Fresh and Fun Condo Entrance Design Ideas


Condo living in the Philippines is on the rise. Because of land shortage and very high land prices, condo living has attracted an increasing condo dweller population. Owning a condo is not only a convenient option and a wise financial investment, it has also become affordable because of flexible payment arrangements and real estate developers like DMCI Homes designing and building your dream house for you.

Though most condo units have small floor areas, presenting space constraints especially when you entertain guests, there are tons of living room design ideas to try to spruce up your condo foyer. Many condo foyer design ideas are not only easy, but also marry your aesthetic taste with maximizing your condo space. Welcome your guests with your gorgeous condo unit entry way with these handy tips.


Furnish with Form and Function

An indispensable part of any room, furniture occupies a sizeable area, which is why condo dwellers should choose furniture wisely. Good thing there are plenty of furniture out there that are not only stylish, but also do double duty. For instance, an ottoman table that can also be used as storage will hold your stuff that otherwise would just be lying around and taking up space.


Simply Declutter

Some of your other stuff will be more convenient to stash in portable containers rather than your storage furniture. For these stuff like keys, pens, and the like, put them in classy-looking baskets, trays or ceramics. A helpful tip by Better Homes and Gardens is to choose containers in solid neutral colors for they are versatile should you need to move them to other spots.

As simple as decluttering is, it is important in decorating as it not only instantly makes your condo organized, but also makes the most out of your space.


Paint Your Heart Out

Splashing color in your condo by painting your walls and ceiling works magic in two ways. First, choosing light or neutral colors for your walls and a lighter hue for the ceiling lends an illusion of a larger condo space. Second, the colors instantly change the mood in the room. Blue-gray or cool colors will create a calming effect, while warm hues like yellow will add warmth and can even evoke summer vibes. Experiment with colors and finishes like satin or semigloss. However, with painting and executing other condo foyer design ideas, be sure to secure permission if you are renting the condo unit to stay away from trouble.


Cannot Paint? Dress Up Your Walls Instead

In case you are not allowed to paint, despair not. You can still make your foyer walls come alive by hanging works of art that can be interesting conversation starters for you and your guests. Libby Langdon, a designer, suggests that you don’t have to use one big piece of art. Instead, you can group multiple smaller pieces together and match the frames and mats to unify the look. “They can have just as much drama and impact as one big piece and often cost less,” Langdon says.

Another tip for your entrance foyer design is to think out of the box when coming up with what to put on display on your walls. It can be a family heirloom like vintage plates that would be better off seen by your guests than gathering dust in some storage.


Got a Green Thumb?

You can accentuate with plants on your condo foyer to bring nature in. With a variety of indoor plants, there is one that will match your condo interior and lifestyle. Need the classiest-looking greens? Plant fiddleleaf fig and rubber tree. Longing for a carefree feel? Put ferns in hanging baskets and let them gracefully trail from your ceiling. And even if you cannot grow a plant to save your life, there are indoor plants that grow beautifully with minimal care.

Aside from being nature’s decors, indoor plants also improve air quality. According to B.C. Wolverton, PhD, a former NASA research scientist and the author of How to Grow Fresh Air, “Houseplants give off oxygen and help remove chemicals like formaldehyde, a common indoor vapor that can cause respiratory and neurological problems, as well as cancer.” How’s that for aesthetics and good health?


Uncertain of Curtains?

It is recommended that you skip the curtains to make your living room look more expansive. Also, doing so will let the sunshine in, which is ideal if you do plant indoor greens that need the good ole sun.

However, if you must have curtains, get the sheer ones instead of heavy fabric. This will let the sunlight in without leaving your windows bare. To make curtains more interesting, this Pinterest tip says cut curtains and put a strip of contrasting fabric in the middle. Another hack is to hang curtains inches higher, that is, nearer the ceiling rather than just above the window trim to give the illusion of height in a small room.


Light It Up!

Accessorize by picking lights that will match your interior. Shop around for chandeliers and lamps and determine the best size for your condo foyer. BHG says to steer away from lamps that are too tall or else it will seem that a spotlight is shining on you. A handy hack to know the right size is that “the bottom of the shade should be at ear or cheek level when you’re seated,” according to BHG.


Bring on the Books

Display your books in a practical and pretty way and give your guests a peek into your mind. According to Melissa Gulley, a designer, organize books by color and make room for variety in arranging them. You can leave some upright and stack others and place decors in between. Decorator Jenny Komenda adds that stacking and creating layers will create depth and “keep a room from being one-note.”

Aside from the arrangement of the books, put your personal stamp on the bookshelf itself. Select a good one that suits your taste and space and paint it in your color of preference. Finally, ante up the function of the bookshelf by using it as a divider to mark your living room from the next room.


Fool the Eye with Mirrors

One of the coolest and easiest condo entrance tips is putting mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger foyer. Komenda says that a mirror “can act like another window, practically doubling natural light.” To take full advantage of mirrors, she suggests finding an interesting one and painting the frame.


Why Not Build a Loft?

If you have a high ceiling in your living room, use it to your advantage. Building a small loft will give you extra space and make your foyer more spacious. Then again, you need to consult any condo improvement that you plan to do especially if you are renting. You may or may not be allowed, but no worries. Think of it as an opportunity for you to explore other decorating options.

Condo living is one of the smartest moves that you will have especially when living in the city. For all its practicality, vertical living and limited spaces should not hamper your creativity. With these tips, you can transform your condo foyer according to your taste and space and impress your visitors the moment they step in your door.


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