A Guide on How to Pick the Right Condo Cleaning Services


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Most people these days are living a fast-paced life and they are always on the go, and sometimes they overlook household chores like cleaning their condo units. Now, there are condo cleaning services available to condo residents and support their on-the-go lifestyle.

DMCI Homes, one of the leading developers in the Philippines, promotes a healthy and clean living lifestyle to their residents so they have a community that is meant to be a sanctuary from busy living.

To support this, we have a list of condo cleaning services, as well as tips on how to pick the right service that can accommodate your on-the-go lifestyle. DMCI Homes has established this guide to help you choose the right condo cleaning services, as well as a few recommended vendors.

How to choose the right cleaning service

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Choosing the right cleaning services can be time-consuming, since you’ll need to spend some time researching the background of the cleaning service and how well they are recommended by their previous clients.

It’s normal to be picky when choosing the right cleaning service for your condo. You have to consider your security, and health, and if they deliver the service that you need. To help you pick the right cleaning service, here are some points from DMCI Homes that can help you in your selection process:

  1. Company profile
  2. Value for price
  3. Clients’ testimonials
  4. Offerings

1. Company profile

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Review the cleaning service’s profile or background to know how long the company has been in this kind of business, which will help you measure their years of experience.

Check how experienced they are in the cleaning service business, and check if they can deliver the service that you’re looking for. Usually, you can check the company profile on their company website, social media pages, and printed advertising materials.

2. Value for price

Be sure to compare the price of different condo cleaning services, so you can see the price range of the service that you want to avail of. This way, you can be aware of the right price of the offered services so you can have your money’s worth.

3. Client’s testimonials

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Another way for you to know if the cleaning service is delivering the services that they advertise is through their client testimonials. These testimonials from their clients will contain useful information that will let you know how their employees present themselves, how they clean, and if they are satisfied with the services.

4. Offerings

Always check if the condo cleaning service has the right services to match your needs. Make sure to consider the size of your condo unit so you can check how much the cleaning services charge for specific square meters.

Keep these points in mind as you consider the right cleaning service for your condo unit. To make things a bit easier, here are some condo cleaning service recommendations for busy condo residents.

Condo cleaning service recommendations for busy owners

  1. GoodWork.ph
  2. Clean Team Manila
  3. CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services
  4. Busy Bee Cleaning Co.
  5. Lemon Cleaners
  6. Captain Cleaners

If you have no time to do some household chores because of your tight schedule, you can check out these condo cleaning services recommended for people who are always on the go.

1. GoodWork.ph

GoodWork.ph has ranked as the #1 App for Home Services and one of the Top 50 Startups in Southeast Asia. They provide an easy booking experience through their app, a 48-hour return on our laundry, and convenient mani-pedi services from your home.

  • Specialization: GoodWork.ph specializes in condo unit cleaning, laundry and beauty services.
  • Location: Salcedo Village, Makati
  • Price range: Php 349 for a studio and Php 399 for 1 bedroom
  • Contact information: You can contact them by downloading their GoodWork App available on Google Play, App Store, and App Gallery.
  • Social media page: Facebook, Instagram

2. Clean Team Manila

Clean Team Manila started its business operations in September 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of the business is to close the gap between one-time cleaning, thorough cleaning, and post-construction cleaning services. All of their staff underwent training and seminars to make sure that they provide the best service to their clients.

  • Specialization: Clean Team Manila specializes in residential, commercial, post-construction, moving-out, or moving-in cleaning. They also offer deep cleaning services, pest control, carwash, disinfection, and sanitation services.
  • Location: B1 Flair Mandaluyong Towers, Mandaluyong City and B6 Lumiere Residences, Pasig City
  • Contact information: 09752588875 or (02) 7746-1544
  • Social media page: Facebook

3. CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services

CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services have years of experience when it comes to the cleaning service industry. They offer a wide range of cleaning packages or services from small houses and studio-type condominium units, to large offices and multiple-floor buildings, and even cater to restaurants around the Metro. CMDA also was recently commissioned to work with international sailing cruise ships and cargo vessels for their disinfection needs.

  • Specialization: CMDA Condo and Office Cleaning Services specialize in home and office cleaning, post-construction cleaning, commercial cleaning, and disinfection.
  • Location: Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • Price: CMDA Cleaning Prices
  • Contact information: 0917 144 2632 or 0908 812 9503
  • Social media page: Facebook

4. Busy Bee Cleaning Co.

The Busy Bee Cleaning Co. is one of the most trusted cleaning services in Metro Manila. The company has the most positive reviews and ratings because they strongly advocate making each individual’s home cleaner for a healthier life. The company specializes in deep dry cleaning methods experienced and commended by thousands of clients.

