of via Pexels

If you are not too keen on keeping your windows wide open, at least use simple and light window coverings. Window treatments that are too thick, too layered, and too dark can make the feel of the room too heavy. It will also make the room look darker. If you want to use patterns, make sure they are simple and not too imposing. Go for lighter tones.


Invest in storage furniture

invest in storage furniture

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Levine via Flickr, Creative Commons

In designing small spaces, it is very important to de-clutter and make sure that everything is in their proper place. When a place is untidy, it could feel like the walls are closing in on you.

So when buying furniture, you have to go beyond the look, color or size. You have to consider its function. Invest in furniture that can double as storage such as a center table, ottoman or bench with secret storage.


Trick eyes with vertical display cabinets

vertical display cabinets

Photo courtesy of Monoar Rahman via Pexels

Installing customized or built-in floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a good way to trick the eyes. They are also perfect in studio condo designs because they save precious floor space. Tall shelving units is one of the ways to maximize a condo space because apart from saving space, they also provide more space for your books, collections, and other knick-knacks. If you’re not ready for floor-to-ceiling cabinets, you can hang shelving units close to the ceiling instead of arranging them all on the floor to draw the eye upward and save floor space.


See more with see-through accents

see more with see-through accents

Photo courtesy of Nao Triponez via Pexels

Glass tables and Lucite chairs are a good way to create the illusion of a bigger space. If you can see through a furniture, your eyes are fooled into believing that there is more space than there actually is. Transparent furniture and home accents also feel and look lighter.


Group your collections

group with your collections

Photo courtesy of Bruce Tuten via Flickr, Creative Commons

When you are keen on implementing condo space saving ideas in your unit, you should understand that less is more and that you can’t display everything you own. If you have a hundred ceramic vases, it is impossible to scatter them all over your condo and still expect an organized space. What you can do is to divide your collection into groups and rotate them quarterly. Your travel souvenirs should be grouped because they are likely to lose their dramatic appeal if they are dispersed around the condo. Don’t cramp your condo with your collections, learn how to edit or group them so they get the attention they deserve.


Wallpaper the ceiling

wallpaper the ceiling

Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart via Flickr, Creative Commons

Wallpapers or paint are not only for your walls. Do not ignore your ceiling; accentuate them to draw attention upwards. You can paint the ceiling or make it more fun with wallpaper patterns. When you have white walls that open up a room, a darker hue for the ceiling would add depth and create the illusion of height.


Striped patterns on rugs

striped patterns on rugs

Photo courtesy of Shine Rugs via Flickr, Creative Commons

Rugs and carpets add coziness and warmth to a small condo space. But apart from adding charm to your unit, they can also be used to create the illusion of space. You may opt for a striped rug so that it seems that the floor space goes on and on. This works well with a glass table or transparent chair as you can see through the long lines, giving the impression of a bigger space.

Do not let square footage limit your imagination. There are big design ideas you can implement to create the illusion of a bigger space. These small condo design ideas also make a room look and feel lighter, while making it cozy and warm.



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