How To Sleep Well In Your Condo Despite Your Crazy Schedule

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It’s been two hours since you climbed to bed. The ticking of the clock pounds against your head like a sledgehammer. Falling asleep has been a struggle recently. Is it time to pop the sleeping pills? Hold your horses! There are natural ways to remedy your sleep problems. Let condo living help you put your body clock on track.

There are various factors that affect your sleeping habits. It can be a change in your work schedule, your diet or your bedroom interior design. You may be suffering from job burnout or perhaps you’re not been doing enough exercise. How does condo living in the Philippines help you with your sleeping issues? Many condo communities, including DMCI properties, feature lifestyle amenities that encourage tenants to get into fitness and relaxation activities. The proximity of these communities to business districts and commercial establishments cuts down commuting time, allowing tenants to be more productive, less stressed, and well rested.

Here are 10 tips on how to get enough sleep in your condo home.


Tip #1: Prepare your own meals

prepare your own meals

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Do you know that your diet may be culprit behind your sleepless nights (or days)? A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests that eating less fiber, more saturated fat and more sugar can lead to poorer and shorter sleep. Living in a condo allows you more time to prepare your meals. Since your home is nearer your office or school, there’s no reason to rush in the morning. Ditch fast food lunch and indulge in homemade chicken sandwich, fruit salad, and carrot shake.


Tip #2: Drink lots of herbal tea

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Many night workers rely on coffee at night and alcohol after their shift. This is a formula for a trip to the hospital. Instead, pour hot chamomile tea at least an hour before bedtime. This herbal beverage smoothens the nervous system, helping people suffering from insomnia. You can add mint or parsley leaves for an additional antioxidant benefit. One of the hottest condo must haves today is vertical indoor gardens. Ensure your fresh stock of herbs by growing them in your kitchen.


Tip #3: Hit the gym daily

Hit the gym daily

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a day or night worker. You need regular exercise. According to a study by Oregon State University researchers, people who get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week sleep better than their sedentary peers. One of the many benefits of condo living is free access to a fitness gym, lap pool, and meditation areas. You can also install exercise equipment inside your condo home such as door frame pull up bars, resistance bands, and suspension trainers. No more excuses!


Tip #4: Decompress

Person Feet Dipping on Pool

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How to sleep well after a long day in the office? Skip the trip to your favorite bar and go straight home. Decompress in your condo. You can take a dip in the leisure pool, meditate on the roof deck or listen to your iPod at the sky lounge. These relaxing activities will help you shed physical and mental tensions that contribute to sleeping problems.


Tip #5: Clear up your bedroom

A messy space is equivalent to a messy mind. How can you fall asleep easily with all the noise in your head? Clear all bedroom clutter by getting enough storage space for your stuff. A dresser is among the must-haves for condo living. However, you can improvise if you need room for other furniture. How? You can install wall shelves and/or buy furniture with storage spaces. You can also build an open closet, just make sure to keep your clothes, bags, and other items organized.


Tip #6: Choose the right color for your wall paint

Choose the right color

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Colors can have an impact on your mood and health. Aggressive red can raise your heart rate while calming blue can soothe your mind. The best colors for your wall and ceiling are blue and green, which both have relaxing impact. Some people, especially those working in graveyard shift, paint their walls black to mimic the night.


Tip #7: Block outdoor light

block outdoor light

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Our bodies are programmed to sleep at night and work during the day. If you’re a night worker, you understand the challenge of dozing off in the middle of a bright morning. Here’s a simple hack: use thick curtains to block outdoor light. You can also install aluminum or blackout blinds. If you want to sleep in total darkness, get yourself a sleep mask.


Tip #8: Manage noise

manage noise

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One of the benefits of a condo bedroom is access to a balcony. You get a majestic view of your condo amenities and the busy city. Here’s a downside, though: the outdoor noise can be a problem especially when you’re trying to sleep at daytime. Make sure you shut your balcony door before hitting the sack. You can mount a curtain to block outdoor light and buy a white noise machine, which produces soothing sounds. There are white noise apps that you can download on your smartphone.


Tip #9: Reduce artificial lighting

reduce artificial lighting

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Artificial lighting at night (LAN) can disrupt your natural sleep-wake cycle. Sleep experts highly recommend sleeping in the darkness. LAN suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin, making it hard to fall and stay asleep. “Light works as if it’s a drug, except it’s not a drug at all,” says neurologist Dr. George Brainard. If you can’t sleep in a pitch black room, at least consider using lamps with dim lighting.


Tip #10: Minimize electronics

minimize electronics

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How to get a good night’s sleep? Turn off your smartphone and tablets at least an hour before bedtime. It doesn’t matter if you transform your bedroom into a sleeping haven. If you can’t regulate the use of electronic gadgets, you’d always have trouble falling and staying asleep. Move the TV to the living room and turn your bedroom into a no-Wi-Fi zone. Sounds tough? Well, you need discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Quality sleep is a foundation of good health. Maximize the benefits of condo living for your wellness by using lifestyle amenities. Make your condo home as comfortable as possible, and spend more time in your residential community.



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