  • Specialization: Busy Bee Cleaning Co. specializes in deep home and condo cleaning, car detailing, post-construction cleaning, deep dry cleaning, anti-bacterial mist treatment, and steam sterilization.
  • Location: Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
  • Contact information: 0917 174 8158
  • Social media page: Facebook

5. Lemon Cleaners

The company started its business operations back in 2014. They first catered to student condo-dwellers around Taft, and eventually, they started to provide cleaning services to young professionals, families, and businesses around the metro. By 2020, the company had cleaned over a thousand homes and establishments.

  • Specialization: Lemon Cleaners specializes in general home cleaning, post-construction cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, upholstery master cleaning, and total floor and carpet care.
  • Location: Cainta, Rizal
  • Contact information: 0945 317 6283
  • Social media page: Facebook

6. Captain Cleaners

Captain Cleaners is a professional cleaning service for living and workspaces. Their well-trained cleaning staff can bring their own tools or they can work with what you provide them. The company makes sure to be organized and tackle the jobs systematically for every client they serve.

  • Specialization: Captain Cleaning specializes in deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, home and office housekeeping, condo cleaning, clothes ironing, and upholstery cleaning.
  • Location: Loyola Heights, Quezon City Metro, Manila.
  • Contact information: 09171432373 or 09206337129
  • Social media page: Facebook

These are just some condo cleaning services in Manila. They offer a variety of services that come highly recommended for condominium cleaning. Hiring an expert will be a big help to support your hectic schedule and have no time to clean your condo unit.

Checklist before you hire a condo cleaning service

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You can use this checklist to help you through the process of hiring a condo cleaning service. With this, you can assess which cleaning services you need for your condo unit.

  1. Inquire with your condo administration
  2. Make a list of essential rooms and appliances to be cleaned
  3. Know the floor area of your condo unit along with the couches and beds
  4. Find a cleaning service that caters to your needs
  5. Have at least 3 or more condo cleaning service companies to choose from

1. Inquire with your condo administration

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Even before looking for a condo cleaning service, you can inquire with your condominium administrator if they have available accredited cleaning services. This can make hiring cleaning services for your condo much easier since your building manager will be familiar with them. Either way, informing your property manager is an essential step to you availing the services from third-party cleaning services.

2. Make a list of essential rooms and appliances to be cleaned

Making a list of rooms and appliances to be cleaned will help you know the scale of cleaning that your condo unit needs. This list will also help you to choose the right package of services that you will avail of. You can also give clear instructions to the cleaning staff on the essential rooms and appliances that they must clean.

3. Know the floor area of your condo unit along with the couches and beds

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Knowing your condo’s floor area will help you assess what kind of package or service you need from the condo cleaning service. They can give you their recommendations on their services once they know the floor area of your condo unit.

Condo cleaning services will also ask you about the number of beds, couches, or furniture in your condo unit. This helps them to assess the resources and price rate they need in cleaning your condo unit.

4. Find a cleaning service that caters to your needs

Finding a condo cleaning service that caters to your needs will help you avoid unnecessary expenses. You simply need to list what kind of cleaning for the condo unit you need, as condo cleaning services vary in their specialties. That is why it is important for you to know what you need to get cleaned and match these priorities to the cleaning services.

5. Have at least 3 or more condo cleaning service companies to choose from

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Having different condo cleaning services to choose from can help you in especially urgent cases. In case your selected condo cleaning service is fully booked, you can still hire from your list of options for your scheduled cleaning day.

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Searching for the right condo cleaning service can be taxing and time-consuming. With this guide, you can find the right cleaning service in less time and be ready when it comes to the cleanliness of your condo unit.

Key takeaways

Here are some key takeaways you can use as a guide in your search for the right condo cleaning service to hire.

  • Check the company profile of the condo cleaning service. You will benefit from checking the company profile, for you to know the various specialty of the cleaning service. This will also let you know the right service that you will be availing of.
  • Condo cleaning services will solve your cleaning problems. Condo cleaning services can support your busy schedule and keep your home and environment conducive for rest and recuperation.
  • Value for the price. Compare the price of different condo cleaning services to help you determine the right price of the service that you want to avail yourself of. This will also let you have your money’s worth.

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